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Google+ shuts down, a journey that lasted for 7 years!

It has been just 7 years since Google launched its social media platform by the name “Google+”. But due to security issues, Google announced a sudden shutdown on October 8, 2018. It was reported that Google+ had gone through a massive disclosure of personal data of more than 5 lakhs of people which includes their names, photos, contact details, etc. This resulted in violating user’s data. Though till date, there is no evidence found on the misuse of any profile data and neither any evidence about the developer who was responsible or aware of this huge bug.

Another reason for its fall is lack of usage, reportedly 90% of Google+ user sessions are lasting for less than 5 seconds.

With the limited footfall of Googlers and their post, Google stopped Google+, thereby having a long slow death. In fact, this product was out of sight and mind form for the last few years and people were barely accounting it for their social presence. In the coming few months, Google will also provide with the additional information about how to remove or migrate users’ existing data.




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