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Google Ads is Planning to remove Target Search Page location and Target outranking share bid strategies

Google Ads

Another good update from Google ads for its users.

Google is planning to remove two bidding strategies from Google Ads mainly to focus its advertisers more on Target impression share bidding strategy which was introduced last November.

Target Impression Share: This smart bidding strategy Automatically sets your bids to increase your ads chances of appearing in absolute top of the page or anywhere on the page you select the ad to appear.

Target impression share compared to the other two bidding strategies is more reliable & flexible to optimize your ads for desired impressions and search page location. Use this bidding strategy to optimize your ad for the top of the page position.

Search Engine Marketers or Advertisers get ready for this update you will no longer be able to use Target Search Page Location or Target outranking share bid strategies for your ad campaigns starting in late June this month.

Target Search Page Location: Adjust bids to show your ads in top of the search results or the first page of the search.

Target Outranking share: Use this bid strategy to outrank your competitor ads or another domain ad.

If you are using the above two bidding strategies for your campaigns they will be automatically migrated to Target impression share bidding strategy which will optimize your campaigns based on your previous target locations and historical impression share.


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