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Digital Nest Offers Full Stack Python Training in Hyderabad. Python Course content is curated by real time experts. Digital Nest Institute Is located in Ameerpet & Madhapur which is close to IT Hub Of Hyderabad, India. We offer 100% placement Assistance to the students who opt for python course .

We also provide certification to the students after completion of the python Course. We are awarded as the best institute for python in Hyderabad.The python course trainers hail from top MNCs with immense knowledge, command over the programming language and hold years of experience in real time.

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Key Highlights of Python Course With Placement Assistance

   180+ Learning Hours

 Course is carefully designed and curated by real time Python industry experts

 Our Python Certification Course Trainers hold 15+ years of experience

 100% assured placement Assistance

 State of the art training center

 Dedicated placement team

 Certificate after completion of the course

  Trainer support after completion of the course

 Case study Approach

 Module-wise assessment tests to keep track of the student’s progress

  Real time project

  Backup Classes, Videos

 Relevant Real time examples

Exercises, assignments and handouts given after every session.

 Lab facility after class hours is available 

 Dedicated Batch Whatsapp group with trainer and Digital Nest Admin for easier flow of communication.

Learn From Experts

The Most Advanced Python

Program In India

Curriculum    |   Description    |   Training Modes    |   Reviews    |   FAQs

Python Training Syllabus

Core Python

1 : Python Basics
• What is Python
• Why Python?
• History of python
• Applications of Python
• Features of Python
• Advantages of Python
• Versions of Python
• Installation of Python
• Flavors of Python
• Comparision b/w various programming languages C, Java and Python

2 : Python Operations
• Python Modes of Execution
• Interactive mode of Execution
• Batch mode of Execution
• Python Editors and IDEs
• Python Data Types
• Python Constants
• Python Variables
• Comments in python
• Output Print(),function
• Input() Function :Accepting input
• Type Conversion
• Type(),Id() Functions
• Comments in Python
• Escape Sequences in Python
• Strings in Python
• String indices and slicing

3: Operators in python
• Arithmetic Operators
• Comparision Operators
• Logical Operators
• Assignment Operators
• Short Hand Assignment Operators
• Bitwise Operators
• Membership Operators
• Identity Operators

4: Python IDE’s
• Pycharm IDE Installation
• Working with Pycharm
• Pycharm components
• Installing Anaconda
• What is Conda?
• Anaconda Prompt
• Anaconda Navigator
• Jupyter Notebook
• Jupyter Features
• Spyder IDE
• Spyder Featueres
• Conda and PIP

5. Flow Control statements
• Block/clause
• Indentation in Python
• Conditional Statements
• if stmt
• if…else statement
• if…elif…statement

6. Looping Statements
• while loop,
• while … else,
• for loop
• Range() in for loop
• Nested for loop
• Break statememt
• Continue statement
• Pass statement

7. Strings in Python
• Creating Strings
• String indexing
• String slicing
• String Concatenation
• String Comparision
• String splitting and joining
• Finding Sub Strings
• String Case Change
• Split strings
• String methods

8. Collections in Python
• Introduction
• Lists
• Tuples
• Sets
• Dictionaries
• Operations on collections
• Functions for collections
• Methods of collection
• Nested collections
• Differences b/w list tuple and set and Dictionary

9. Python Lists
• List properties
• List Creation
• List indexing and slicing
• List Operations
• Nested Lists
• List modification
• List insertion and deletion
• List Methods

10. Python Tuples
• Tuple properties
• Tuple Creation
• Tuple indexing and slicing
• Tuple Operations
• Nested Tuples
• Tuple Methods
• Differences b/w List and Tuple

11. Python Sets
• Set properties
• Set Creation
• Set Operations
• Set Mathematical Operations
• Set Methods
• Insertion and Deletion operation

12. Python Dictionary
• Dictionary properties
• Dictionary Creation
• Dictionary Operations
• Dictionary Methods
• Insertion and Deletion of elements
• Differences b/w list tuple and set and Dictionary


Advance Python

13. Functions in Python
• Defining a function
• Calling a function
• Properties of Function
• Examples of Functions
• Categories of Functions
• Argument types
• default arguments
• non-default arguments
• keyword arguments
• non keyword arguments
• Variable Length Arguments
• Variables scope
• Call by value and Call by Reference
• Passing collections to function
• Local and Global variables
• Recursive Function
• Boolean Function
• Passing functions to function
• Anonymous or Lamda function
• Filter() and map() functions

