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What is Digital Marketing? A Complete Overview


Digital marketing is a way of using digital media to market products and services online. Here digital media includes text, graphics, images, and videos.
Digital Marketing is a procedure employed by businesses for promoting, branding, advertising, influencing and connecting to the consumers, through various channels, such as:
Search Engines: Google, Yahoo, Bing, Baidu
Social Media Platforms: Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat
Email: Gmail, Hotmail
Websites: Blogs, Word press


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If these questions are popping up in your head this article is all that you need!!!

Why Digital Marketing?

All the business and companies are moving online since 60% of the Indian population have access to the internet. It is easier for brands to reach the audience through media, email, and SMS. A digital marketer will plan online marketing campaigns to promote a brand or a business and hence, there will be many vacancies for the jobs related to digital marketing. The need for digital marketers is growing in the job market.

      Digital marketing has become the new way to market!

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The starting package of salary for both a digital marketing manager and digital marketing executive is about 3-4 lakhs per annum. Based on the skills and experience, a digital marketer can earn up to 2.5 lakhs per month.

Who can do Digital Marketing?

Anyone with an interest can learn Digital Marketing. From a 10th class student, housewife, college student to a free-lancer, entrepreneurs, sole proprietors, business people; can undergo a digital marketing course. Also, for people who wish to establish a start-up, switch their jobs or start something new post-retirement, taking up a digital marketing course can open-up new and in-demand opportunities.

Digital Marketing Industry

The digital marketing industry has a great scope in India as well as abroad. It comprises of a wide variety of career opportunities. Some of them are listed below:growth, digital marketing, growth in digital marketing industry, growing industry of digital marketing, jobs in digital marketing,

Social Media Marketing: This involves using social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, blogs to promote a business and to create a brand. A social media marketer creates social media campaigns for businesses or companies to reach customers. 42% of brands use social media marketing as their primary form of digital marketing. (Source: Socialbeat)

Search Engine Optimization: This involves optimizing a website to maximize traffic to the website. It is the work of the SEO specialist to make sure that the website appears amongst the top results of a search engine. By 2020, companies are likely to invest $7.9 billion on search engine optimization. (Source:imforza)

Lead Generation: This involves identifying and developing potential customers for the businesses’ products and services.

Content Writing: A content writer has expertise in proving relevant content for a website. Each website targets a different audience and the content must suit the needs of the chosen audience. 

Content Marketing: A content marketer simply promotes and distributes the content generated by a content writer, so that it generates the interest of the audience towards a brand/product/service. About 70% of the customers feel close to a firm because of content marketing. (Source: DemandMetric)

Google Ads: Google Ads provides an online platform to make ads, where advertisers can make their ads and pay to display them. It can be used to create display ads, video ads, text ads etc on it.

Website Development: This involves developing or creating a website or a webpage, with the help of coding and programming languages, like HTML, Php, Java etc.

Facebook Ads/ LinkedIn Ads: Facebook and LinkedIn provide a platform to do online advertising, advertisers can pay and display their adverts and campaign on both the platforms.

Video Marketing: video marketing is also called youtube marketing, it is helpful in increasing audience engagement because people usually watch videos more than reading blogs/posts.

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Email Marketing: Marketing can be done through emails, by sending them to the target audience, an email marketer can promote products or services via email templates or commercial messages, and send it to a group of people of a particular category.  (Source: Whizsky)


These are the best certificates one can obtain in digital marketing to become the top candidate for recruiters looking for talent in the digital marketing field.
1. Google AdWords Certificate: Google recognizes an individual as an efficient and expert in using Ad words.
2. Google Analytics Certification: Google recognizes an individual as an expert in using the google analytics tool with this certification. Google Analytics is a tool used by marketers to increase website traffic.
3. Hubspot Content Marketing Certification: Being a digital marketer one should know how to market content and how to implement a content marketing strategy. Hubspot certifies this skill.
4. Hubspot Inbound Marketing Certification: Inbound marketing simply involves drawing customer’s attention through content creation. And this skill is recognized by Hubspot.
5. Facebook Ad Certification: Here you learn how to create leads & campaigns on Facebook and how to promote a product or service.


In order to gain all these certifications and improve your resume simultaneously; it is important to take an all-inclusive digital marketing course which gives you advance training is digital marketing.


How Do I Learn Digital Marketing?

Digital Nest offers a variety to Digital Marketing certificate course, with flexible timings, both classroom and e-learning tutorials.