RPA Training in Hyderabad

RPA - Robotic Process Automation automates repetitive human tasks in an organization with the guidance of various tools and techniques while also using machine learning and artificial intelligence. RPA can automate a series of functions such as front-end tasks, infrastructural tasks, and back end processes that are repetitive in an organization. With the spurring interest in the market, RPA Training in Hyderabad is offered by Digital Nest, which specializes in training RPA courses on tools like Blue Prism Training, UI Path training, and Automation anywhere.

The RPA works to interact with the present IT setup, without any requirement of further complicated integration. This automation can run on any of the user's devices like the laptop, PC, or even a mobile/smartphone. The main goal of RPA in the organization is to eliminate the use of repetitive tasks and replace them with a tireless, accurate, and highly efficient virtual workforce. 

DHL is one of the many companies that adopted RPA and saw a visible change in the ROI. Many more organizations are stepping forward and implementing RPA due to evident benefits of replacing the human with virtual bots. The benefits of implementing RPA are Cost-effective setup; it lowers the operational/functional risks, increased quality, and accuracy, low/no errors in functional tasks, highly scalable, drops in the amount of workload, less time consuming, increased productivity, and last but not least, highly improved business results. 

As more organizations turn to integrate RPA in their businesses, it calls for professionals trained in the RPA and possess skills in automation and streamlining the business processes virtually. Through RPA training tools such as UI path, Blue Prism, and Automation Anywhere, you learn how to automate repetitive tasks, increase quality and accuracy, build cost effective virtual processes with no human intervention. The RPA course trains on decreasing workload and increase customer satisfaction with less to no errors.  

With all these and more benefits to the organizations, companies are hunting for professionals certified in the RPA certification course. This demand has pushed professionals and fresher alike to take up RPA training in HyderabadDigital Nest thus took upon this opportunity to add the RPA training under the umbrella of other courses. We have seen a great demand for RPA training in Madhapur branch and Panjagutta branch as well. 

Catering to the ongoing demand for the RPA course, we have aesthetically designed and curated the RPA course structure to suit the industry standards. This RPA certification course that we offer will expose the students to an undiscovered sphere of knowledge. We aim to enlighten the students enrolled with us with the in-depth industry-level learning experience, exercises, assignments, and regular assessment tests to track their progress. 

The RPA course trainers are real-time industry experts in Hyderabad that hail from tech giants like Tech Mahindra, Infosys, Deloitte. These trainers have 10+ years of experience in dealing with various Tools and techniques, especially in automations.

Digital Nest offers the RPA Course in Hyderabad at two prime locations at Hitech city and Panjagutta, which is very close to the training hub called Ameerpet.

Along with RPA training, we also offer other certification courses like Digital Marketing TrainingData Science Training, Big Data Training, and Python Training in Madhapur and Panjagutta Branches in Hyderabad, India

RPA Tools

Few of the RPA tools are :

  • Blue Prism
  • UI Path
  • Automation Anywhere
  • Redwood
  • Workfusion 
  • Pega
  • Contexter

Advantages of RPA course in Hyderabad

  • Enhance the customer experience.
  • Facilitate better management.
  • Great job opportunities
  • Boosts your resume
  • highly scalable and accurate.

RPA Course Highlights

We go beyond Training !!

  • The course is carefully designed and curated by real-time RPA industry experts
  • Our RPA Certification Course Trainers hold 10+ years of experience
  • 100% assured placement Assistance
  • State of the art training center
  • Dedicated placement team
  • Case study Approach
  • Module-wise assessment tests to keep track of the student's progress.
  • Relevant Real-time examples
  • Exercises, assignments, and handouts are given after every session.
  • Certificate after completion of the course
  • Lab facility after class hours is available 
  • Trainer support after completion of the course
  • Dedicated Batch Whatsapp group with the trainer and Digital Nest Admin for a more effortless flow of communication. 