14. Modules in Python
• What is a module?
• Different types of module
• Creating user defined module
• Setting path
• The import statement
• Normal Import
• From … Import
• Module Aliases
• Dir function
• Working with Standard modules -Math, Random, Date time and os modules

15. Packages
• Introduction to packages
• Defining packages
• Importing from packages
• –init–.py file
• Defining sub packages
• Importing from sub packages

16.Errors and Exception Handling
• Types of errors
• Compile-Time Errors
• Run-Time Errors
• What is Exception?
• Need of Exception handling
• Predefined Exceptions
• Try,Except, finally blocks
• Nested blocks
• Handling Multiple Exceptions
• User defined Exceptions
• Raise statement

17. File Handling
• Introduction
• Types of Files in Python
• Opening a file
• Closing a file
• Writing data to files
• Tell( ) and seek( ) methods
• Reading a data from files
• Appending data to files
• With open stmt
• Various functions

18. OOPs concepts
• OOPS Features
• Encapsulation
• Abstraction
• Class
• Object
• Static and non static variables
• Defining methods
• Diff b/w functions & methods
• Constructors
• Parameterized Constructors
• Built –in attributes
• Object Reference count
• Destructor
• Garbage Collection
• Inheritance
• Types of Inheritances
• Polymorphism
• Over riding
• Super() statement

19. Regular Expressions
• What is regular expression? Special characters
• Forming regular expression
• Compiling regular expressions
• Grouping
• Match() function
• Search() function
• Matching vs searching
• Splitting a string
• Replacing text
• validations

20. Database Access
• Introduction
• Installing Oracle database
• Creating database users,
• Installing Oracle Python modules
• Establishing connection with oracle
• Closing database connections
• Cursor object
• Executing SQL queries
• Retrieving data from Database.
• Using bind variables executing SQL queries
• Transaction Management
• Handling errors

21. Python Date and Time
• How to Use Date & DateTime Class
• Time and date Objects
• Calendar in Python
• The Time Module
• Python Calendar Module

22. Operating System Module
• Introduction
• getcwd
• listdir
• chdir
• mkdir
• rename file/dir
• remove file/dir
• Os help
• Os operations

23. Advanced concepts
• Python Iterator
• Python Generator
• Python closure
• Python Decorators
• Web Scraping
• Working with CSV files
• Working with XML files
• Working with JSON files
• Debugging

24. GUI Programming
• Introduction
• Components and events
• Root window
• Fonts and colors
• Buttons ,checkbox
• Label widget
• Message widget
• Text widget
• image

25. Data analytics
• Introduction
• pandas module
• Numpy module
• Matplotlib module
• Working Examples

26. Excel workbook
• Installing and working with Xlsx writer
• Creating Excel Work book
• Inserting into excel sheet
• Insetting data into multiple excel sheets
• Creating headers
• Installing and working with xlrd module
• Reading a specific cell or row or column
• Reading specific rows and columns


Web Development

• Introduction to WEB
• HTML Basic Tags
• HTML Formatting Tags
• HTML Lists
• HTML Tables
• HTML Images
• HTML Anchors
• HTML Forms
• HTML Input Elements
• HTML Form Attributes
• HTML Frames
• HTML5 Drag/Drop
• HTML Canvas
• HTML Multimedia

• CSS Basics
• CSS Introduction
• CSS Syntaxes
• CSS Styling,
• Styling Backgrounds
• Styling Fonts,
• Styling Links,
• Styling Lists
• Styling Tables
• CSS Borders
• CSS Selectors
• CSS Fonts
• CSS Text Effects
• CSS Backgrounds
• CSS keyframes Rule
• CSS Multiple Columns
• CSS 2D Transforms
• CSS 3D Transforms
• CSS Transitions
• CSS Animations
• CSS User Interface

• Bootstrap Introduction
• Bootstrap Images
• Bootstrap Tables
• Bootstrap Forms
• Bootstrap Dropdowns
• Bootstrap Buttons
• Bootstrap Button Groups
• Bootstrap Helper Classes
• Bootstrap Panels
• Bootstrap Alerts
• Bootstrap Panels
• Bootstrap Plugins Overview

