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How Hotel Industries can benefit from Digital Marketing

Indian Hotel Industry is set to grow by 15% a year. Over the last decade business opportunities in India had intensified and elevated room rates occupancy levels in India. Here’s how a hotelier may further enhance sales and increase revenue using Digital Marketing Techniques – a must for every businessmen.

  1. For every query that a prospect might type into the Google Search engine page, your website results must be on the top for a sale and the website must be loaded with content, images, videos and has to be customer friendly. It has been observed that prospect will not be moving down than first 3 results and hence, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) technique is done for every web page of a website so as to push the website to the top search results. SEO is important for branding exercise and to beat the competitors. Online presence is the first step to Digital Marketing and SEO helps in achieving this step. Below is an example wherein upon query of “beach resorts in India”, the first result displayed out of the 53Lacs plus results is the outcome of SEO Technique.SEO
  2.  The new Google Local Search Display is another technique where a Digital Marketer can optimize and work upon to ensure the result is displayed on the first 3 results of the Google Local Search engine and your business local listing can be easily tracked on and Google Maps. For a Hotel keeper, this technique is essentially useful so that when a prospect searches for your product or service, your business is listed under SEO results and Google Places. Thus, an excellent measure to create brand awareness and increase growth.
  3.  Further, to beat the competitors or to highlight any discount or promotional event, Google Adwords or Pay Per Click (PPC) or SEM (Search Engine Marketing) technique will help you to create Google Ads which will be displayed on the first page of Search Engine. The good news here is that you shall also be able to pick up your best performing Ads and you get analytics/result of your Ads at your fingertips, which enables you to edit or continue your Ads in the manner you wish to. seo3
  4. Social Media Presence is an important tool for branding in today’s Digital Scenario. Social Media Optimization (SMO) or Social Media Marketing (SMM) is designed to reach out to potential prospects available on social media platforms. You can also name it as latest trend. Social Media too are acting as search engine channels. Refer the below screenshot. Social media is a strong channel for digital marketing as the reviews are visible under the product or service that makes it easier for prospects to make their choice. Social Media Optimization(SMO) or Social Media Marketing (SMM) is done on all the Social Media Platforms/Channels considering the type of business. Some social media channels are B2B friendly whereas, some are B2C friendly and thus, favourable or appropriate decision are to be taken by a Digital Marketing Professional.
  5. Above all, Analytics is the heart of Digital Marketing. Without Analytics, Digital Marketing efforts are dilapidated.  Google Analytics Tool is useful for analysing if SEO done is upto the mark, if the website is SEO friendly and if the digital marketing process has yielded the results you needed. You can also decide if Google Adwords investment is furnishing ROI or if Social Media Marketing is reaching to the right audiences.                 To conclude, Hotel Industry can broaden their marketing vision by adapting to Digital Marketing Techniques. Digital Marketing gives you access to promote on affiliate channels too. In a nutshell, a Hotelier can completely count on Digital Marketing Techniques to improve the business and promote the brand at cheaper costs.



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