Data Visualization Course Training in Hyderabad

Digital Nest is the Google certified and Award-winning institute for rendering the best classroom training, online and E-Learning training in Madhapur, Hyderabad, India. We stand first at paving the way for innovations and providing the complete spectrum of Data Science training including Tableau Training.

As the modern data visualization tools have changed the way and they go beyond conventional charts and graphs used in excel and spreadsheets, displaying data in more advanced ways such as organizing data, building visualization, infographics, designing dashboards, statistics, mapping and data connection.Tableau training is an essential visual method for efficient communication and analyzing large datasets. Through this course, a candidate can learn the aspects of Data Visualization with the most prominent and effective tool Tableau.

We are providing an opportunity to work on Data Visualization Projects which would be guided by our real-time trainers. A technical back-end team would always be available to answer the trainees' queries at any point in time and to also assist at the training sessions. We are positioned in Madhapur, Hitech City and operate in three learning centres viz. Ameerpet, Panjagutta and Madhapur in Hyderabad, India.

We are incepted on a mission of rendering not only just the Tableau Course training but also helps the trainees with the Placement assistance. The training is curated by the subject matter experts who are a great expertise in Data Science Industry. This renders the student with an explicit experience in establishing a career as Tableau Developer and also to work on reporting tools analysis and testing roles.

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Why this Tableau training Course?

This course incorporates fundamental concepts and hands-on learning of leading Data Visualization tools. Over the course, trainees will gain theoretical knowledge of Tableau for data visualization and also gain exposure to technical perspectives, industry best practices of Data Visualization Case Studies submissions and can also get hands-on experience with real-time projects and develop a portfolio of ascertainable work

Data Visualization in Hyderabad Consists of Visualization Tools, Visualization Techniques, Tableau for data science, Tableau for data analytics, Tableau for data visualization, Tableau for data analysis

We have two training modes:

  1. Data Visualization Tableau Course Classroom Training at Ameerpet, Madhapur, Panjagutta in Hyderabad, India
  2. Tableau Online Training

The data visualization course syllabus is designed and updated as per latest the Big Data and Data Science industry standards and the content of the course are stimulated with the improvements in the subject.

Real-Time case studies are featured by our panel of expert trainers. Module based assignments are conducted to ensure consistent understanding among the learning people. Data Visualization Tableau Certification is granted by the execution of Data Science Project presented by every student. Students are encouraged to practice on their technical plans and qualified guidance is assured by our Certified Tableau Professionals.

Who are eligible for this Data Visualization Course in Hyderabad?

All the desired candidates who have an interest in this course can take this course.

  • Programming Developers and System Administrators
  • BI Professionals
  • Experienced Working Professionals
  • Professionals who are looking for Jobs in Data Visualization, Jobs on Data Science, Jobs on Data Analysis, Jobs on Tableau.
  • Existing Tableau Developers who are working on Tableau Automation, Tableau Developer, Data Scientists, Data Analytics

Graduates and undergraduates who have a passion for learning Data Visualization and Data Science can prefer this course.

Data Science Course Highlights

We go beyond Training !!

Course is curated by real time industry experts

Trainers with 15+ years of experience

100% assured placement Assistance 

State of the art training center

Dedicated placement team

Case study Approach

Real time examples

Exercises and handouts after every session

Certificate after completion of the course

Lab facility

Trainer support after completion of the course

Data Science Course Structure

curriculum designed by subject matter experts in digital marketing!