• SQL Introduction
• Installing a Database
• Creating database
• Creating Tables
• insertions
• deletions
• updations
• Groupings and Aggregations
• Eliminating Duplicates
• Filtering• ordering
• merging tables
• Horizontal Merging
• Vertical Merging
• Types of Joins
• Various Built-in Functions
• working with queries
• Sub-queries

Java Script:

  • What is Script? Types of Scripts?
  • Introduction to JavaScript
  • Comments and Types of Comments
  • Popup Boxes
  • Variables & Operators
  • JavaScript Functions and Events
  • Conditional Statements
  • Looping Control Statements


Django Framework

• What is Django?
• Why Django? Key Advantages
• History of Django
• Features of Django
• Characteristics of Django
• Companies Using Django
• Difference b/w MVC and MVT
• Models Views and Templates

• What is a Web Framework?
• What is a server?
• HTTP Requests and HTTP Responses
• What is a web framework ?
• What is a web application?
• Steps in Developing web application.

• Django Architecture
• Django Installation
• Virtual Environment
• Working with Pycharm
• Working with ATOM
• Developing First Django Application

• Exploring,
• Exploring
• Exploring,
• Exploring,
• Exploring,
• Exploring,
• Application creations and Examples

• steps in Application creation
• Working with views
• Working with HTML and CSS
• Working with Bootstrap
• Django Application creation in Atom
• Django Application creation in Pycharm
• project with multiple Applications
• Reusing a Application in different projects
• working with staticfiles

• Requesting a web page via URL
• Rendering web page via view function
• Render HttpResponse to templates
• Application with multiple views
• Understanding context object and dictionary type
• GET and POST methods

• Template tags
• Template Filters
• Template API
• Passing Dynamic content to template file
• Passing multiple dict values to template
• Loading static files
• Adding image file to template
• Advanced Templates
• Template library
• custom template filter
• custom templates tags
• Registering the tags

• Activating the Admin interface
• Creating super user for Admin site
• Using the Admin site
• How to use the Admin site

• working with models and databases
• Defining Models
• Model Fields
• Defining forms
• ModelForms
• makemigrations and migrate
• Registering models in
• Registering models with Admin site
• Connecting with sqlite3
• Connecting with MySQL
• Connecting with Oracle

• Django ORM
• Faker Module
• Class based views
• Form validation
• Rendering forms
• crispy forms
• MultiselectField
• Embeded Video
• Uploading and downloading Files
• Working with Audio and video
• Integrating with legacy databases and applications
• Sessions users Registrations
• Security
• Django Deployment
• Other Contributed Frameworks

Python For Data Science

Introduction to Datascience

  •  Machine Learning Introduction
  • Datasets
  • Supervised /Unsupervised Learning
  • Statistical Analysis
  •  Data Analysis
  •  Uni-variate/multi-variate analysis
  •  Corelation Analysis
  •  Algorithm types
  •  Applications

Python Matplotlib

  • Introduction to matplolib
  • Installing matplotlib
  • Generating graphs
  •  Generating Bargraphs
  •  Histograms
  •  Scatter plots
  •  Stack plots
  •  Pie plots

Pandas – Introduction
Pandas – Environment Setup

  • Series
  •  DataFrame
  •  Data Type of Columns
  •  Panel

Pandas — Series

  • Series
  •  Create an Empty Series
  •  Create a Series f
  •  from ndarray
  •  from dict
  •  Accessing Data from Series with Position
  •  Retrieve Data Using Label (Index)

Pandas – DataFrame

  • DataFrame
  •  Create DataFrame
  •  Create an Empty DataFrame
  •  Create a DataFrame from Lists
  •  Create a DataFrame from Dict of ndarrays / Lists
  •  Create a DataFrame from List of Dicts
  •  Create a DataFrame from Dict of Series
  •  Column Selection
  •  Column Addition
  •  Column Deletion
  •  Row Selection, Addition, and Deletion
  •  Pandas – Panel


  •  Create Panel
  •  Selecting the Data from Panel
    Pandas – Working with Text Data
    Pandas – Indexing and Selecting Data
  • loc()
  • .iloc()
  •  Use of Notations

Pandas – Aggregations

  • Applying Aggregations on DataFrame

Pandas – Missing Data

  •  Cleaning / Filling Missing Data
  •  Replace NaN with a Scalar Value
  •  Fill NA Forward and Backward
  •  Drop Missing Values

