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7 Digital trends that can polish your marketing strategy

Year by year, technology has been evolving at a fast pace and 2018 is yet another example. With 2018, already under its way, lot many changes can be seen each day. Recent technological advancements have given new opportunities to millions who are thriving each day to get better. Changes in the search engine algorithms, strategical patterns and latest tools, have given a completely new angle to the approach of digital marketing. This has not only helped the marketers understand the behaviour of consumers but also taught them how to deal with the situation.

With an even more energetic perspective and positive hopes, 2018 still promises to carry its image forward for the years to come. Here are a few tips that can help you in laying a successful foundation stone in your career and drive you far beyond your expectations.

  • Personal Touch

When you want to expand your business, all you need is to focus on knowing your customers and understanding them through their experiences. Get into details like,

– why they are liking/disliking your product or service?
– how much you can contribute in their lives?
– what impact makes your brand on them?
– are you able to set some difference in their lives?

Involve yourself completely with them, to know their physiology and perspective. Try to develop experience from your customers so as to create and enhance brand loyalty.

  • Live streaming

With the ability to go live on social media, you now have a better chance to get closer to your audience. In fact, a lot of companies are using live videos in all social media channels so as to connect to millions socially as well as emotionally. Live talks, new launches, promotional activities, event coverage, in short, everything can be broadcasted to the audience live and the best part to it is, you can also notice people who are tuning in to your videos and pouring their valuable comments, all real-time. Live videos have truly enriched the overall experience and given an opportunity to the marketers to prove themselves openly before their audience.

You can use this opportunity to get testimonials from your genuine customers and establish a brand name.

  • AI

Artificial Intelligence is the new electricity which has the power to light up any room. This modern-day approach has the ability to set trends that many of us cannot even comprehend. There is hope that by the end of 2018, there will be applications designed which can use machine learning to identify the customer’s needs. Natural language processing can also give better insights into the increasing minute details. AI can be involved in applications that can help the marketers monitor the programs that are working to use data to mark the beginning and end of the marketing campaigns. In short, the wait is not much now, just a few months down the line when AI will prove to be a blessing for the digital world. And the combination of Artificial Intelligence and Digital Marketing is what today’s world and the coming future is all about. For that, you can pursue a digital marketing training course so as to nurture yourself with the latest trends.

  • Rich Content

Content is always the king of all the marketing strategies. It is also one of the most cost-effective methods to market, unlike paid ads. All you need is to come up with fresh and creative content that can attract your potential customers. Talk about your products or services, share stories involving multimedia, write about things that may not be necessarily connected to you but can interest the audience. The goal is to engage with the maximum number of people on the globe and spread your message. But make sure that you write rich and meaningful content, which can sustain and be memorable.

  • Search by voice

As the devices are getting smarter day by day, their contribution to the world of digital marketing has been immense. The capability to make use of voice to search seems to be blowing away the time constraints. As more number of applications come up with the feature of voice search, faster and easier the things would become. Writing content with always a fear of using incorrect spellings, will be replaced with this smarter way of navigation. It is a more natural way of dealing with search. Incorporate the feature of voice search in your application, so as to create a good image before your users.

  • Paid Advertisements

There is no doubt in saying that content is more powerful to engage people. But at the same time, it is equally necessary to understand the need for using paid ads. It is a more effective way in marketing, to reach out to your audience. Though it is expensive, it is worth investing if your business demands for. Sometimes, the viewer gets annoyed with the popping ads which the marketers push on the screens and they tend to block those ads. So, it is always advised to target the audience wisely, by understanding and listing out the audience who can genuinely be your potential customers. This is important so to avoid unnecessary hatred for your brand.

  • Building faith in customers

The audience which you are serving today is more genuine and has a great sense of responsibility. They also expect you to reciprocate the same and ensure to establish a form of trust with them. You just cannot play with them by putting crude strategies. They would rather appreciate if you can keep the things simple and clear. They do trust reviews and ratings. So your aim should be to create a good impression on your customers so that there are no chances of losing existing customers and more chances of getting new in. This will also help you to develop a long-term relationship with your customers.



All you need is to focus on being responsible, committed to working and respecting your customers. Just set your eyes upon these seven key points that can help you to reach newer heights and become an inspiration to many such others. Hope the year 2018, ends up with flying colours, for you!

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