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Top 10 keyword research tools for SEO

Are you on the thought of starting a website for your business?

There might be a lot of things running in your mind as content, design, SEO, setting up marketing strategy to promote the website and it goes on…

Designing and Development is a quite challenging task and so do the Content. The most essential part of the content is keywords – as most of the people search using them in the search engines.

One should spend enough time in keywords research as it is the foremost and prior thing in writing a content. Spending enough time on keywords research would help in bringing the website to the top as it is the part of the SEO.

What are keywords?

Keywords are words or phrases an user enter in the search engines like Google when they are searching for a question /query.

It like a code, Google considers those phrases and crawls the website of those keywords that match the content exactly/partially based on the SEO you make.

Check what is SEO all about here.

How all it starts?

One should collect the best keywords based on the search volume, monthly searches, mostly searched, keywords those can increase the search engine rank and so on.

Though keywords research starts with brain storming, Asking Google for suggestions, it always ends with the best tool where you can find the exact keywords, appropriate keywords and long tail keywords.

For finding the keywords there are actually certain free tools to get the appropriate ones.

Let’s checkout those now

  1. Google AdWords

This could be called as the most used tool since ages.

Most of the people love it because a lot of information can be extracted and target the most used search engine –  the Google itself.

This is the best tool to produce more content and grow further in the business.

  1. Google Correlate

Google Correlate could be the most powerful source for generating the large keyword list.

The best part of this tool is you can use it with ease and long tails can be extracted well.

  1. Long Tail Pro

Long Tail Pro produces the best keywords based on the competitor research and the niche.

The best version of it produces the  best appropriate keywords that suits for the business.

  1. UberSuggest

Most of the keyword research start with the assumptions.

Sometimes you might be clueless about what to search, Uber Suggests give your ideas if what to search and how to start.

It helps you in narrowing down the options and finding the best as possible.

  1. Soovle

Soovle is a tool where people love because of its ease of use.

It auto complete suggestions based on the keywords and from a variety of resources like Amazon, Youtube, Wikipedia, Bing, Yahoo.

These search results are also most advanced and you can expect a lot of keywords in an efficient way.

  1. SpyFu

It is considered the best SEO product.

It is used for any niche to stay ahead of the curve. Not only the keyword research,  it can also check and compare the websites module, keyword and Domain history module and related keywords simultaneously.

  1. SEM Rush

This is the most used tool as it helps to find the keywords volume, tracks the keyword strategies.

It also gives the competitor keyword percentage, displays keywords based on Volume and CPC.

This tool is not just a keyword research tool, actually, it can do beyond research.

It can do Traffic stats, Search Engine Reports, Adsense CPC and much more. That’s the reason why this is considered as the most recommended product.

  1. IMfor SMB

IMforSMB Bulk keyword generator helps business in getting the best.

It suggests keywords based on the business type, niche, product and services.

  1. KW finder

KW finder is an excellent option if one is looking and want to target the particular keyword.

It generates high traffic and using the suggestions tool produces you can find long tail keywords which help in generating compelling content and targeted traffic.

10.Ahref Keywords Explorer Tool

This is an amazing tool as it displays the percentage of the clicks you can get for a particular keyword.

A user can get enough useful information about a particular keyword in the dashboard.

Are you using one of the keywords tools form the above list? If not start using today!

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