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5s methodology

                             5s methodology

5s is a productivity tool that eliminates clutter and waste so that value added activities can flow. It is a simple and practical method to ensure a quality culture work place . This is a technique used to establish and maintain a safe environment in ones workplace. This is a small and minimal investment which is made in time and efforts which eventually in a bigger picture pays off when the result is obtained.

5s is here to ensure mainly two things

-First is expose waste

-Secondly make abnormalities visible

The basic goal of 5s is that to organise the workplace in such a way that the opportunity of the real work to flow without much effort. So now what is 5s comes into the picture

The 5 activities of the 5s comes from 5 japanese words.

Seiri         –  Sort

Seiton     –  Systematise

Seiso       –  Shine

Seiketsu  – Standardize

Shitsuke  – Sustain

Initially lets talk about the first s in the 5s methodology

Seiri – Sort:

Sort is basically getting rid of unwanted stuff by segregating wanted and unwanted stuff in the workplace. Implementing the 5S disciplines begin by implementing the sorting stage this is the act of categorising items into those necessary and unnecessary and then eliminating unnecessary items sorting  challenging to think about what we no longer need in order to eliminate waste.

In the office setting it ca mean by eliminating old files . After the sorting process you need to systematise your workplace.

Seiton     –  Systematize

Systematize is having the right things in the right places so that they are available for ready use which eliminates the need for search. Once the workplace is systematized that’s is all the right things kept in the right proper way it upgrades the workplace into neat and functional for the people to access. Placing all the necessary things in their optimal places forces you to compliment your work flow by just doing and placing things the right way.

Systemize ensure you to have a rationalize layout of your workplace and have perfect visual control of the belongings.

Seiso       –  Shine

Shine places emphasis on cleaning your workplace so that its clean and ensure you have high quality

Surroundings for a systematic day and avoid distractions. Shine also allows you to inspect the deviations and help you to get rid of it by this you are also identifying the problems lying with it and can be eliminated with the course flow. Shine in the 5 s ensures that you identify the problem and the source of the error and develop or take a countermeasure to it for a better flow of work and you environment. This involves the problem solving also improves your work culture in the future.

Seiketsu  – Standardize

By just implementing and following the first three measures now you can have the standardization. Standardize mainly emphasize on visual management to attain and maintain the rules and develop the individuals to act as quick as possible. This ensures the optimized process that is sharing the process with everyone in your team. This enables one to discuss and share or choose the best way possible which in turn helps maintain a healthy and social environment in the workplace also develops the individuals to have a healthy mind which ultimately helps them do their work much more better than usual.

Standardize also means discussing dividing the tasks into simpler steps for better work production. Standardize also ensure that everyone does the work same way every time in order to identify the systematic breakdowns and also further continue the work at the same amounts of time. Also reviewing the work helps them identify the weakness and upgrade the work- flow in a better possible way.

Shitsuke  – Sustain

Once the individual attains a standard ongoing process one needs to sustain to the mark or level they have attained. The process ensures that you make a habit that would ultimately become your self discipline on  a daily basis helps you attain success . This helps the workplace with good discipline and habits by just following them daily by

Waste visualization

Visualize the root cause of the deviation

Look out for the cause of the problem

Develop the standards

Repeat the process

This is to ensure that one search for the abnormalities and would be able to solve it on a regular basis.


The ultimate goal of the 5 S is continuous improvement as all at once nothing is going to change but when everyone ensure and strives continuously definitely the success and the in depth reason of 5S is achieved . This 5S process have been the example for the efficiency and the success of the companies ,business and many work areas all over the world.




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