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After the old days of Blackberry, users began to send larger files beyond text and spreadsheet attachments. Many also wanted access to rich multimedia content while on the move. It was becoming evident that life was far beyond voice and text services.

Today, the world knows nothing less than digital. When was the last time you hand wrote a letter? We no longer use text messaging, we use WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger or Hangouts. How many of us stand in a queue for movie tickets? From clothes and gifts to grocery everything can be bought online and from Nursery rhymes to PhD papers every learning is possible online. Thus every industry can be digital. This is the situation in 2016, imagine after 10 years how the usage of internet could be?   Data has become a key superior customer experience. Reliance Jio Digital revolution has taken initial steps towards Digital India.

Let us see some of the facts from Mukesh Ambani’s speech indicating the inception of Digital era:

  • “World is at the beginning of a digital revolution.”
  • “Anything and everything that can be digital is going digital at an exponential rate faster than anyone can imagine.”
  •  “A new era of humanity is going to begin.In this era if you are not digital and if you don’t have globally competitive digital tools and skills, you will simply not survive. You will be left behind.India and Indians cannot afford to be left behind.”
  • “Today India is ranked in 153rd in mobile and broadband access out of 230 countries. India’s rank will go up from 150 to among the top 10 of mobile internet rankings in the world.”
  • “Jio Digital Life will give power of data to each Indian, to fulfill every dream and collectively take India to the global digital leadership.”

As Mukesh Ambani said, every company needs to go digital to be competitive. As we know the usage of internet growing extensively.  All the startups by young entrepreneurs that have succeeded today are due to digital emergence. Future is going to be digital and Jio has taken initiative to spread it to every nook and corner of the country and in every industry.

So, when are you starting your “DATAGIRI”?



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