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10 Reasons why every Housewife should learn Digital Marketing

If you are a housewife who uses YouTube, WhatsApp, Shops online and be active on social media channels then this article is for you!!

Gone are the days where a housewife is confined only to the kitchen, modern days housewives are smart, independent and a better leader who leads and thrives hard for a smart home.

Most of the women after getting married tend to leave their lovable job and passion to make the home better, or because of the family pressure, or finding it hard to maintain work-life balance. Whatever the reason it might be, a person should never leave the passion and regret it later.

If you are one the women who left your lovable career and spending valuable time at home and if you have the thought of restarting your career, then it’s the right time and be ready to accept the change.

An obvious question might arise in your mind as “what to do now?” , the answer would be definitely Digital Marketing!!

So what is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing is not a new concept, it’s all about marketing the products in whatever the channels you use and work every day.

The advertisements you watch every day on TV, YouTube, Facebook is all that Digital Marketing does.

So here we tell you the reasons why you should choose Digital Marketing

1. It is easy to learn and non-technical

The best about Digital Marketing is, it is totally not technical.

You need not write or learn any pages of Coding. It is as simple as using the smartphone or an app like Facebook.

There are no particular timings restricted to learn, you can learn this after completing your household work and in your free time, as there are many e-learning courses and all you would need is just two months!

2. In-demand profession

Digital Marketing has a great demand and many MNC’s are considering it as the most needed factor for the business!

Check out the article published by one of the leading Business-Controlled magazine Forbes, it is said that Digital Marketing would change the way a business perform in the future.

Check out here why everyone is shifting their career to Digital Marketing.

3. You can be financially independent

Have you ever stopped yourself from buying that favourite clothes or jewellery

You might have this worries of being financially dependent on your partner! So, Ladies, it’s time for you to change.

Digital Marketing helps you in earning better by sitting at home. You can be a full-time blogger, vlogger, be an affiliate marketer.

Let us provide an example , you can collaborate with clothing store or jewelry store, or whatever fascinates you, start marketing those products and get a commission from the stores. This is what called affiliate marketing but doing it in social media channels, websites other than word of mouth.

4. Unleash your creativity

 If you are very good at writing and you have creative brains, then it’s time to brush up your skills and earn money through that.

Yes!! You heard it right.

Digital Marketing is all about content and designing!! If you have the passion to write, you can start a blog and create your own images using a simple tool called “Canva”.

Check out what all you can do with Canva.

You might be wondering how this helps!!

If you write good content, and people find you through Search Engines, you can apply Adsense and Google Pays you for it.

5. Work at your convenience

You need not do a 9-6 job and worry about working every day or working at times where you can’t put efforts.

You can write in your own blog in your free time.

6. Best way for a comeback

You need not worry about bridging the gap you’ve got after leaving the job.

You might leave your job long back, but there is no worry about it because Digital Marketing doesn’t have any age, gender and time liabilities.  It can be learnt anytime and restart your career.

You need not actually start something new, you can post about what you cook at home regularly or record a video of whatever you cook, provide tips about makeup tutorials.

 7. Enhance your skills

Digital Marketing is the future so the skills whatever you’ve learnt would never go wasted.

You can start your own website/blog and work on increasing the followers of your Instagram, or Facebook account.

So you can brush up your skills by learning Digital Marketing.

8. Become a Business-woman

You might always have that dream of starting something on your own and working as an entrepreneur.

It is possible only with Digital Marketing. Yes! You can be your own Boss!

Whatever the type of business, it might be Digital Marketing can help in making better ROI.

9. Educate your children

You can be that “Modern Super Mom”. When you start being a Digital Marketer, you would read many latest updates, be aware of the apps and latest happenings.

So you would be the first to update your children regarding the recent updates of an app make or search engines make or let them know about some online contest which will be useful to portray their skills.

10. Stalk your Children’s social media account

It might sound weird, but many mothers have this insecurity of their children being safe on social media.

Technology seems to be surprised every day and the advancements are unpredictable. These might lead to the misusage of technology.

So you can stalk their social media channels and get all the activity of what they are up to and what’s happening.

11. Financial Security

A working housewife/Mother can always be an added advantage for any home.

Not all the days gonna be the same, so Sometimes your family might need your support financially.

12. No time based and no deadlines

As you can set up your own business or blog, there would be no deadlines or the work pressure and you can easily maintain that balance.

Also if you are tired or bored to start something on your own, but doesn’t wanna work as a full-time employee, you have the option of working as a freelancer.

13. Low Investment

You need not worry about the course fee as it wouldn’t cost you lakhs.

Also, you need not worry about the investment in Blogging, YouTube and marketing because it all happens with minimal investment.

14. No Degree needed

There would be no necessity of any degree to learn Digital Marketing and to work in the particular field.

It’s okay if you are a school dropped out or even college. After all Digital Marketing is all about applying common sense.

So what are you waiting for? It’s never late to start something new.

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