Replace Missing (or) Generic Values

  • Pandas – GroupBy
  •  Split Data into Groups
  •  View Groups
  •  Iterating through Groups
  •  Select a Group
  •  Aggregations
  •  Transformations
  •  Filtration

Pandas – Merging/Joining

  • Merge Using ‘how’ Arguments
  • Pandas – Concatenation
  •  Concatenating Objects


  • Pandas – Merging/Joining
    • Merge Using ‘how’ Arguments
    • Pandas – Concatenation

    Pandas – Concatenation

    • Concatenating Objects
    • Time Series

    Pandas – Date Functionality

    Pandas – Timedelta

    Pandas – Categorical Data

    • Object Creation

    Pandas – Visualization

    • Bar Plot
    • Histograms
    • Box Plots
    • Area Plot
    • Scatter Plot
    • Pie Chart

    Pandas – IO Tools

    • csv

    Pandas – Comparison with SQL







    • Data Type Objects (dtype)


    • shape
    • ndim
    • itemsize
    • flags


    • empty
    • zeros


    • arange
    • linspace



    • Integer Indexing
    • Boolean Array Indexing


    • Iteration
    • Order
    • Modifying Array Values
    • External Loop


    • reshape
    • ndarray.flat
    • ndarray.flatten
    • ravel
    • transpose
    • ndarray.T
    • swapaxes
    • rollaxis
    • broadcast
    • broadcast_to
    • expand_dims
    • squeeze
    • concatenate
    • stack
    • hstack and numpy.vstack
    • split
    • hsplit and numpy.vsplit
    • resize
    • append
    • insert
    • delete
    • unique

    • bitwise_and
    • bitwise_or
    • invert()
    • left_shift
    • right_shift



    • Trigonometric Functions
    • Functions for Rounding


    • reciprocal()
    • power()
    • mod()


    • amin() and numpy.amax()
    • ptp()
    • percentile()
    • median()
    • mean()
    • average()
    • Standard Deviation
    • Variance


    • sort()
    • argsort()
    • lexsort()
    • argmax() and numpy.argmin()
    • nonzero()
    • where()
    • extract()


    • ndarray.byteswap()


  • No Copy
  • View or Shallow Copy
  • Deep Copy


  • empty()
  • matlib.zeros()
  • matlib.ones()
  • matlib.eye()
  • matlib.identity()
  • matlib.rand()


  • dot()
  • vdot()
  • inner()
  • matmul()
  • Determinant
  • linalg.solve()


  • Sine Wave Plot
  • subplot()
  • bar()


  • histogram()
  • plt()


  • save()
  • savetxt()




Python Training in Hyderabad with Placements 

 Do you have a question about the most trending technical course in Hyderabad and elsewhere, then Python is the ultimate answer. Python is a general-purpose interpreted, object-oriented, interactive and high level programming language. Python course will allow you to have a fully versatile and widely used programming language in today’s technical industry. 

Full Stack Python Course provides flexibility to code. Python is used in many applications such as web development, hacking, robotics, automations, analytics, machine learning and data science related applications. Python is the official language of Google. It is predominantly used in Video making, Desktop, GUI, Software Development and Web Development.

 We at Digital Nest Hyderabad, the best and top training institute in Hyderabad for Python Course will provide you with the required python training and hone you with the best of best Full Stack Python skills under Python training. When compared to other training centres in Ameerpet and Hyderabad for Python Training, we definitely stand ahead because of all the perks that are given here at Digital Nest, Hyderabad followed by Full Stack Python Certification which will not only enhance your career but will also help you climb the Python ladder.

 To keep up with the industry standards, we at Digital Nest, the best Training Institute for Full Stack Python Course in Hyderabad came up with a carefully curated Python curriculum for Python aspirants. The importance of Python was stated in, The Economist Article and they stated, Python has overtaken French as the most popular language taught in primary schools, with 6 out of 10 parents.

 It’s interesting but there is a poem written by Tim Peters named “The Zen of Python. This year, Google users searched for Python more than Kim Kardashian, and Python searches regularly even outstrip searches for Donald Trump. This is the demand of Python Course.

At Digital Nest, Hyderabad we offer the  Full Stack Python certification course keeping two of the main industry applications in mind, Python for Data Science and Python for Web Development. Infact the Python Course popularity is at its zenith because it’s being used by companies like Spotify, Instagram and Youtube.