  • What is Data Science?
  • What is Big Data?
  • What is Machine Learning?
  • What is Analytics?
  • What is Data analysis and Data Mining?
  • Analytics project life cycle
  • Real life applications, projects and career paths of Data Science and Big Data
  • 2Statistics
  • Definition and computation of probability
  • Measurement of central tendencies and it’s applications
  • Spreads, Distributions(Normal, Z-distribution, Binomial, Poisson) and various types of probability distributions(Continuous and discrete)
  • Sampling and Sampling distributions
  • Measures of shape( Skewness and Kurtosis)
  • Measures of relationship between variables(Correlation, causation)
  • Hypothesis Testing(t-test, Chi-square, Anova)
  • Measures of Dispersion( Variance, Std. deviation, Range)
  • Prediction and Confidence interval-Computation and Analysis
  • Missing Value theorem
  • 3Exploratory Data Analysis(EDA) and Data Visualization
  • What is EDA and why is it required?
  • Outlier treatment
  • Data distributions and transformations
  • Graphs, Bar charts, Histogram
  • Box-Whisker plot, Scatter plot
  • Variable selection, Bubble charts
  • Exam
  • 4Data processing using MS Excel:
  • In built functions
  • Lookup tables
  • Rank determination
  • Conditional formatting
  • Data Validation
  • Pivot tables
  • Exam
  • 5Data manipulation using SQL
  • Introduction to SQL and Data bases
  • SQL developer installation
  • Data types
  • Data types and Operators
  • Create and Drop data base
  • DDL,DML, DCL ,TCL, Sorting commands and other keywords
  • Advanced SQL-Wild cards, Constraints, Joins, Unions, NULL, Alias, Truncate, Views, Sub queries
  • Exam
  • 6Introduction to R
  • Why R and importance of R in Analytics?
  • Installation of R and R-studio
  • Data types, Variables, Operators, Decision making
  • Loops, Lists, Vectors, Strings, Matrices, Arrays, Factors
  • Functions (Built in and User defined functions)(aggregate, subset, merge, lapply, sapply, as.xxxx , which,sort,order- mandatory)
  • Importing Data from texts , spreadsheets and webdata
  • Extracting Tweets from Twitter using API
  • Data frames
  • Packages, libraries and their installation
  • Data manipulation and re-shaping
  • Data Visualization using R
  • Exam
  • 7Introduction to Python programming
  • What is Python?
  • Why is Python preferred for Data Science?
  • Installation of I python/Jupyter Notebook/ SPYDER
  • Keywords, Built-in functions, String Formatting
  • Lists, Loops, Tuples, Indexing
  • Slicing, Sequences, Dictionaries, Sets
  • Importing and exporting data from python into various formats
    • Functions
  • User defined functions, Parameters, Nested functions
  • Local and Global variables, Alternate Keys, Lambda functions, Sorting Lists and Dictionaries, Sorting Collections
    • Error and Exception handling
  • Errors in Python, Abnormal termination, Exception handling methods
  • Ignoring Errors, Assertions and effective usage of assertions
    • OOPS, Packages and Libraries in Python
  • Methods and Inheritance, Abstraction and Encapsulation
  • Classes, Walking Directory Trees, Initializes, Instance methods, Class methods, Data Static Methods, Expressions, Module Aliases
  • Math functions, Random Numbers, Package Installation Methods, Introduction to Numpy, Pandas and other libraries
  • Plotting in Python, Creating Data Frames, Data Manipulation, Slicing and Dicing
  • 1Machine Learning
    Supervised Learning
  • What is supervised learning
  • Algorithms in Supervised learning
  • Steps in Supervised learning
    • Regression & Classification
  • Regression vs classification
  • Computation of co-relation coefficient and Analysis
  • Performance and accuracy measurement of a Model
  • Naive Baye’s classifier, Model Training, Validation and Testing
  • Ordinary Least squares, Variable selection
  • R-Square coefficient and RMSE as a strength of model, Prediction and confidence interval determination and application
  • Proviso of Regression, Dummy variables, Types of Regression: Linear and Logistic( Simple and multiple)
