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6 Reasons Why You Should Learn Python in 2021

Have you wanted to take up the python language training, but unsure why you should do that? This article provides you a 360 degree approach on the importance of learning Python Programming Language in 2020. But what is python? why is it so popular?

Python Programming language is a general-purpose programming language, used to develop websites, games, software applications and operating systems. Learning the python course in 2020 is more of a necessity. Taking up this course aids you whether you are in school or a technology-management student or a working professional wanting to upskill for better job prospects. Python makes use of simple english language for coding leaving all the complex programming languages a run for money. There are multiple reasons why one should take up python training course, but below listed are 6 reasons you must enroll into a python course today!

1.One of the simplest programming languages

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Python is simple and easy to learn as it does not have any complicated syntax or tough rules. It gained its tag of “the most popular programming language” for beginners, due to its close resemblance to the English language. Naturally, the learning curve of Python is way shorter than that of any other language (Java, C, C++, etc.). Moreover, Python lets you head straight to your research part without worrying about the documentation.

Due to its simplicity, Python is widely used in the field of Data Science, web development, text processing, data analysis, statistical analysis, and building web applications among other things.

2. Portable, Flexible and Extensible

Python programming language is highly scalable and extensible. This flexibility of Python allows you to perform cross-language operations without any hassle. Not only can you integrate it with Java and .NET components, but you can also use Python to invoke C/C++ libraries.

This programming language is also the best portable language. For instance: In a case, the users have a python code for windows, and they want to execute it on a platform like Mac, UNIX, or Linus. They can do it without any amendment. Even they can run this code on any platform flawlessly and uninterruptedly.

Also, almost all modern platforms like Windows, Linux, Macintosh, Solaris, etc., support Python.

3. A Huge and an Active Community

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You need a community to learn a new technology and friends are your biggest asset when it comes to learning a programming language. The purpose of the python community is to lend a helping hand for a beginners.

Taking up a python course exposes you to a dynamic and well-knit community that you can rely on. In case of any coding-related issues, you can always seek help from the Python community. They are ever so eager to help people who have just begun. Due to the open-source language nature, there’s new progress everyday. Developers and coders develop new tools and libraries regularly that leads to contribution to the community for enriching the language.

4. Jobs and SalariesPython Developer Salary, Python programmer salary, python course, salary of a python programmer.

Python is growing fast and big time.  It makes sense to learn a growing programming language if you are just beginning your programming career. It wont only help you to bag a job quickly but will also accelerate your career.

Python is very popular in current times and also the fastest growing language. Moreover, IEEE Spectrum 2018, ranked Python language the first in top programming languages. Due to its popularity and multiple uses, Python developers are highly paid, especially in Machine learning, Web development and Data science fields.

If you are adept at Python, you can demand high salary in the industry. Since Python rules the entire technology industry, it promises a high growth graph with huge salary prospects. On average, the package of a python programmer can range from 70,000 USD to 150,000 USD depending upon their experience, location, and domain.

5. Computer Graphics

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The Python Computer Graphics is used in any domain wherein the users have to deal with any sort or kind of 3D data. Thus for visualization, Virtual Reality, photo-realistic images, or even games, Python is highly used, hence learning python course becomes all-the-more necessary in this dynamic technology driven generation.

It offers the basic functionality needed to write your tools to process 3D data. For instance, the cgtypes module is used or required to reveal the fundamental kinds for Computer Graphics like matrices, cri modules that have the entire RenderMan API to establish RIB files, and more.

With these modules, it becomes easier to keep a 3D scene in memory that can manipulate in Python.

6. Libraries and Frameworks

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One of the similarities between Python and Java is the sheer number of open source libraries, frameworks, and modules available to do whatever you want to do. It makes application development really easy. Just imagine creating a web application without Spring in Java or Django and Flask in Python. It makes your job simple as you only need to focus on business logic.

Python has numerous libraries for different needs. Django and Flask are two of the most popular for web development and NumPy and SciPy are for Data Science. In fact, Python has one of the best collections of machine learning and data science libraries like TensorFlow, Scikit-Learn, Keras, Pandas and many more.

Well, there you have six reasons to learn Python!

Python has emerged as the number one programming language in the industry, and if not now, then when will you take advantage of this?

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Sai Gayatri