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Posting content on different social media on daily basis is a hectic work to do. The best solution for this problem is Social media Automation. Social Media Automation is to automate the process of posting content to Social networking and Social bookmarking websites. There are social media automation tools which are free and some of them are paid subscriptions. The following are some of the top Social media automation tools which saves lot of time for us.

   1)  IFTTT(If This Then That):

This is one of the best tools to automate social media and Apps. IFTTT offers two types of recipes: DO recipe and IF recipe. DO recipe enables you to create a personalized button and run with a single tap. DO apps are available for IOS and Android. IF recipes run automatically in background. Recipe can be created easily with a statement: If This Then That


2)   Social Oomph:

Social Oomph enables to create queues for scheduling different posts. It is mainly used for twitter. One of the best feature in Social Oomph is that it creates 3 different variations of Tweet. You can just add one Tweet to the queue and the tool posts 3 variations of it within regular interval saving lot of time.

3)  HootSuite

Hootsuite is one of the widely used tool for social media automation. This tool allows you to access all the selected social media networks on one screen through a Dashboard. You can share and schedule posts in the following way:

4)    Buffer:

Buffer is compatible with 3 platforms: Browser, Mobile and Newsreader. Buffer also contains features that give post suggestions to users, and gives information on the number of clicks, retweets, likes, favorites, mentions and potential views each post has, which is based on the number of feeds that single feed would show up on. There is also a feature to check the analytics in Buffer.

5)  Aweber:

Aweber is one of the powerful Email marketing tool. Much more than a simple autoresponder, it is a complete Email marketing program. Aweber provides templates for professional sign up forms as well as information on incorporating them into the website. The tool allows to segment the subscribers based on certain criteria. We can automate the sequence of emails which help the subscriber and eventually bring them to a point of sale.

6)Post Planner:

Post planner is a Facebook post management tool. Through this tool, you can set time for posting and status updates in the queue. You can almost automate a month’s activity in a very less time. The best feature of post planner is audience can be targeted for a specific post. You can find the trending the posts using a keyword.

7) Agora Pulse

Agora pulse is a one stop solution for all social media managers. It brings all social media accounts under one dashboard. Each social media account has a unique inbox containing all the items that require action (comments, private messages,@ mentions, replies to your comments, etc). They will be shown as notifications. It provides metrics to track Competitor’s activity monthly and also yearly basis. Agora Pulse synchronizes social media accounts 24/7.


Audiense is a Twitter tool. It has good features like we can search for relevant and influential followers, Optimize the scheduling of Tweets as it suggests the best time to get engagement and likes based on past tweets. Reports can be generated tracking the competitors from Audiense.