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10 reasons why you should learn big data

10 reasons why you should learn big data

So here comes the question what is actually meant by big data? Nearly 40 Exabytes of data is generated nearly every month by a single smartphone users. That’s a lot to process and also this is a lot of data for traditional computers to handle. So the handling of this big amount of data is named as big here are the 10 reasons why you should learn big data


Every link you click every video you watch every like on a Instagram and everything is kept a record. So this leads to a large amount of data which is ultimately big data. So to handle it and also know how to process the data you need to learn big data , its processing and pretty much everything about it.

Big data can also be used to pretty much learn about anyone.Based on their face-book likes clicked links and their location and everything .Its quite interesting right. But it is just a tiny bit of the puzzle of having the information. So you can have more fun when you go deep into the subject .Have a complete detailing about it and also this big data have a huge market behind.


This big data helps you to advertise. Advertising products to exactly to the group  of people you think they might be interested or in need of it. This is how deep the big data is. Not only  knowing the processing of data you can generate a huge market from the grounds.

Also considering the politics, their regarding campaigns can be done online. Just targeting their groups only just tracking by the data given. This is used for their profit by political advertisement.

Everyone in their life have had coupons for a grocery. They had obtained by their shopping habits or by buying a coke or sprite. Many other things as they are interlinked through big data. So, knowing correctly how to use the big data helps you. Not only have a professional career but also your personal growth regarding finances and popularity.

Present and Future of big data:

Big Data has now become a great deal to many big companies. They handle many data which is huge and ultimate. It can be effective when put it into good use consciously like . for ex google maps which tells you directions. You could be the one who could build or come up with an idea involving the big data.who knows? Then learning big data could be quite useful for you. Not only placing or set-upping a business but also investing or trading.

Real time uses:

Big Data has tremendous incoming of data. Knowing it on a daily basis technically well then even big data can also be used to predict  certain things. Like if a persons location is on likewise there are multiple people who do the same. By that the respective companies like google maps can have their location. Also predict the traffic flow and how to take the shortest routes etc.

As the cities are growing in respect with the population the more tragic are being taken place. From huge traffics to accidents deaths and many other. So if accessed properly with governments help the data of citizens can be taken into account. This helps measure the traffic flows their rates and where the accidents regularly happen and also monitoring can be done by processing the big data and having the proper analysis of it .

Application usage:

If you are streaming apps like Netflix, Amazon prime you might have noticed the suggestions of what you would like or 98% match. These sort of things and this is done by the respective companies by big data. This which enables them to view every click of yours and every show you binge watch. So even for the entertainment industry this big data has proven to be quite useful.

Big Data can be as a very good use for the society. As well so learning it only increases the problem- solving measures and enhancing the surroundings.


Though Big Data has had an positive impact on the people and the respective society but also can be tried to obtain the profit by accurately targeting the audience .So with all sorts of uses in every possible sector this data could also be mis-leaded when fallen into wrong hands .Yes this is unquestionably hectic to digest but on a larger scale as a bigger picture the big data has proven its benefits through the time . So more than the reasons the quest in you can help you learn and explore the subject.









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