RPA Course Structure

Curriculum designed by subject matter experts in RPA


1Introduction to RPA
  • What is RPA?
  • RPA Evolution
  • Scope of RPA
  • How RPA Works?
  • Advantages of RPA
  • Tools Available in Market
  • Why UI path?
  • UI Path Product Suite
  • Introduction to UI Path
  • About Automation Projects
  • UI Path User Interface
  • Managing Activities Package
  • Introduction to Automation Debuggging
  • Connecting to Source Control System
  • About Third Party Extensions
  • Variables and Data Types
  • Introduction to Variables
  • Types of Variables
    • Text Variables
    • True or false variables
    • Generic Variables
    • Date and Time Variables
    • Number Variables
    • Array Variables
    • Data Table Variables
    • Dictionary and Lists etc.,
  • Scope
  • Naming Best Practices
  • Introduction to Arguments
  • Types of Arguments
    • In
    • Out
    • In/Out
    Control Flow
  • Introduction to Control Flow
  • If/Else Statements
  • Loops
    • While
    • Do While
    • For Each
    • Flow Switch and Flow Decision Activities
  • Introduction to Recorders
  • Types of Recorders
    • Basic
    • Desktop
    • Web
    • Image
    Advanced UI Interaction & Common Properties of Activities
  • Continue on Error
  • Delay Before
  • Delay After
  • Input Pane
  • Output Pane
  • Selector
  • Wait for Ready
  • Time Out
  • Interactive Methods
    • Default
    • Simulate
    • Send Windows Messages
    Data Manipulation
  • Data Format Using String Functions
  • Data Format Using Date Time Functions
  • Generic Data Format
  • Selectors
  • Introduction to Selectors
  • Defining Stable Selector
  • Wildcards
  • Use of Variable in Selectors
  • Scraping Methods
  • Screen Scraping Wizard
  • Scraping Methods
    • Full Text
    • Native
    • OCR
    • Data Scraping Wizard
    Image and Text Automation
  • Citrix Recorder
  • Image Automation
  • Text Automation
  • Excel and Data Tables
  • Introduction to Excel Activities
  • Data Table Manipulators
  • Advance Operations
  • PDF Automation
  • Introduction to PDF Automation
  • Activities
  • Email Automation
  • Introduction to Email Automation
    • Outlook
    • Gmail
    • Exchange
    • SMTP
    Debugging and Exception Handling
  • Introduction to Exception Handling
  • Activities used for Exception Handling
    • Try Catch
    • Throw
    • Re throw Logging Mechanism
    Project Organization
  • Best Practices
  • Introduction to RE Framework
  • Orchestrator
  • Introduction to Orchestrator
  • Orchestrator
  • Provision a Robot
  • Publish a Workflow
  • Environments
  • Version Control
  • Orchestrator
  • Scheduler
  • Process
  • Assets
  • Orchestrator
  • Queues
  • Activities for Queues
  • Orchestrator
  • API Concepts
  • Projects & Assignments


  • Installation and Configuration of Blueprism
  • Overview of Blueprism tool
  • Overview on Object Process Studios
  • Differences B/W Object and Process
  • Brief explanation on Stages in Process Studio
  • Build couple of scenarios IN process Studio using available stages
    • Generate PAN Number
    • Define Emp Hike
  • Object Studio
  • Build reusable object for calculator
    • (Application Modler, Spy Modes, Attribute Selection)
  • Build Process using Re-usable objects
  • Difference B/W VBO's Internal Business Objects
  • Inputs and Outputs
  • MS Excel VBO
  • Utility Manipulation Collection VBO
  • Data SQL Server VBO
  • Case Management (Work Queues)
  • Mark Completed and Mark Exception
  • Tags, Priorities, Defer until attempts
  • Generate Work Que Report
  • Exception Handling (Recovery Mode, Exception Bubbling, Retry Logic)
  • Outlook Automation
  • sMTP/POP3 Server Config using Gmail
  • How to use Dynamic Attributes
  • Data OLEDB VBO
  • Webservices concept
    • How to Consume SOAP and REST API’s
    • How to Expose BP process and Objects as Web API’s
  • Environment and Session variables
  • Environment Locking
  • Session Management
  • Scheduler (Custom Calender's)
  • Credential Management
  • Login Agent
  • How to use Code Stage and when to use it
  • Release Manager
  • Global Send keys and Events
  • Multi Bot Architecture
  • Multi team Environment
  • SAP Automation
  • Surface Automation( Region Mode)
  • Project Explanation
  • Resume Preparation
  • Interview Scenarios(Real time challenges)

