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6 New Google Keyword Planner Features Every Marketer Should Know

Got to hear some good news from Google!

Google New Keyword Planner Has Finally Got the Approval Since its Launch in 2018.

The old keyword planner will no more be in the picture as Google has given green signal for the new keyword planner which was launched in 2018 will now be the official keyword planner for all the users though it’s been used by many of us, Google has confirmed the new version is now finalized.

Though it’s been a while since the launch of the new keyword planner by Google the good thing is that people are loving it which is what so called a user experience, it’s a complete keyword planner with some good features to make things easier for the marketers.

Below are the Six features in the new Google Keyword Planner:

  1. More Seeds:In the new keyword planner, we can add up to 10 keywords when searching for new keyword ideas.
  2. Keyword Trends:In the new keyword planner, we can view monthly keyword trends or ideas based on the latest trends you can choose the keywords for your campaign which perform well.
  3. Grouped Ideas:Use this feature to view multiple keyword ideas by theme, you can also the whole set of grouped keywords as an ad group in your plan.
  4. Save an Idea:Using this feature, you can add or save keywords ideas to your existing campaigns instead of creating a new campaign.
  5. Suggested Budget:Based on your keyword ideas and plan Google Ads will suggested you the daily budget, cost, clicks, conversions and CTR for your new campaign this helps in avoiding budget constraints.
  6. Competition Indexed Value:Use this feature to get granular competition ranking across keyword ideas.This are some new features which you can take advantage of if your using the new Google keyword planner which will be very helpful if you use it effectively for your business campaigns.

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