Why Digital Marketing ?


Digital marketing holds huge promise for MBA/ BBA students and they are snapping up roles with a new wave of marketing firms. MBAs have greater potential for jobs in new marketing trends. Technology continues to drive business in the 21st century, and mastery of digital marketing operations and techniques is a prerequisite for success. And therefore, MBA's should start thinking Digital and below are detailed justification why we think an MBA/BBA should pursue Digital Marketing Training Program:

1.Easy to Learn

Being 100% non-technical course, digital marketing can be easily grasped and trained on. The only pre-requisite to pursue Digital Marketing is that one needs to be internet savvy. It adds a lot more science and analytics to marketing, which is why an MBA / BBA can, undoubtedly, execute the methodology. There is no pre-requisite to pursue Digital Marketing Course as this course is more to do with your interest.



2. Equivalent to Mini MBA

An MBA degree has not remained enough to get a job, for marketing has changed a lot in last few years but your MBA course curriculum hasn’t much and that there lies a gap between industry relevant skills and education. Digital Marketing is the future of Marketing as we know it. [read more="Read More"]  Digital Marketing teaches you to give clear and detailed information on products and services by way of content marketing and updated marketing strategies. It emphasizes on Return on Investment. It is effective and efficient in building reputation, advanced advertisement, and proper result oriented marketing making it in line with MBA Program. Read on how international market is responding to the demand. 

Source: NewsOK

8x5-men-womens-13.Entrepreneurship/Freelancing Career

If you are computer Saavy and an internet Addict By learning Digital Marketing You can Start your own Company or you can work as freelancer by Optimising the websites or promoting products on Social media . And you can Also Start a Blog and make money through Advts . There are options too you can launch a website like coupon dunia and make money by affiliate marketing by selling coupons of sites like amazon flipkart,myntra etc


4.Demand and Supply Gap

Digital marketing is a proven recession proof marketing strategy as compared to other traditional marketing tools. There are wide positions in the job market that you can fit into once you are trained. Current Scenario of this industry is such that due to diversification and emerging segment, openings for qualified professional is huge whereas, the supply for quality resources is less.


5. Adds weightage to resume

Digital Marketing skills are in rigorous demand. In more traditional careers like advertising you’d have to wait for a coveted internship or graduate placement to open up so you can gain experience and create your own portfolio.  The digital marketing world, however, provides a host of opportunities for you to kick start your own career before you even set foot in a workplace.


6. Growth Rate

According to a recent study by the experts, it has come across that digital marketing will generate 1.5 lakh jobs in the year 2016. The HR experts have analysed that digital marketing space is likely to generate this huge number of jobs within a couple of years and give a boost to the business. The strikingly alluring factor is that the starting package for digital marketing professionals is Rs. 4.5-5.5 lakh, courtesy Randstad India. Find out yourself


7. Stand ahead in the Competition

Companies need professionals who can help them in developing their business, increase their leads, sales and profits and looking at the current marketing scenario you can’t accomplish that with the old style of marketing or say the traditional marketing. In a race to recruit the best, a digital marketing professional will be ahead of the rest as with minimum company budget, he can render best of ROI to the industry. A Digital Marketing Professional is born creative as he can analyse and create best of Ads network in interest of his company. Thus, creativity and expertise will help him strive for the competition. Careers are highlighted here.

Source: Times Of India


8. Affordable

Learning Digital Marketing is far more affordable than any other professional course and the good news is that you get to receive return on your investment into this program as you can attain better job prospects or convert your skills into a business idea. From a Business point of view too, not all digital marketing tactics require significant budget. As example social media marketing & content marketing doesn't require budget just creativity and consistency. Digital marketing is cost effective as compared to other traditional marketing media tools. In addition, a digital marketing campaign can be stopped at any given point of time unlike the traditional marketing styles. 


9. Certification.

Earning a certificate shows initiative and drive. In addition, a professional certificate establishes that you have demonstrated certain knowledge and skills – an advantage over those who simply claim to have them. Google too certifies you in their Adwords Segment if you successfully complete their step by step online exams.


10. Future Ready

The digital era Is here to stay and consumers have become smarter than ever, they are accomplishing multiple tasks on various digital devices including shopping as well. And to reach them marketers need to go digital As well. And to go digital they certainly require digital marketing professionals who can help them do that. With a Paradigm shift in consumer behaviour, digital media marketers are constantly adapting new technology methods. More than one-fourths of the world’s population uses internet and this number is growing at a rapid rate. This therefore, calls for good remuneration and professional growth plus secured future for an MBA/ BBA graduate. 


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