    1Introduction to Automation Anywhere
    • Client Dashboard
    • Folders Panel
    • Task List Panel
    • Features Panel
    • Task Relevant Activities Panel
    Preparing and Installing the Automation Anywhere Client Recording, Editing and Running Tasks
    • Recording an Automated Task
    • Creating a Shortcut for a Task on Desktop
    • Running Your Recorded Tasks
    • Stopping a Running Task
    • Adding Properties to a Task
    Web Recorder and Object Recorder
    • Extracting Regular Web Data
    • Extracting Pattern-Based Data
    • Extracting Table Data
    • Using the Standard Recorder
    • Using the Object Recorder
    Task Creation and Using of Task list
    • Run  Edit
    • Upload Task
    • Copy Task
    • Rename
    • Locate on Disk
    • Send To: Send
    • Create EXE
    • Delete
    Viewing and Setting General Properties
    • General Properties - An Overview
    • Repeating a Task
    • Adjusting the Speed of a Task
    • Sending Email Notifications for a Task
    • Setting up Hotkeys for a Task
    • Setting Security Features for a Task
    • Scheduling Tasks to Run
    • Scheduling Tasks Using the Scheduler
    • Using the Schedule Manager
    • Scheduling Tasks Using Triggers
    • Adding Triggers to a Task
    • Using the Trigger Manager
    • Debugging Tasks
    Task Editor Components
    • Commands panel
    • Task Actions List
    • Error View and Variable Manager Panel
    • Action buttons
    • Filters
    • Variable Manager
    • Using Filters in the Task Editor
    Automation Anywhere Commands
    • Active Directory Command
    • App Integration Command
    • Clipboard Command
    • Comment Command
    • Database Command
    • Delay/Wait Commands
    • Email Automation Command
    • Error Handling Command
    • Excel Command
    • File and Folder Commands
    • FTP/SFTP Command
    • IF/ELSE Command
    • Image Recognition Command
    • Insert Keystrokes Command
    • Internet Connection Command
    • Launch Website Command
    • Log-to-File Command
    • Loop Command
    • Manage Windows Controls Command
    • Message Box Command
    • Object Cloning Command
    • OCR Command
    • Open Program/File Command
    • Pause Command
    • PDF Integration Command
    • PGP Command
    • Play Sound Command
    • Printer Settings Command
    • Prompt Command
    • Read from CSV/Text Command
    • Run Script Command
    • Run Task Command
    • Screen Capture Command
    • Send Email Command
    • Services Command
    • SNMP Command
    • String Operation Command
    • System Command
    • Terminal Emulator Command
    • Variable Operation Command
    • Web Recorder Command
    • Web Service Command
    • Windows Actions Command
    • XML Command
    • Active Directory Command
    • Change Window Title Command
    • Delay Command
    • FTP (File Transfer Protocol)/SFTP (Secure FTP) Command
    Use of Variables
    • Passing a Variable between Running Tasks
    • Using Variables with IF-Else and LOOP Commands
    • Types of Variables
    • Local (User) Variables
    • Pre-Defined User Variables
    • System Variables
    • Working with Variables
    • Using the Variable Manager
    • Creating a New Local Variable
    • Editing a Variable
    • Copying a Variable
    • Deleting a Variable
    • Adding Variables to a Task
    • Variable Operation: Assign
    • Variable Operation: Assign
    • Reading Variables from an External File
    • Watching Variables
    • Using Variables to Create Timestamps for Your Files
    • Passing a Variable to a VB Script
    Customizing an Automation Anywhere Client
    • Using the Auto Login Option
    • Setting up Email Notifications
    • Defining Client Hotkeys
    • Setting View Options
    • Using Advanced Settings
    • Using Run-Time Settings
    • Using ROI Settings
    • Using Server Settings
    • Customizing the Task List View
    • Running Tasks in Parallel Using the Multi Task Designer
    • Using Snap Point
    Using the Report Designer
    • Running Reports
    • Saving Reports
    • Sending Email Notifications for Reports
    • Scheduling a Report to Run
    • Triggering a Report to Run
    • Viewing a Report Graphically
    • Using the Workflow Designer
    • Using the ROI Calculator
    Introduction of Control Room Control Room Overview
    • Dashboard
    • Repository Manager
    • Operations Room
    • Users Management
    • Audit Trial
    • Task Schedules
    • Security
    • Clients
    • Credential Manager
    • App Management
    Introduction of IQ Bots, Meta Bots & Task Bots. IQ Bots, Meta Bots & Task Bots overview
    • Creating IQ Bots
    • Creating Meta Bots
    • Creating Task Bot to consume Meta Bot & IQ Bot.

    RPA Training Schedule

    7AM to 9PM, 9 Batches, 2 Centers at your Flexible Timings with E-learning & Online options

    7AM to 9am (IST) (Mon-Fri)
    11AM to 1PM (IST) (Mon-Fri)
    7PM to 9PM (IST) (Mon-Fri)

    *IST:: Indian Standard Time

    Location: Madhapur & Panjagutta
    10AM to 2PM (IST)
    Saturday & Sunday
    8am to 12pm (IST)
    12pm to 3pm (IST)
    3pm to 6pm (IST)
    6pm to 9pm (IST)
    10pm to 1pm (IST)
    Saturday & Sunday
    7am to 9am (IST) (Mon-Fri)
    5am to 7am(IST) (Mon-Fri)
    2pm to 4pm(IST)
    7pm to 9pm (IST) (Mon-Fri)
    *IST = Indian Standard Time

    How E-Learning Works?

