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Google Ads is Testing a New Lead Form Extensions to Capture Leads

Google Ads is introducing lead form extensions which is a new way for advertisers to capture customer information by gathering details like name, email, phone number & postcode.

This new extension feature was noticed by Steven Johns, who notes that he has access to it in his EGO Power+ Austria account. He tweeted about this new lead form extension in Twitter.

This new extension is designed to attract new customers with it’s new compelling call-to-action which you can see it in the above image “Get Offer” which can only be accessed after filling out a lead form.

This new lead form is same as your ad text where in you need to fill your own headlines, description and business name.

As an advertiser you can ask for customer information which includes:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Phone Number
  • Postcode

All these details will be included in the lead form so that a customer can fill in the details before he gets an offer which you have set before.

As shown in the above image, this lead form is designed in such a way where you can design and upload your own background image for the lead form to make it more attractive.

This lead form has an option for creating form submission message where you can add your own customized message which will be displayed once the form is successfully submitted by the customer, this is normally a kind of Thank You message giving to the customer.

Once the customer fills the form and gets a thank you message you can divert him/her to your website link or send him/her a direct download file or just use a thank you message without any call-to-action, it depends on your user flow.

A new Google Ads Setup indicates that these new lead form extensions can be integrated into an advertiser’s CRM tool.

As this new lead form extensions in search ads is under testing stage it will currently be a beta feature where only some businesses are eligible for accessing.

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