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10 Backlink Checker Tools every Digital Marketer Must Know

Backlinks play a crucial part and can’t be ignored when SEO is concerned for any type of business.

As per the article published in the Moz blog , it is said that quality backlinks can increase the SEO rankings.

The point here is getting backlinks is easy, but getting the quality one’s matters the most.

After the Google’s Penguin update implemented last year, many private blogs were destroyed because of the low-quality backlinks.

So let’s see what are Backlinks?

Backlinks are the ones which would be in the form of Clickable text/URL/image and redirects to another page when a user clicks it. In layman terms, it is all about publishing a clickable link of another website/ page in your website.

Why Backlinks?

Backlinks help in increasing the website ranking as it links one website to the other. If a website has a link that can lead visitors to another website, this can help to achieve higher rank in SEO.

Search Engines looks at the number of backlinks a website has –  this factor helps at the time of crawling, Google believes that the website is genuine as most of the people visit from another website.

It also looks for the relatable link in the article under which backlink is given and also checks the domain authority of the website where the backlink is hailing from. The quality of the backlink depends upon the domain authority of a particular website.

There are many ways to set backlinks, either by posting a link in the blog article or collaborating with a few other bloggers of the same niche and who has great Domain Authority and asking them to provide the backlink to the website.

Here are some of the backlink checker tools which help in checking the backlinks

1)    SEMRush

SEMRush is a single kit that helps the user to do everything needed for marketing. One can get the detailed report about the backlinks.

The wonderful thing about this tool is it has an extensive database which gets updated quickly so that a user can check the accurate backlink status. It also has a backlink comparison tool which helps to check the competitor’s backlinks and get a complete report about what is going on and which could be useful for the analysis.

2)    AHref Tool

This is the latest happening tool which helps the user to check how the site links are increasing or decreasing.

It also displays the percentage of anchor text that is displayed on the website.

It can be considered as the pure backlink checker tool as it provides the complete analysis on the number of dofollow backlinks, nofollow backlinks, links as text and image backlinks apart from the regular searches.

3)    BuzzSumo

This could be the most favoured tool for all the marketers.

The dashboard is easy to use and works well for all the websites and URLs. This allows webmasters to see the highest ranking pages on the given topic.

This tool is useful for potential outreach and SEO.

4)    Link

This tool is the fastest and advanced tool. It is the product of SEOProfiler.

This also helps in Link Diagnosis of as many pages as a user want to. No other free tool would provide as many links as this tool does.

5)    MOZ

This tool helps in finding the links which are broken. Along with the backlink it also displays the quality of that particular backlink.

It finds which is a bad backlink, spam links and also assists in helping in finding the rank and maintaining the rank which in turn maintains the business.

6)    Linkody

Linkody plays the crucial role in improving website ranking. This is a great tool in understanding any website including the competitor. There are metrics which can be tuned according to the results driven by the top for a certain webpage.

7)    Google Search Console

Google is the never-ending Search Engine and it stands first when it comes to rankings and SEO, that’s the reason why Google is the most used search Engine to date.

The Google Search Console help and user to register and monitor continuously.

8)    SERPStat

This is an excellent tool which helps in Multiple ways, right from keywords research, rank tracking, SEO Audit and competitor analysis.

It allows analyzing your backlink profile, monitoring new and lost backlinks, measuring the link’s authority, researching competitors backlinks, and exploring anchors.

9)    Backlink Watch

This is a versatile tool for finding backlinks as it has the ability to view the inbound links of the website, provides all other information about the existing domains, finding and referring the competitor’s website or domain which would be useful for analyzing and mending.

10)  SEO Spyglass

SEO Spyglass is a desktop software which runs on the PC, it is a great tool that provides thousands of results as it has a great database.

The database gets updated on a timely basis and there would be no error links provided with the results.

Are you using any of the above tools? Do we miss any? Comment and let us know!!

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