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9 skills schools don’t teach

          9 skills schools don’t teach

School is a basic and an essential phase of a child life. It’s their another home where they get to learn all the basic knowledge. School is the next place where a child spends most of their time apart from their house. Its is root system which helps them build their ground. With all these great things school is a place. This is  where a child learns and experiences their firsts. They includes their passion, friendship, building relationships, learning and pretty most every-thing.

But are they getting to learn all these things? In today’s school life  are they being left out of all these experience’s? We could know about these only when we know what are the skills that schools don’t teach.

So, here are the 9 skills schools don’t teach:


School is meant for a child to gain knowledge but though school does provide knowledge to children it doesn’t provide wisdom. knowledge and wisdom two are totally different don’t mistake it with each other. Wisdom includes critical life skills like taking a loan, managing money, better interaction skills, business and career options.

Rather being taught all of these they are just being taught how to memorize and perform in their tests. Everyone assume that school is “enough learning”. Yes it would be perfect place but only when these real life skills are taught such that they have a exposure to more of the outer world when they step out of the school.

Interpersonal Communication:

Interpersonal communication or skills also known as soft skills are essential for any child to build a relationship or have an interaction. Though few people are good at it but few lack the skills which is essential for a person to withstand the outer and professional world. These skills help you maintain a healthy relationship with your co-workers. These helps you maintain a good environment. These also include your work ethic, patience, problem solving abilities which are vital and quite important for your future no matter which career or profession you choose. When it comes to soft skills it is not that easy to develop them.

These skills need to be developed by having the real time conversations and interactions with people in the real world.  Practising these skills over a period of time is essential for these skills to be incorporated in you, so school could be right place for these skills to be properly taught with more amount of time also you can practise them throughout your school life.

Smart Credit:

After school every child should be able to be independent. So, school needs to teach every skill that is essential to a person on a daily basis which includes finances like credit card, taking loans, interest rates. Some students would choose student loans but for them it would be quite new and unnatural but if the schools would teach these at the very primary stage of their life, they can get used to it.

They even can plan of any higher studies at any place they like. How to build credit card, how to use the smart card and their necessities, why health insurances are important these are the things which could be taught and would prove very useful in their future for their growth and a successful career.

Additional knowledge:

Every school needs to implement a programme such that every child’s interest and passion is considered and the required guidance for that is to be done properly. Only then the child could be able to choose a right path in having a profession else they would just go to college and be unemployed as they were not interested in the field. As we see many young people in India, are graduates but are with no jobs or they just do some jobs which don’t even require a college degree to earn a living.

This is how school models now a days prove to be a horrible place for many such young people. Schools should provide students with interaction with real time working people of the stream to come and encourage and teach some of the basics which would be useful in their further career. This helps the students have needed skills when they enter the professional market.


Management may include managing money handling it, handling the expenses. All these are proving that these are necessary for any student to be independent and have their work done hands on. Even though the students choose or opt to study abroad they would not feel uncomfortable or confused in these daily activities.


Now-a-days every 1 in 4 people suffer from mental illness. It’s better for the children to learn about mental health . And its importance from the very primary stage of their life. Though the importance of physical health is taught in most of the school’s mental health still remains untaught. These are the important things children need to be taught. As some of the people who suffer from mental illness are being bullied  and this is not right. So, learning all these through psychology will help them have these skills.


Though having the technical knowledge is necessary having skills that are essential to health are important and quite useful. CPR, and other basic first aid treatments are necessary for children as they could adapt them easily when they become an adult. In any kind of danger or required situations these skills prove to be quite useful. Identifying allergic reactions, bandaging a wound are basic which are basic for first aid.

How to file taxes:

Taxes are unavoidable facts in everyday life. So, having a complete picture about these will help children when they are in need of these. Paying taxes, having a clue about the wider picture of these and their policies helps children at least have basic knowledge regarding the which can prove to be quite useful when they are adults are rather bring clueless regarding these things they would have an idea regarding these taxes.

Critical thinking:

Critical things is basically the problem solving ability or to have conscious mind even during a critical situation. Most of the young people fear of failing. Teaching them how to deal with it and surviving. Battling it can prevent most of the teen suicides. Critical thinking is not only dealing with other people its also dealing with yourself handling yourself. Self-discovery is essential for the skill. So being taught these in your school would ultimately make you tough. Also helps you fight any situation that comes ahead of you.


These are the basic 9 skills which are needed to be taught in school.  Sadly these are not being taught. Schools should prove themselves at teaching young people on how to live and face the outer world. Not just memorising, preparing and performing well in the tests. And not to have to get into a good college or a job.



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