We at Digital Nest, Hyderabad have a dedicated placement team and will guide you in the right direction and help you land in best of best Python placement opportunities after Python Training not only in Hyderabad but also for other states, etc. We also provide required placement assistance followed by Certification and proper Full Stack Python Training.

From the ground curriculum to attending the Interview, we at Digital Nest, Hyderabad, best Training institute for Full Stack Python Certification, will assist you in your placement pathway. Yes you heard it right, join the Full Stack Python Certification at Digital Nest and reward your career with the best of best placements.

Our Full Stack Python Certification is not just limited to Hyderabad individuals. In order to enhance our Full Stack Python training beyond the borders, we provide our Python aspirants with E-learning facility and access to recorded sessions as well at Digital Nest, Hyderabad.

We provide placement assistance for other states and big companies as well. We at Digital Nest receive an ample amount of openings for Python aspirants. Get trained for Python Course in Hyderabad at Digital Nest, Madhapur and skyrocket your career and welcome a new digital future and award yourself with a gamut of placement opportunities.


Do you know the significance of Python Training? Learning a Python course for Data Science in Hyderabad has become necessary today. In 2016, Python language overtook R- Language on Kaggle ( most popular platform for conducting data science contests), in 2019 66% data scientists claimed to be using python for their analytics regularly. These reports only point out the dire need to learn python courses for data science.

The python course training that we offer at Digital Nest, Hyderabad  is therefore designed to cover various aspects like the python programming environment which includes fundamental python programming techniques like lambdas, reading and manipulating .csv files and numpy library. 

Techniques for data manipulation and cleaning are very popular. It uses python pandas data science library. The course also introduces the abstraction of the series & data frame for data analysis. This forms the central data structures for performing data analysis. 

Also, Full Stack Python teaches how to use group by, merge and pivot table functions properly and effectively. The Full Stack Python course is designed in such a way that by the end of this module, the student will be confident enough to work on tabular data and perform functions like cleaning, manipulation and running basic inferential statistical analysis practically.

We are here to empower your Future. Become a Future-ready Python Expert. Let’s learn and give wings to your dreams. Lets unlock your career path.

Advantages of learning Python certification course:

  • Python is the simplest and beginner friendly programming language.
  • Learning a Python certification course from a top python training institute can boost your resume with excellent placement opportunities.
  • By learning the python course, you can stay ahead of the race even before you complete graduation and bag that campus placement easily.
  • Learning Python at Digital Nest will expose you to the industry level training experience.
  • Gain experience in the python programming language by practically implementing and running codes with the help of timely assignments and assessments to keep your progress on track.
  • Gain Python certification with 100% placement assistance.

We encourage our students to actively participate and implement their Business ideas and qualified guidance is assured by our Python Trainers. We operate in three learning centers viz. Ameerpet, Panjagutta and Madhapur in Hyderabad, India. Our Corporate office is based in Madhapur, Hitech City, India. 

Along With Full Stack Python Training, we also commenced various courses like Data Science Training, Big Data Analytics, Microsoft Azure Training, AWS Training, DevOps Training, Digital Marketing,, RPA Training & Salesforce Training and Post graduate diploma programmes – PGP in Digital Marketing, PGP in Data Science and PGP in Cloud Computing in Madhapur Branch at Hyderabad, India

Taking Python course training for web development is a much-in-demand course, which is used for the development of large-scale web applications. With utilization of Python, one can easily develop anything. Popular social media applications like Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, etc. were developed using python, which is impossible to build with other languages like .NET and PHP. Python comes with many extra features that are efficient for all conditions and platforms, hence it has earned the name of a ‘general-purpose’ programming language.

Python Training Modes

Digital Nest offers Classroom Training sessions for python course in hyderabad at our hitech city & madhapur branches 

We teach Courses online Using tools like zoom, Microsoft Teams

How E-Learning Works?

We have recorded videos of the trainer . This videos were recorded while taking the class. We kept in mind that student should feel the classroom environment while training. we request you to take a trail session. if you are satisfied you can take up the course.

For trail session and more information you can contact digital nest sales team on +91-8088998664 or write us at

We offer special Training for Companies we first understand the company, its services and we will diagnose the present marketing practices and then we prepare a customized curriculum that suits to the needs of that particular company.