  • Sum of least squares, ROC and AUC curves, Homoscedasticity and Heteroscedasticity, Multicollinearity and vif, Confusion matrix
  • Techniques to improve accuracy and performance of regression models
  • Assignment
    • Decision Trees and Random Forest Test
  • Introduction to Decision tree Algorithms and it’s applications
  • Classification and regression trees-CART models,ID3,C4.5, CHAID analysis
  • Building Decision Trees using R, Decision nodes and leaf nodes
  • Variable Selection, Parent and child nodes branching
  • Stopping Criterion, Tree pruning, Depth of a tree, Overfitting
  • Metrics for decision trees-Gini impurity, Information Gain, Variance Reduction
  • Regression using decision tree
  • Interpretation of a decision tree using If-else
  • Pros and cons of a decision tree
  • Introduction to Random forest test and it’s applications, Why Random forest test?
  • Tree bagging, Models and algorithms in Random Forest test
  • Training Data set, Tree grouping and decision making on majority voting
  • Boosting algorithms-Gradient Boosting, Adaptive boosting-Adaboost , Xgboost ( Advanced)
  • Accuracy estimation using cross validation
  • 2KNN-algorithm
  • What is KNN and why do we use it?
  • KNN-algorithm and regression
  • Curse of dimensionality and brief introduction to dimension reduction
  • KNN-outlier treatment and anomaly detection
  • Cross Validation, Pros and cons of KNN
    • Support Vector Machines
  • Linear and Non-Linear SVM’s, SVM regression
  • Train time and Run time complexities, Kernel Methods
    • Unsupervised Learning
  • What is unsupervised learning?
  • Algorithms in unsupervised learning
  • Steps in unsupervised learning
    • Dimensionality Reduction
  • Introduction to dimensionality reduction and it’s necessity
  • Principal Component Analysis(PCA)
  • Singular Value Decomposition(SVD)
  • Kernel-PCA, Linear Discriminate Analysis, Feature extraction
  • Advantages and applications of Dimensionality reduction
  • 3Clustering
  • Introduction to clustering
  • Real-life applications of clustering
  • Distance measurement methods
  • Hierarchical clustering
  • K-Means clustering and skew plot
  • Assignment
    • Text Mining
  • Introduction to Text Mining
  • Applications
  • Structured and unstructured data
  • Extracting unstructured text from files and websites
  • Data cleaning and reshaping
  • Terminologies in Text Mining
  • Text clustering and categorization
  • Word cloud, N-gram charts
  • Sentiment Analysis, Twitter Analytics
  • Natural Language processing
  • Assignment
  • 4Forecasting
  • Introduction to forecasting
  • Applications
  • Data Manipulation and Cleaning
  • Time Series & Time Series forecasting
  • Components of Time Series-Trend, Seasonality, Randomness
  • Trend Analysis
  • Forecasting methods, Smoothing Methods
  • Modeling Random Components, Modeling for stationary time series
  • ETS Model, Auto regressive Model, Moving Average Model, ARIMA Model, ETS Model
  • Anomaly Detection, Transformations, Growth curve, ARCH & GARCH Models
    • Association rules
  • Importance of Association rules
  • Metrics of rules-Lift, Support, Confidence, Conviction
  • Apriority Model, Market Basket Analysis
  • Algorithm implementation and tuning, Applications
  • Assignment
  • 5Neural Networks
  • Introduction to NN
  • Artificial Neural Networks
  • Back propagation
  • Boosting techniques
  • 6Data Visualization Using Tableau
      Introduction to Tableau
  • Installation of Trial Version of Tableau Public
  • Design Flow, Data Viewing
  • Connecting Tableau to various Data Files
  • Measures and Dimensions
  • Colors, Labeling and formatting, Exporting Work sheet
    • Basics of Tableau
  • A-B Ad-hoc Testing, Aliases
  • Reference Line, Anomaly detection
  • Sorts and Filters,Time Series
  • Chart plotting,Heat Maps
  • Data Joining, Data Blending
    • Advanced Concepts of Tableau
  • Trend Line Analysis
  • Dash Board Creation
  • Formatting in tableau
  • Forecasting using Exponential Smoothing
  • Granularity and Trimming, Seasonality, Animations
  • Assignment
  • Data Science Training Schedule

