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Few Things to be aware of before joining the millions of Digital Marketers

You might be either pissed off or overwhelmed with the hype going around Digital Marketing and wondering why and what it is all about!

We have covered and here to help you with the facts and the reasons why millions of people join Digital Marketing.

The evolution of Digital Marketing happened in the early 1990’s and it is not a new concept. The term “marketing” has been heard/experienced from the ages. Most of the companies used different channels as a medium to promote their products/ services and that is what exactly the marketing is!

Earlier the Radio, Magazine, Bil Boards, Hoardings, TV Ads, Newspaper were used for promotion, but the gradual increase of technology and online channels have replaced everything.

You might be wondering how many people are actually watching TV Ads and reading the newspaper?

Well, even the businesses got this concept changed their modem of promotion from “Traditional to Digital”. Technology changed people and it also changed the way brands portray their business.

There are millions of internet users and internet is providing the greater opportunities for the brands to let people know that they do exist.

For an instance, it would cost a company 2 Lakh per month to display their Ad in Billboard whereas the same Ad could be displayed on Facebook and Instagram in pretty much low price based on an organization’s convenience.

So where, how and to whom this Digital Marketing is beneficial?


Digital Marketing is considered as one of the recession-proof job sectors.

You might be a UG/PG graduate or pursuing the MBA, if you wanna start your career in marketing or sales or HR or finance, Digital Marketing answer to the most complicated question raised by everyone as answer to the most complicated question raised by everyone as “what after graduation!?” and helps you to stand ahead of the curve.

Before the years IT was considered to be the most renowned and sought-after sector, but the changes that have occurred in the business unveils the doors to new innovations. Companies are in dire need of candidates who can apply their common sense with added creativity and innovation in the regularly used channels.

Getting into IT is not as easy as people think and one cannot enjoy the true essence of it if they don’t have that passion for coding.

Even for the MBA graduates, Digital Marketing helps in all the ways right from allocating the budget, marketing and boosting the sales process.


You might be working as a salesperson, an HR, a Business Analysts or even in IT, Digital Marketing helps to choose the right decision of either growing in the career or switching it.

Gone are those days where an HR used to publish in emails and job portals and send the confirmation letter through posts! Somewhere this is still happening as there is a lack of adequate HR people with the updated technology knowledge.

Modern-day HR is using social media channels for finding the people, filtering, and welcoming the
talents to the organization through digital marketing. Linkedin is a great platform for letting the
people know that particular company is hiring and through marketing, HR can filter most of the

Sales and marketing would go together. To know the actual process happening around, a
the salesperson must be aware of marketing, offers used, discounts provided and how they work for the
better customer interaction.

For the people who are working in IT and still don’t have that job satisfaction can either switch or
start freelancing as an alternate career option, coz you never know when recession comes!!

Business Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship has evolved like a can of worms!!

For the modern-day business, regardless of the leadership, team and infrastructure, they demand more. Even the blood, sweat and tears are not enough to keep the business floating.

The reason why brands like MC Donalds, KFC, Dominos and even the small brands like are getting renowned because of the hype and the brand awareness they created.

Digital Marketing is the only idea that can conquer the business challenges. Right from analyzing a competitor, building the brand, planning the strategies, generating Leads and measuring the ROI, it helps at every stage to make a difference.

Startup Owners

Being an owner is the toughest task.

Ownership is not easy and start-ups are risky! When it comes to start-up everything is a trail method until it gets succeeded!

An owner should find the cost-effective method to achieve higher ROI and staying ahead even in the cut-throat competition. Possessing the qualified team could be a great asset to the start-ups, but to monitor the team’s potential or to know what’s going on in the ground level, one must be knowledgeable and aware of what team is actually doing!!

One need not totally depend on the budget a marketing team provides when you know the in and out of it, you can alter or suggest the budget, plan more cost-effective strategies and explain what can fit better to soar high in the business.

Career Restarters

There are no age and degree liabilities for learning Digital Marketing.

If you are a person with the education gap or the person who is on break or even a house-wife, You can still count on it.

This is not rocket science and no particular degree or coding knowledge required it is all about being creative and applying common sense as mentioned before.

The main perk of Marketing is that earning while being home. People might take this as an opportunity to restart the career or to start afresh with no much hassles of going to office regularly.

You can start a Blog/ website, write your favourite things and get paid for it.

In the coming years, Digital Marketing gonna be the most sought-after career option as the evolution of startups and online businesses are growing to millions.

It’s never too late to start something new. You might be a student, working professional, Business owner, entrepreneur or a person who is seeking for a career restart, Digital Marketing is the ideal option to do something that is creative, beneficial and fun included.



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