For Corporate training you can Reach our Sales Team at +91-8088998664 or you can also write to us at

FAQ’s Of Python Course In Hyderabad

  • image/svg+xml image/svg+xml
    What is Python?

    Python is popularly called “general-purpose” programming language as it is used in many fields that involve technology. It was created by Guido van Rossum and introduced to the world in 1991. The main intent of creating python was to enable code readability unlike other programming languages.

  • image/svg+xml image/svg+xml
    Who Can Learn Python?
    Age-wise, anyone from 5th grade in school upto the age of 60/70 years old can learn the Python course in hyderabad. Irrespective of the education background, if you take interest in building applications/video games, or want to advance in the field of data science, learning python course will aid you in achieveing your goal.
  • image/svg+xml image/svg+xml
    Can a beginner Learn Python?
    If you are new to the programming world, taking up our python coaching classes in ameerpet or madhapur as your first programming language is the best option. Due to the ease at which you can code using python and our expert trainers support, it is extremely beginner friendly unlike C, C++,etc.
  • image/svg+xml image/svg+xml
    Who are eligible for Python Course?
    Any student who wants to propel their career in the field of building web applications, video games, data science, data analysis can take this Python Course Training in Hyderabad. Along with beginners such as fresh graduates, professionals who work as System Engineers, Software Developers, ETL Professionals, Analytical Professionals, Big Data Professionals, Network and communication professional that require to process a lot of data can also take up Python Course in Hyderabad
  • image/svg+xml image/svg+xml
    What are the pre-requisites of Python Course?
    There are no pre–requisites to learn python course. Anyone seeking a future in technology based industry can learn python programming.
  • image/svg+xml image/svg+xml
    What are the real life applications of Python?
    Python language has a vast applications base, few of them are: 1. Web development, 2. Application development, 3. Desktop graphic user interface, 4. Business level applications, 5. Games development, 6) Image processing, 7. Graphic design applications, etc.
  • image/svg+xml image/svg+xml
    Will I receive a certificate upon completion of the course?
    Digital Nest, being the top python coaching classes in hyderabad provides the Certificate at the end of the python course
  • image/svg+xml image/svg+xml
    Which do you rate the top python institute between your two branches?
    Digital Nest offers in two locations only in Hyderabad. 1) Python course near Ameerpet and 2) Python course near madhapur with placements assistance together. Our previous students have rated both our branches as the best python institute as we provide one of a kind training and learning experience.
  • image/svg+xml image/svg+xml
    Do you provide placements after the course?
    Yes, 100% placement assistance will be provided only upon the completion of the python certification course in Madhapur and Ameerpet branches.
  • image/svg+xml image/svg+xml
    What is the python course duration?

     Digital nest provides a 6 months python course with the best faculty with real-time projects. 

  • image/svg+xml image/svg+xml
    What is the Python course fee?

     Get the Python course at the best cost at the digital nest and we had an EMI option to pay the Python course fee.

  • image/svg+xml image/svg+xml
    Is Python enough to get a job?

    Yes, Digital nest gives you the knowledge of higher level skills, which are in high demand.

Get Python Course Completion Certificate

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Alumni Testimonials

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Digital nest is the best institute to learn python course in Hyderabad,with 100%placements & certification, Learn Python course from experts, with our courses and tutorials. Python is a powerful, easy-to-learn programming language.

Lakshmanarao | Python Trainee

Team Lead , Tech Mahindra

Digital Nest is the best institute for the Python course in Hyderabad, they provide Python programming courses with real-time projects. I had the best experience learning python course certification programming in Digital Nest. The trainers in Digital nest are python experts, they care about you personally in Python course training. They provide 100% placement assistance in Python courses.

Deshna Vemula | Python Trainee


It is worth to join in digital nest one of the best platform to learn python course. Knowledge given by the trainer is very useful to build the career. Sir explains each and every logic in program and boosts our confidence level to code ourself. Thank you Vijay Sunder Sagar sir and digital nest…..

Bhargavi | Python Trainee


Digital nest is a one of best Institute for Python training.  Trainer has in depth knowledge about all the Python modules, the subject I gained I am sure i might have not got from any other institute, he gave more than 100+ coding examples. I highly recommend Digital Nest for Python training in Hyderabad
Ujwal | Python Trainee


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