    7AM to 9PM, 9 Batches, 2 Centers at your Flexible Timings with E-learning & Online options

    7AM to 9am (IST) (Mon-Fri)
    11AM to 1PM (IST) (Mon-Fri)
    7PM to 9PM (IST) (Mon-Fri)

    *IST:: Indian Standard Time

    Location: Madhapur & Panjagutta
    10AM to 2PM (IST)
    Saturday & Sunday
    8am to 12pm (IST)
    12pm to 3pm (IST)
    3pm to 6pm (IST)
    6pm to 9pm (IST)
    10pm to 1pm (IST)
    Saturday & Sunday
    7am to 9am (IST) (Mon-Fri)
    5am to 7am(IST) (Mon-Fri)
    2pm to 4pm(IST)
    7pm to 9pm (IST) (Mon-Fri)
    *IST = Indian Standard Time

    How E-Learning Works?

    We have recorded videos of the trainer. This videos were recorded while taking the class. We kept in mind that student should feel the classroom environment while training. We request you to take a trail session. If you are satisfied you can take up the course.

    For trail session and more information you can contact digital nest sales team on +91-8088998664or write us at

    We offer special Training for Companies we first understand the company, its services and we will diagnose the present marketing practices and then we prepare a customized curriculum that suits to the needs of that particular company.

    For Corporate training you can Reach our Sales Team at +91-8088998664 or you can also write to us at

    We conduct seminars, 1 day, 1 week Workshops on various data science Practices. We are also ready to offer free Guest Lecture On Data Science, where in we educate students on modules present in data science, its careers and scope.

    For B School Training you can Reach our Sales Team at +91-8088998664 or you can also write to us at

    Data Science Course Training

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    We go beyond Training !!

    What Is Data Science

    Any graduate or postgraduate who is passionate about making machines as humans using analytical and logical skills would be the right candidate for the Data Science course. Comp/ Stats/Maths/BSC Comp/Maths/PGDM People who are working in software or decision making environment can also opt for this course, like testing engineers, Developers, product managers, sales and branding managers, strategy managers.

    Who are the trainers?

    The trainers of Data Science are industry leading experts. Who got 15+ years of experience working with multinational companies. The trainers are the backbone of Data Science training. The curriculum that is prepared is always kept in mind that any student who learn data science courses should be in a position to crack the interviews and also be innovative in solving the real time challenges that are faced by companies using data science technologies.

    Do you provide materials and assignments?

    Yes! We provide various handouts of data science course for each and every module that is taught in the class. And also we give practical assignments where students are monitored by the mentors during the training sessions.

    How are you different from other institutes?

    We always strive hard to make every Data Science trainee Happy. Happiness is a student comes, when you give first the best industry curriculum, second the best trainers, third the best hands on training, 4th the best start of art training facility where students can think beyond the box.

    What packages does a Data Science student get?

    As per the research that has been conducted by Digital Nest team in Hyderabad and various cities across India and also as per our previous students who got placed in data science department we would say that on an average freshers would get between 3.2 L.P.A to 6 L.P.A and experienced people can get up to 20 Lakhs per annum.

    How is the demand for Data Science course?

    There is a huge demand for Data Science, as we can see entire world is revolving around the data and automations. To cut down the cost and to give precise and accurate information to the customers and also to solve the challenges that are faced by any individual or company are solved by Data Science professionals. That’s where now every organization is looking forward to hire Data Science experts.

    What are the timings of Data Science course?

    As Our faculty are real time working professionals who are Data Science experts , keeping their timings in mind Digital Nest , at Hyderabad has decided to run the classes on weekends ie: sat and Sunday, keeping demand and supply we also run batches on weekdays.

    Do you provide placements?

