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How Social Media pitch in to help and arrange Kerala rescue funds

Kerala located in Southern part of India is such a beautiful state paved with greenery spread around. It’s a great tourist place and people visit it often because of its authentic vibes.

Now, everything has been devastated and we are aware of Kerala’s worst flood and the situation it is in.

Many people died and many people suffered from the lack of food the common basic needs. At these natural disasters, people generally believe in almighty and pray that they would receive help from him. No one ever knows whether the God came and help but the Indian Army, Navy people and the Social Media did. There was unexpected assistance and they have evacuated children, pregnant woman, elder citizens and also more than 10,000 people to the safest places.

Here social media stood as the most powerful and ingenious tool to find and help the people who are facing the worst phase of the flood.

Here is exactly what social media did and stand as the great medium of help

1)    Sharing exactly what is happening

These days there are fewer people who actually watch or read the newspaper,  but people are active 24/7 on social media and they can find the instant solutions and react immediately.

People on social media gave the live updates of what’s happening and created awareness campaigns, rescue campaigns, groups and called out people to be the part of them.

Google – the never-ending search engine did it’s best in helping people finding the people. It created a “person finder tool” for Kerala which has helped many people in finding their beloved ones. The page actually found and displays more than thousand people according to the records.

You can see how exactly the person finder tool looks like.

Google maps have also made it extremely easy to find and share the location of a person in Kerala.

2)  By creating awareness

Volunteers from IEEE created a website for the Kerala rescue to collaborate with the people and text people offline.

This site has been noticed many NGO’s and CEOS of the top-notch companies. They have collaborated with all other employees, few CEO’ s from different companies through channels called slack and helped people

Many NGO’s posted vigourously in all the social media channels to let people know what is happening and calling out for the help.

Here is the website link

Not only this but the apps like Paytm, Swiggy, Zomato, Facebook, Instagram, Saavn etc where people uses on a regular basis are creating awareness and calling out people to help Kerala.

3)  Standing as the medium of communication

Many Telephone operators offered free voice and data packages to the people who are in the affected state so they can communicate with the people in another region who are worrying about them.

Even in the midst of tragedy, people are joining and helping the affected, persisted as the medium to speak and engage.

4)  By spreading the word and calling out to join hands

Spreading every single word about the Kerala rescue is what facebook and twitter did.

The hashtags like #KeralaFloods and#keralarelief was trending. They created a great awareness amongst the people and they showed their token of compassion by donating some amount through the desired channel.

There was a hashtag as #kereladonationchallenge created by a celebrity for calling out people to support and donate as much as they can and inspire others.

There are many tweets by the people regarding the rescue and posting the needs of what they actually need with the numbers, bank details to respond immediately. Many people are still replying to the messages and reacting instantly.

5)  Showing the way to donate

People of various states, from Common Person to a celebrity donated the desired amount of the Kerala stress relief finds and posted it in the social media channels as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram.

Not to boast, but to spread awareness, inspire and to show the people a way to donate.

There are many bloggers, influencers who has written many articles on the ways to help for Kerala stress relief and posted on social media.

Amazon has collaborated with NGO’s and created Amazon Cares: Contribute to Kerala Relief website for making the people easier to donate.

Check out the website here.

6)  Creating communities for the rescue

Many bloggers, designers, IT employees created infographics, posts, articles in whatever way it is possible and published the post through all the social media channels.

Hundreds of people reached over them and they all together helped in some of the other way possible.

There are many Whatsapp groups for the people who are off the Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to create awareness and proclaimed the word regarding the rescue.

People proved that Social Media proved is not only meant to share trolls, pass time, knowledge, to do business, to share the content, but also to save many human lives by using it in an effective way.

Here is a standing ovation from Digital Nest for the creators of social media to every individual people who are using it effectively to help and Indian Army, Navy who is making Kerala come over the worst phase.




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