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how social media benefits the small and medium enterprises

        how social media benefits the small and

                      medium enterprises

Over the last few years social media sky-rocketed in popularity and growth. Actually, social media completely changed the internet, the world and also the world of marketing today. Social media provided the new forms of communication with people as Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter etc.

Reasons and explanations on the above topic include:


  • This provided entrepreneur’s and also businesses a new opportunity to grow and increase their brand value and have their marketing done with cost efficiency which ensures their profitability.
  • Firstly, the social media ensures that you showcase your brand which helps you to have a organic reach to the people from all around the world.

    Solutions and reasons:

  • Posting updates on social media regarding the enterprises or business helps you create brand awareness and also a additional marketing channel and build relationships with people from the business and your clients.
  • When your business updates are on a platform like social media it could reach out to unlimited people who might be interested this indeed drives you with more sales than before and that to for free. So, then why not?


  • By having social media pages can give you a online community which could involve people who are interested in your business or your products, also building relationships with such people enables you to have a better exposure for your business and its growth. This ensures your company to have a long -term success.
  • Involving with the online community helps you grow your services to you customers which improves your customer services. This could lead to your business and enterprises good review and increase in your popularity.
  • Especially when it comes to small and medium enterprises with not much budget can have their product marketed to unlimited amount of people with much cost efficiency. Isn’t it a big deal?
  • Most of the young people and even people of every age and sort are in the social media so it enables you to reach out any sort of audience for your business. Feedback for your products and reviews helps you upgrade your business also helps you expand it according to your convenience.

Involvement of online medium :

  • Having all sort of mediums and using it can significantly increase your online presence which includes the increase in your digital exposure. By this there could be more interactive sessions with your customers regarding business or your products.
  • Your business could have the massive exposure as it is world-wide due to sharing and huge amount of users.
  • All these means of involvement can get you more traffic for you pages or websites.Reflecting your content, updates and announcements which could turn out very good for your business.
  • Rather having the traditional channels for your marketing involving the social media for your marketing. This proves to be quite efficient for the business especially which are small and medium scale.
  • The small and medium scale companies have made good use of these social media is in advertising and marketing. As traditional means for these are not affordable for the small scale. These are available for minimal costs through social media.


Especially today in this digital era where everything is just one click away. Businesses and enterprises and entrepreneur’s are grabbing these opportunities for their functions and build connections. Such mediums are mostly very beneficial for the small and medium enterprises or businesses. As they cannot lift much of their budget just for marketing. This helps you to put or invest that money onto improving or upgrading your product.

To advance the business objectives and essential tools these social media platforms are basic areas. In the recent past social media has helped MNC ’s helped through crisis. Now this approach could be giving these small scale business to a growing spectrum.



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