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Hard skills vs soft skills

                  Hard skills vs soft skills

Work skills are broken down into basically two categories which are

-Soft skills
-Hard skills

These both skills are pretty much necessary for one to be successful I their respective job. Both these skills are quite different from each other.

So, now let’s discuss about the differences between these two.

Hard skills:

The Hard skills are basically technical skills for example computer programming, typing skills, machine operation. These are concrete skills that are necessary for you job and are required for you to actually do your work.

For example, if you are software employee coding is your hard skill.

Soft skills:

On the other hand, Soft skills are known as people skills or interpersonal skills. For example, team- work, team management, communication. These skills help you maintain a healthy relationship with your co-workers. These helps you maintain a good environment and get to know about your work and take help from your co workers if you are in a team combined.

Briefing hard skills:

Hard skills also include your degree where you learn the technical stuff that is mostly required to get your work done. Though these play an important role both the soft skills and the hard skills are considered while you are being recruited.

Briefing soft skills:

Whereas soft skills include your communication and interaction with people which is necessary when you are working on a team or attending meetings, group discussions. These also include your work ethic, patience, problem solving abilities.


Hard skills are more easily adapted as they can be obtained by your school and college training, having a degree and previous work experience. These are basically those skills where once you learned the task you can possess these skills.

But when it comes to soft skills it is not that easy to develop them.  These skills need to be developed by having the real time conversations and interactions with people in the real world.  Practising these skills over a period of time is essential for these skills to be incorporated in you. Though few people are naturally good with these, but few people can have hard time possessing these.


Hard skills are easy to be evaluated and measured by your employer by just giving you a task or the work to be done , effectively answering technical questions related to work, effectively working through your skill test or just by your education, work experience.

Soft skills can be determined by your eye contact, speaking clearly when prompted, answering about you and your experiences honestly.


But soft skills are hard to evaluate as they cannot be proven by just your resume it’s the real time experience or exposure which makes you good at them. So, employer could get to know about these soft skills of yours by having an interview or observing your initial days of work.

Despite these both skills being different from one another an individual need to have both these skills soft and hard to have a valuable position and grow successfully.



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