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7 Best Yoast SEO Alternatives to Handle WordPress SEO

7 Best Yoast SEO Alternatives to Handle WordPress SEO

If you have a “WordPress” website and a business owner who understands the importance of online presence and a bit of knowledge on SEO you should be reading this.

Thanks to WordPress plugins which made the job easier especially for SEO’s who can’t do every action manually which is time consuming instead WP plugins help them to optimize their website quickly with one single plugin activation and without any knowledge on coding or programming.

I hope everyone who uses WordPress will be aware of Yoast SEO plugin which is basically does the optimization for your website with features like meta titles, descriptions, focus keywords, tracking implementations and many others. It’s a user-friendly plugin which comes in free and paid options.

Having said that Yoast SEO is the most preferable plugin for SEO’s, we also recommend you have a look at other plugins which are alternative to Yoast SEO. You must try using these plugins to know how they work and what extra features do we have compared to Yoast SEO.

Below are the 7 alternative plugins to Yoast SEO.

  1. Rank Math


Rank Math is also known has “The Swiss Army Knife of WordPress SEO” because of its powerful features, smart automation which gives you the power control of an SEO team with just few clicks. If you can’t invest time doing SEO then it’s Rank Math which can take the control of all your needs.

Features in Rank Match Plugin:

  1. Easy Setup Wizard for WordPress SEO
  2. 14 Types of Rick Snippets
  3. 5 Focus Keywords
  4. Search Console Integration
  5. Track keyword rankings in Google
  6. Easy pre-selected configuration settings
  7. Integrated LSI Keyword tool
  8. Add overlay icons on social media
  9. Advanced SEO analysis tool
  10. Local SEO tool

Unlike Yoast SEO, Rank Math has lots of features which you might not be aware of and which could your website gain more visibility in search. Rank Math is worth plugin if you give it a try!

2. SEO Press


SEO press is also a powerful plugin to optimize your website for SEO. It has features which can help you create breadcrumbs, optimize your content for search engine, add schema markups, 301 redirection and much more.

SEO Press has options for free and paid upgrades, the paid version will cost you $39 a year! Which of course has more features compared to the free version.

Features in SEO Press Plugin:

  1. Quick Installation wizard
  2. Google Knowledge Graph
  3. Manage Meta titles and descriptions
  4. Build your custom XML and HTML Sitemaps
  5. Content analysis for search engines

WordPress users have rated this plugin 4.9/5

3. All in one SEO Pack


All in one SEO Pack is widely used by WordPress users who are not comfortable using Yoast SEO plugin. It’s easy to use and has advanced features. The plugin was developed in 2007 and it is one of the all time most downloaded plugins in WordPress.

Features in All in one SEO Pack:

  1. Google AMP Implementation
  2. Sitemap Support tool
  3. Google Analytics tracking tool
  4. SEO integration for ecommerce sites (Free)
  5. Generates Meta Tags automatically

It’s a great plugin to have in your WordPress Dashboard.

4. SEOPressor


SEOPressor is a paid version plugin they don’t offer free version. You can buy the paid version for just $9 per month.

SEOPressor gives you insights on your website’s SEO health with all the valid data at one place called Dashboard where you can find all the insights with clear clarity.

What makes WordPress users activate the SEOPressor plugin is that their brand-new algorithm which is formulated based on big data analysis of more than 3 billion rows of data. This algorithm helps to push your keywords at the top SERPs.

Features in SEOPressor:

  1. Optimize upto Top 3 Keywords
  2. On-page seo suggestions
  3. SematiQ LSI Keywords
  4. Maximize Machine readability
  5. Crush the competitors

SEOPressor is another great plugin to optimize your keywords and website.

  1. The SEO Framework


The name itself suggest it’s a complete framework for all your SEO needs on your website.

SEO framework has an AI built in that work automatically to optimize your pages which in turn saves your workload. You don’t bother writing meta tags this plugin will automatically generate titles and descriptions that are recognized by Google.

Features in The SEO Framework:

  1. Built in AI makes this plugin smarter than others
  2. Improves your search presence
  3. Optimizes your meta data
  4. Respects your privacy
  5. Uses best practices according to the guidelines


  1. Premium SEO Pack


Premium seo pack is the newest plugin in the market but has great features comparatively to other plugins which you need to look out for.

Premium SEO pack comes with free and paid options. In paid as usual you can get extra features which will benefit you from a free version.

Features in Premium SEO Pack:

  1. Multiple Focus Keywords
  2. Mass Optimization
  3. Local business shortcodes
  4. 404 error pages monitoring
  5. Slug optimizer


  1. WP Meta SEO


WP Meta SEO is a complete package for beginners and those who don’t understand SEO. This plugin fulfills the gap between the company and clients struggling with SEO. This plugin figure outs the major problems your website has and help you to fix the issues.

If your company doesn’t have any SEO resource then don’t worry WP Meta SEO is one plugin which does all the needy what an SEO can do sitting in the office.

Features in WP Meta SEO:

  1. Edit website meta data in single view
  2. Fix HTML resizing in content
  3. 404 error redirections
  4. Generate XML and HTML Sitemaps
  5. SEO Content checker

If you are a WordPress user then you should be trying these plugins.

If you are already using any of these plugins for your websites then please leave a comment and let us know which plugin you have been using and how effective they are for your website.

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