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Google Marketing Live 2019: Top 10 Google Ads Announcements

Google Marketing Live

In case you missed any of the coverage from recently concluded Google Marketing live conference, don’t worry we have covered it for you refer to the below list of announcements for Google Ads.

Top 10 Google Ads Announcements from Google Marketing Live:

  1. Google Ads Mobile App: Google Advertisers can now use Google ads mobile app to create and edit responsive search ads, and we will also receive notifications, suggestions to help improve the ad performance.

    Source: Searchenginejournal
  2. Local Campaigns & Google Maps: Small Business owners can now promote their local business with new inventory in Google Maps. Google ads now will be shown in Google Maps based on the search queries given by the users which also depends on the location. Businesses can promote their location when users are navigating along the route.

    Source: Searchenginejournal
  3. Discovery Ads: The new discovery ads were announced in the google marketing live and will be available later this year. Discovery ads are carousel image type rendered to show across Google properties includes google’s mobile home page, YouTube home page and gmail promotions tab.

    Source: Searchenginejournal
  4. Gallery Ads: A gallery of images displayed at the top of search results for users to swipe through.

    Source: Pureseo
  5. Audience Expansion: Advertisers can drive more conversions with the same average cost-per-acquisition (CPA) using the new audience expansion tool.
  6. Google Shopping Experience: Later this year google will be rolling out this most significant feature, using this feature you can directly shop from Google Search, Images and YouTube.
    Source: Searchenginejournal


  7. Shopping Ads: Retailers can now drive more in store visits using smart shopping ads campaigns where in the retailer need to optimize their landing page in their website for store visit and display their local inventory information. Google is making the job easier for retailer by adding options like pick-up-in-store & buy-online through smart shopping campaigns.
  8. App Deep Linking: Ads can now link users to pages within a business’s app. (
  9. Bumper Ads: YouTube is working on a tool called Bumper Machine where a 30- or 90-seconds ad will be cut down into 6 seconds this is all done automatically using machine learning. An early example from Grub Hub shows what this tool is capable of.

This is the original video ad of Grubhub which is 13 seconds.

And here’s the video ad which was automatically converted into 6 seconds ad by Bumper Machine Tool.

10. Bidding Controls: Google has introduced four new bidding strategies for advertisers that offer more flexibility.

Source: Searchenginejournal
  1. Campaign Level conversion settings: Using this feature advertisers will be able to set conversion goals at the campaign level instead at the account level.
  2. Seasonality adjustments: This feature could be used to schedule and adjustment for period of time when conversions rate are expected to raise.
  3. Maximize conversion value: Allows advertisers to optimize for more conversion value within a specific budget.
  4. Value rules: Using value rules you can differentiate conversion values based on location, device, and audience. Google will roll out value rules later this year.

Video & Image Credits: SearchEngineJournal, Unyoo

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