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Impact of covid-19 on higher education and study abroad

Impact of covid-19 on higher education and

                              study abroad

Students planning or wishing to pursue their higher education abroad is a common norm that has been around for decades. But what is the scenario after the impact of the pandemic? Can students adapt the current situations of pandemic in respective with their academics?

Are these changing circumstances going to affect academics of the students?  The impact in terms of high operating leverage and vulnerability on students is a stigma?

Current situations:

All these uncertainties have become a  heap on students .The current situation of the pandemic recession has been quite disturbing both  physically and mentally .Admission cycle in this uncertain period that we are in is not so appealing and study abroad has become challenging as the international mobility has been decreasing since the rise of the pandemic or covid cases.

Decline in application and enrolment has risen with considering impact of covid-19. The low-income phenomena are the factor the ongoing students studying abroad, or the future students are considerate about. Though the completion of the application and accepting process there might be a considerate amount of doubt whether the student is going to attend or not due to their lack of economic confidence in the middle of the pandemic. The visa processing and other official onboarding processes would not be as smooth as they used to be regarding the rules amidst the outbreak.


The barriers for the international students have been increasing since the pandemic. One of those barriers is the physical distancing where in a campus there are thousands of students , ensuring the physical distancing might be quite challenging and also for the mean time the digital platforms have come into the limelight  providing an opportunity for the ongoing students to resume their studies online .

But when it comes to the actual campus, offline studying the infrastructure needs to be more specified and accurate. The students rather study abroad are most likely to resume their studies until the situation is in a better place. Also, many students are unable to travel at this point of time.

Universities in abroad are trying to have the outbreak protocols and maintain the possible infrastructure to flatten the outbreak to have the students back for the next semester. Though the ongoing process the numbers of students are not up to the mark.

The universities and colleges in many countries like in UK also in India are facing issues of the bankruptcy and facing the shut down situation. Not only the students but also the colleges and institutions are facing enormous challenges amidst the pandemic. Students are also facing with the prospect of no employment has also led to the decline in the enrolments.

The solution in search:

Most of the institutions  are reconfiguring the subjects and their courses for the online delivery. For their students there are not much quality arrangements and quality assurance. The impact seems to be uneven, but it seems to be strong in either ways.

The institutions are doing their job at its best. . The government are taking initiatives associating with the universities to have students back into academics.At least having online classes though the timing abroad is going to be quite brutal. This is going to have an impact on students having timing issues. As it is a quite tricky situation, and no one knows how to do things in a right way.

HRD Ministry has formed a panel to develop India into the global education hub. The motive for this is to ensure students to study in the country rather to study abroad. During this covid-19 situation many students who wanted to pursue studies abroad stayed back . Also students studying abroad wish to come back to India.


The impact is severe . The whole system is in need to develop high quality of programming on the learning outcomes. Overcoming this situation presents the system as the whole unique opportunity to develop and access things in a different way.



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