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Social bookmarking is tagging a web page with a web-based tool instead of saving them to our web browser so that you can easily access it later. As our bookmarks are online, we can access them easily when you have internet connection and share them with friends.

Social bookmarking in this way is interesting as we can not only save your favorite websites and send them to your friends but you can also look at what other people have found interesting to tag.

How can we benefit from Social Bookmarking :

Social bookmarking allows you to specifically target what exactly you want to see. Instead of going into a search engine, you can quickly narrow down the items to what you are looking for.

Instant indexing: Search engines will index your page within no time from the moment it has been bookmarked on a bookmarking site.

Increase traffic to your site: Depending upon the nature of your content and the extent to which it is popular among users, you can generate a better traffic through social bookmarking. The more you reach to the submission of content on social bookmarking sites, the more you will get the improved chances of traffic.

Quality Backlinks: When you share your content through the social websites, you start a social buzz that helps you getting backlinks from the submission of social marketing. You can try getting several one-way backlinks and in this way improving your page rank.

Brand promotion: If your blog or website is mentioned on various social networks by users in their profiles, search engines will give more importance while ranking your blog or site. This also increases your social exposure.

Apart from SEO benefits, social bookmarking can be a very good marketing tool itself. Viral marketing campaigns can be successful using these kinds of web services since the ranking of bookmarked links depend on ratings by users.

The following are some of the useful Social bookmarking websites:















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