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conversion tracking

What is a conversion?

A conversion happens when someone clicks on your ad and then takes an action that you have defined as valuable to your business. The action could be clicking on a particular button, filling a form, viewing a particular page or adding an item to the shopping cart. These actions are called as campaign goals of the advertiser.

The purpose of tracking the conversions is to know the success rate of your product or campaign. It can be used to track the number of actions like purchase, sign ups, submission of email addresses and number of goal page views. Any event which can help to know the success of the campaign can be tracked.

A JavaScript code has to be placed on any page in the website depending upon the conversion that needs to be tracked such as page views, Add to carts, sign ups, registrations, checkouts etc. Conversion rate tells about the conversion success of the campaign. It is the number of conversions divided by number of impressions. Higher the conversion rate higher is the success of campaign.

We can measure the performance of campaigns using the following parameters:

Return on Investment (ROI): It helps in calculating the revenue you have earned comparing the amount you have spent on the campaign

Keywords: You can track and categorize the best and worst performing keywords and plan accordingly for future campaigns.

Devices: You can track the best performing platform or the device by the actions done on each device like Desktop or mobile.


Following are the options available in Google Adwords to track the conversions:

Websites: This option is used to track when a customer completes an action on your website. The action could be making a purchase, signing up for a newsletter, clicking a button or any other action valuable to business a customer can take on your website.

Apps: This option helps you to track the number of installs on mobile or in –app action such as a purchase on different operating systems like Android and IOS.

Phones: This option helps to track when a customer calls you from a phone number in your ads or from a phone number on your website or when they click your phone number on your mobile website.

Imports: Using this option you can track when an ad click leads to a conversion offline. To do this you will have to import your conversions into Adwords by uploading a file or transmitting data through our API.

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