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Different Types of Biddings techniques in Google Ads

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There are Different types of bidding models in google :

CPC: Cost per click 

this bid type will work only if the customer clicks on your ad , for example you are ready to invest Rs.60/- per click and you had won the bid then Google would Charge Rs.60/- Per click

This type of Bid concept would apply to the Advertisers whose goals would be customers landing on the website.

VCPM : Viewable cost per 1000 Impressions 

Goal: Branding

If your goal is branding or creating awareness about your product then Going For VCPM would be best. this type of bid type is applicable for Display and video marketing campaigns in youtube

so how it works is when you say to google i am ready to pay 10 rs for 1000 impressions, then once the ad reaches 1000 impressions google would deduct the amount.

CPE: Cost per engagement

This works for Rich media Interactive Advertisements that are created from Ad gallery Account of Google Adwords. If a customer engages with the Ad copy then Google would Deduct money from the Account

CPV: Cost Per view

This bid Type is applicable for targeting true view ads in youtube and google Display Network

Cost per view is charged when the customer reaches the 30 second mark,or of he engages with any in display ad on video

CPA: Cost Per Acquisition

If Conversions if our agenda and if conversion tracking is set up and if there is 14 days conversion tracking data available with google ad network we can use this bid concept called CPA ie: Cost per Acquisition which is nothing but when the customers purchases the product or does any action like filling the lead form, signing up etc. google would charge for that particular Action

Different Types of Campaigns and its Bidding Types:

Search network marketing (SNM) – Text ads

  •  Pay per click (PPC), Cost per click (CPC)


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Display Advertisting on Website or Mobile Applications

  •    CPC
  •    Cost per impressions (1000)
  •    Cost per Engagement (this is for Rich media interactive ads)



 Video marketing:

  •   Ad planner – Cost Per View
  •   Ad gallery – CPC, VCPM (1000 impressions)

Google shopping

  • CPC

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