Spark Course training in Hyderabad

Digital Nest, the pioneer, an Award Winner and the Google Certified Institution for rendering the impeccable Spark and Scala training in Hyderabad, India. This course provides an opportunity to work on Spark Real-Time Projects in Spark which would be assisted by our real-time trainers. For the real-time assistance, a professional back-end team would always be available as a support to answer the trainees' queries at any point of time. We are positioned in Madhapur, Hitech City and operate in three learning centre Ameerpet, Panjagutta and Madhapur in Hyderabad, India.

Apache Spark is one of the compatible open sources big data processing frameworks. This Spark and Scala Training in Hyderabad would be beneficial to map the data and process it when compared to other Big Data and MapReduce technologies. Spark for Big data Analytics is the most comprehensive and consolidated framework for accomplishing a wide range of big data processing requirements with a multiple ranges of datasets.

What is this Spark Course all about?

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Spark in Hyderabad helps the candidates to learn how Spark allows in-memory data processing and process much faster. This is the most evolving era, and the growth of a business depends on this. This course facilitates the candidates to learn various tools and techniques in mapping, segregating to increase applicability performances.

The course curriculum is designed by Real-Time Big Data Analytics Spark Industry Expertise to ensure trainees both theoretical and practical knowledge. We provide a comprehensive and credible way of Spark Training in Hyderabad with Hands-on Training Experience to students for grasping In-Depth subject knowledge by working on Spark real time projects

Spark Course Content consists of Scala Programming, Apache Spark and Apache Flume Training.

The course is rendered in two training methods:

  1. Spark Classroom Training at Ameerpet, Madhapur, Panjagutta in Hyderabad, India
  2. Spark Training Online

Spark Training Course Content is developed and updated as per latest Big Data industry standards and the content of the course is stimulated by the changes in the subject.

Digital Nest, like any other Spark training institute in Hyderabad, India offers the spectacular course along with the Real-Time case studies that are emphasized by the panel of expert trainers. Module based assignments are conducted to ensure consistent understanding amongst the trainees. Spark Certification is imparted by the execution of Spark Projects presented by every student. Students are encouraged to practice on their technical plans and qualified guidance is assured by our certified Certified Spark Developer Professionals.

Who are eligible to take this Spark Course?

Spark Course can be preferred by any students or professionals or any desired aspirants who want to enhance their skills in this emerging technology. This course will be ideal for

  • Big Data Enthusiasts
  • Data Scientist and Big Data Analytics Professional
  • Professionals who are currently working as Spark developer, Spark tester and on Spark analytics
  • Software Architects, Engineers, and Developers
  • ETL Developers and Data Engineers
  • Graduates wanting to make career in this Big Data Analytics field

What are the Pre-Requisites for this Spark Training course?

Spark Training in Hyderabad helps in exploring the excellent job possibilities as it is the emerging and critical technology. To prefer this course, one need not be expertise, but it would be beneficial if one has basic knowledge of SQL. We will assist you in teaching the basic concepts of SQL executing queries.

Spark Course Structure

Module 1: Introduction to Apache Spark

  • What is Spark
  • History
  • Why is it needed?
  • Demand Spark
  • Installation
  • Spark at eBay
  • Spark in Hadoop ecosystem
  • Spark Execution Architecture
  • MapReduce limitations in Hadoop
  • Hadoop vs Spark
  • Features of Spark

Module 2: Introduction to Scala programming

  • Scala and its usage
  • Installation
  • Data Types
  • Variables
  • Classes & objects
  • Access modifiers
  • Operators
  • Loops
  • Functions
  • Closures
  • Strings
  • Arrays
  • Collections
  • Traits
  • Pattern Matching
  • Regular Expressions
  • Exception handling methods

Spark Architecture

  • Distributed Systems
  • Scalable Systems
  • RDD
  • Creating RDD’s
  • Shortcomings of Map Reduce and how does Spark overcome it
  • Parallelizing
  • Caching

Spark programming

  • Transformations
  • Actions
  • Clustering
  • Spark SQL with Json, Csv
  • Broadcast variables and accumulators
  • Microbatch
  • Spark GraphX Programming

Spark for Machine Learning:

  • Data frames on Spark
  • Introduction to MLib, SparkR, Pyspark
  • Clustering using Spark
  • Apache Kafka and Kafka Cluster
  • Applications of Kafka

Module 3: Apache Flume

  • Introduction to Apache Flume
  • Why is it required?
  • Flume Architecture
  • Flume Sources
  • Flume Sinks
  • Flume Channels

Apache Spark Streaming:

  • What is Spark Streaming?
  • Necessity of streaming
  • Features
  • Workflow
  • What are DStreams and their need
  • DStreams transformations
  • Word counting using Spark Streaming
  • Windowed operators
  • Stateful operators

Big Data & Data Science Course Reviews

(4.6/5 based on 62 reviews)

Abhinav Kumar

Big Data Analyst

Being a tech savvy person I always wanted to learn the Big data and excel myself in the Data Science career. Digital Nest served as a catalyst for my passion to learn and become a data, Scientists. They train you from the scratch with the necessary concepts. They also provide training on how to face interviews along with placement assistance

Diana Ch

Data Analyst
The feeling I got after attending a Big Data demo can’t be expressed in words. I’m working as a normal Data Analyst and the support Digital Nest gave me with the impeccable training made me grow in my career and excel myself. I would recommend anyone Digital Nest who wants to learn the Big Data and Data Science courses.

Vrinda Somani

Data Analyst
Lucid IT Training

Though I opted for an e-learning course, I never failed to ask doubts and participate in the assignments. The digital nest is a great platform even for the e-learners, self-learners and a slow learner like me. Digital Nest is the only platform for what I’m now, the training, experts and the surrounding with motivated people all around will make you feel you that what you paid is worth.


Big Data Analyst

Digital Nest is a great place for learning the complete spectrum of Big Data and data Science courses, as I was being busy all the day their e-learning portal helped me in learning the courses without any hassles and their approach towards learning is spellbound. You will definitely gain practical knowledge and the awesome thing is they give provide the placement assistance also after the completion of course.