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Top Press release websites you must know in SEO

What is Press Release submission, Top Press release websites you must know - digital nest

Website traffic is something which is essential for attaining leads and growing business. In Digital Marketing SEO Press Release (PR) have been the best methods to increase the traffic and getting quality backlinks. Though there are various ways to implement this process PR has always been first in delivering the genuine backlinks. To tell in the purest forms Press Release is the power of SEO.

What is Press Release Submission?

PR is that sharing the news that is worthy. Back then, they have used the way for companies to let journalists know about significant events, such as winning the award, launching a new product, or winning a significant contract. As everything has moved from traditional to online, it has become easy for the online PR to handle hundreds of sites faster.

What is Press Release submission, Top Press release websites you must know - digital nest

In this article from Digital nest, we tell you the free Press release sites to submit the content.

1)     www.1888pressrelease.com/

2)     24-7pressrelease.com/

3)     briefingwire.com/

4)     clickpress.com/releases/index.shtml

5)     www.directionsmag.com/

6)     www.exactrelease.org/

7)     webcache.googleusercontent.com/

8)     free-press-release-center.info/

9)     www.free-press-release.com/

10) www.freepressindex.com/

11) freepressrelease.com/

12) www.freeprnow.com/

13) www.newswire.com/

14) www.live-pr.com/

15) www.crunchbase.com

16) www.onlineprnews.com

17) localnews.biz/news_latestNews.asp

18) www.myjournalcourier.com/

19) www.mynews.in/

20) newsreleaser.com

21) www.newswiretoday.com/

22) www.openpr.com/

23) www.pr-inside.com

24) www.pressreleasepoint.com

25) www.pressmethod.com

26) www.pressreleasepublic.com

27) www.prlog.org

28) prsync.com

29) www.prfree.org

30) www.prurgent.com

31) news.scoopasia.com

32) www.sbwire.com

33) www.theopenpress.com

34) www.transworldnews.com

35) www.travpr.com

36) www.pr.com

37) www.pressreleasepoint.com/seenationcom

PR is the most valuable resource in SEO, and it is the main concept in the Off-Page optimization. Submitting in the highly professional content make the websites to approve and provide you the genuine backlinks , traffic and brand awareness.

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