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How to Do SEO Audit in 20 minutes for a Website

Search Engine optimisation  is a Digital Marketing technique where is we use various Various SEO techniques to list our business top in the Google/ Bing Search Results. But due its complexity in implementation we should consider various aspects on a website that is designed by the web developer . So in order to implement SEO  or after implementing seo to analyze and diagnose the aspects of seo we must Audit the Website.

So we at Digital Nest had come up with few seo Audit Parameters which will ease the job of auditing the SEO and would help Freelancers or companies to judge the current situattion of the website , and can help them in preparing the quote copy for the client and also will help in allocating tasks to the SEO team

So here i have listed few Parameters which can help you to ease your Audit Process .

Landing Page :

Landing page should be designed considering three important aspects Design, Code and Content . if we are good at managing three aspects then doing SEO for any website would be easy .

Design Parameters:

Page Load Speed: 

Page load speed is very important factor when it comes to the design aspect of seo .The page load speed should be good. to check the page load speed you can use this tool provided by google Page Speed. you can paste the Url of each and every page and check its performance google will also suggest you the changes that are required in the suggestions column


The next Important Design Aspect is Site should be responsive. To check whether you site is responsive or not  there a google tool mobile friendly check

Non www to www :

Convert Website from Non www to www in order to avoid the spilt of ranking to covert we can use this tool 

Canonical Url: If there is a Duplicate Content in order to avoid we can use canonical tag in each page

File Name : check whether keyword is present in the file name

Code :


Each and every business Page should have a title, and it should be unique and see whether keywords are present in title or not

Meta Description:

Each and every business Page should have a Meta Description, and it should be unique and see whether keywords are present in title or not


Bread crumbs: bread crumbs add weightage to the seo, see if its present or not

Social Share Buttons:

Social presence is important so its always best option  to add social sharing buttons in the page


Atleast one keyword should be present in H1 tag and see that it is present in the first fold of the page

Keyword Density:

Check whether keywords are present in the content.

Internal Linking:

Internal linking is important in seo, link juice will help in building the rank

Embedding image:

(Alt Tag) : See if Alt tag is assigned to the images

Footer Optimization :

Check whether important page links are present in the footer and for local presence add Address in the footer

Back links :

There are many back link checking tools you can use any one among this to identify the potential bank links

Domain Authority :

Check the Domain authroirty

Webmaster Tools:

There are few settings in Webmaster tool account see whether they are properly configured.

Preferred Domain Setting : 

check whether proper option is selected either it should be display url as “” or non www only

Search Analytics : check the positions of pages how they are ranked for each keyword

Sitemap Submission:

Check whether Sitemap for crawler is submitted

Index status : See number of pages that are indexed by indexer , if any business page is missing repair the page and submit it to crawler

International Targeting: check whether country preference is selected or not

Keyword Significance: check content creation strategy

Google SERP Appearance for  local Results:

Do manual position Analysis for each keyword if you wanted to the ranking in that particular location

Interested in learning SEO or want your company website to be audited you can reach us by filling the form by clicking here