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Top 6 Tips For Christmas Social Media Campaigns

It is the season of cheer and laughter, with celebrations around the corner. And the perfect time to promote your brand or if you are looking for launching a new product and getting your social media campaign in full swing and setting objectives which sets you apart from the rest. Holidays are a great time to boost up your sales.

Here I am sharing  6 top tips to boost up your sales.


1>Decorate Your  Social profile :

Spice up your brand social pages on different social handles with  Christmas themed decorations. Decorate the social page with Santa Hat, add snowflakes or  Christmas trees or adding a red theme. A good example is how Penguin India and Starbucks have decorated their social pages. You may put a  Christmas themed photo as your cover picture to get into a festive mood.


2>Arrange giveaways and contests:

Whether it is a small, medium or big organization you may arrange for contest and giveaways this Christmas and make sure that you keep it a  part of your social media campaign. You can create events and engage with your audience. Post live videos while the event is going on on all the social media handles. Decide on a  unique hashtag and make sure people are using the hashtag when they are sharing the event on social handles or tweeting about it.It will help in embedding a strong impression on people’s mind.


3>Create  a Merry Christmas offer :

Christmas is the time of the year when most of the companies earn 20%  of the revenue for the year. Create Christmas special discounts highlighting the discounts on the posts. Create a sense of urgency in the user by giving limited time-bound offers. Provide free shipping to the users for a particular time -span on the eve of Christmas.

Create colorful and vibrant posts with the offers mentioned in bold letters to grab attention and more traffic.


4>Wish Merry Christmas to   everyone :

It is the holiday season so people would look out for posts featuring the spirit of  Christmas with editable content message and fonts. So that people can share them easily and they should be captivating enough to grab attention and get more downloads.


5>Post engaging stories on Social Handles :

Post a variety of interesting and engaging content on your Facebook, Instagram and social account pages. You may also post backstage stories and snaps on the social handles to make it look more engaging. You can start running a poll by asking a variety of questions to your followers on your page and then reveal the answers later on and then decide the winners. Posting stories on Instagram and Facebook is a very good way to make the page more engaging.

6>Design creative article post and gift ideas:

Christmas is around the corner and people will look for articles which will teach them different DIY  Christmas ideas. And people love reading art and craft blogs. With Christmas around the corner, people need gifting ideas for sure to spread the love of gift and joy. Design post that explains Christmas house decor, gift wrapping ideas, and holiday gift options.T hese kind of informative posts should be shared across all the social handles.




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