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Google Ads has Introduced 2 New Tools for Responsive Search Ads

Google Ads rolls out two new tools for Responsive Search Ads, which are now available to all the advertisers in all languages.

In addition to that now you can setup Responsive Search Ads from Google Editor, Google Ads API, and the mobile app.

What are the two new tools for Responsive Search Ads:

  1. Performance Column: Using this performance metric you can identify those assets which are driving results in high volume ad groups. Improve Low rated assets, Keep Good performing assets, and emulate the best performing assets.
  2. Ad variations: Now you can run your own ad copy tests based on the performance, Google Ads ad variation metric now supports responsive search ads for running their own ad copy tests.


  • Google recommends to have atleast one responsive search ads and two expanded text ads per ad group, having these recommendations in place will increase site traffic and brings you more conversions.
  • Google recommends improving their responsive search ads strength from poor to good will give them more clicks, which requires monitoring ad strength and pairing smart bidding with responsive search ads.

Shiva Charan


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