    Yes! We provide Assured Placement Assistance. We have a dedicated Placement officer at Digital Nest, who job is to make sure that students are getting placements alerts and also we also call companies to our academy to hire our Data Science trainees.

    Do you teach on Real time Projects?

    Yes! We Do our faculty are experts who are working in MNC’s So they get their Projects showcased in the class and we also give handouts and exercises so that Digital Nest students who got trained in Data Science are capable of solving the interview questions and also who can contribute the innovative concepts of the Data Science industry.

    What is the duration of the Course?

    Typically the duration of Data Science training would last for 2 to 2 and half months. We have designed a curriculum which is very comprehensive in Hyderabad.

    How many hours each class consists?

    Weekend batches at Digital Nest in Hyderabad would last 4 hours with series of breaks in between and weekdays class would last for 2 hrs.

    Where are you located?

    Digital Nest has one of the top state of the art training centers in the prime locations in Hyderabad at Panjagutta which is 1 km away from Ameerpet and also one at Hitech City in Silicon Valley area of Hyderabad.

    Data Science Course Reviews

    (4.6/5 based on 288 reviews) | Read reviews

    Akilesh Kumar

    Big Data Analyst

    Being a tech savvy person I always wanted to learn the Big data and excel myself in the Data Science career. Digital Nest served as a catalyst for my passion to learn and become a data, Scientists. They train you from the scratch with the necessary concepts. They also provide training on how to face interviews along with placement assistance



    I am 2017 pass out of, I went to many courses but then i was not able to get a job then one of my friend suggested to join data science course as there are huge openings. Then I searched and found Digital Nest in Hyderabad. This is one of the institute for learning Data Science Course

    Diana Ch

    Data Analyst
    The feeling I got after attending a Big Data demo can’t be expressed in words. I’m working as a normal Data Analyst and the support Digital Nest gave me with the impeccable training made me grow in my career and excel myself. I would recommend anyone Digital Nest who wants to learn the Big Data and Data Science courses.


    Data Analyst

    Though I opted for an e-learning course, I never failed to ask doubts and participate in the assignments. The digital nest is a great platform even for the e-learners, self-learners and a slow learner like me. Digital Nest is the only platform for what I’m now, the training, experts and the surrounding with motivated people all around will make you feel you that what you paid is worth.


    Big Data Analyst

    Digital Nest is a great place for learning the complete spectrum of Big Data and data Science courses, as I was being busy all the day their e-learning portal helped me in learning the courses without any hassles and their approach towards learning is spellbound. You will definitely gain practical knowledge and the awesome thing is they give provide the placement assistance also after the completion of course.


    Testing Engineer

    I am a testing engineer. I came across an article in newspaper that data science and Data Science courses are in demand. Then I started searching in Google and I found Digital Nest. I was impressed by the demo session and I came to know various careers options. Then I thought to taking this course and I am really satisfied and I would recommend as its one of the Best Data science training institute in Hyderabad


    Software Analyst

    Digital Nest is one of the best institutes in Hyderabad. I kept searching many institutes and then i found Digital Nest , i approached and attended one demo session and then i realized that this is one of the best course that i should choose. That's where I began learning Data Science at hitech city branch of Hyderabad. I must say that I’m very much satisfied with the trainers and curriculum. Thank you so much to the team i recommend any one who wish to pursue their career as Data Science expert then now your destination could be Digital Nest.


    IIT - Kharagpur

    I am happy to join Digital Nest institute, I had opted for Data Science in hitech city branch. I hail from ameerpet, I searched many institutes in ameerpet at Hyderabad but then which really impressed me choosing Digital Nest was their trainers and curriculum. That's where I decided to travel from ameerpet to hitech city to learn this course. But today I would say I did a right choice in choosing the right institute..
    Our Trainees Hail From !!

    Students ,Working Professionals & business Owners From Various Start ups and MNC's

    Sharing is Caring!

    Let’s Start with A Free Demo Session. Call us on 8088998664