    We have recorded videos of the trainer. This videos were recorded while taking the class. We kept in mind that student should feel the classroom environment while training. We request you to take a trail session. If you are satisfied you can take up the course.

    For trail session and more information you can contact digital nest sales team on +91-8088998664or write us at

    We offer special Training for Companies we first understand the company requirement then our data science experts at digital nest will create customized curriculum that suits to the needs of the company.

    For Corporate training you can Reach our Sales Team at +91-8088998664 or you can also write to us at

    We conduct seminars, 1 day, 1 week Workshops on various data science Practices. We are also ready to offer free Guest Lecture On RPA, where in we educate students on modules present in data science, its careers and scope.

    For B School Training you can Reach our Sales Team at +91-8088998664 or you can also write to us at

    RPA Course Training (FAQs)

    We go beyond Training !!

    Who can learn RPA ( Robotic Process Automation )?

    Any graduate or postgraduate who is passionate about making machines as humans using analytical and logical skills would be the right candidate for the RPA course. B.tech/BE/BBA/MBA/MSc Comp/ Stats/Maths/BSC Comp/Maths/PGDM People working in software or decision-making environment can also opt for this course, like testing engineers, Developers, product managers, sales and branding managers, strategy managers.

    What are the RPA Certification course pre-requisites?

    The good part about this course is there is nothing specific which you should be skilled at. RPA training in Hyderabad caters to students from different technical backgrounds, and yes, if you are from a Robotics background, you will have an added advantage.

    Why RPA course training in Hyderabad?

    Digital nest offers the Best RPA training course in Madhapur Hyderabad, with faculties from reputed institutions and working in MNCs across the country. The goal of our coaching institute is to ensure a great career graph for the students and enrich their knowledge skills through our Best RPA Training in Hyderabad

    Who are the trainers?

    The RPA certification course trainers are industry leading experts who have 10+ years of experience working with multinational companies. The trainers are the backbone of RPA training. The curriculum is curated, keeping in mind any student who learns RPA course must crack the interviews and be innovative in solving real time challenges faced by companies using RPA technologies.

    Do you provide materials and assignments?

    Yes! We provide various handouts of the RPA course for every module taught in the class. Also, we give practical assignments to monitor the progress of the students. 

    How are you different from other institutes?

    We always strive hard to make every RPA course trainee satisfied. Satisfaction for a student comes when you first give the best industry curriculum, second the best trainers, third the best hands on training, 4th the best start of art training facility where students can think beyond the box.

    What packages does an RPA student get?

    As per the research conducted by the Digital Nest team in Hyderabad and various cities across India and our previous students who got placed in the RPA department, we would say that, on average, freshers would get between 3.2 L.P.A to 6 L.P.A and experienced people can get up to 20 Lakhs per annum.

    How is the demand for the RPA course?

    There is a massive demand for RPA as we can see the entire world is revolving around the data and automations. To cut down the cost and give precise and accurate information to the customers and solve RPA professionals solve the challenges faced by any company. That’s why every organization is looking forward to hiring RPA experts.

    What are the timings of the RPA course?

    As the expert RPA faculty are real-time working professionals, we keep their timings in mind. Digital Nest, at Hyderabad, has decided to run the classes on weekends, i.e., Sat and Sunday, based on demand and supply; we also run batches on weekdays.

    Do you provide placements?

    Yes! We provide Assured Placement Assistance. We have a dedicated placement officer at Digital Nest who makes sure that students are getting placements alerts. We also call companies to our academy to hire our RPA trainees.

    Do you teach on Real-time Projects?

    Yes! We Do. Our faculty is experts working in MNC’s, So they get their Projects showcased in the class. We also give handouts and exercises so that Digital Nest students who got trained in RPA can solve the interview questions and contribute the innovative concepts of the RPA industry.

    What is the duration of the Course?

    Typically the duration of RPA training would last for 2 to 2 and a half months. We have designed a curriculum that is very comprehensive in Hyderabad.

    How many hours each class consists?

    Weekend batches at Digital Nest in Hyderabad would last 4 hours with series of breaks in between and weekdays class would last for 2 hrs.

    Where are you located?

    Digital Nest has state-of-the-art training centers in Hyderabad's prime locations at Panjagutta, which is 1 km away from Ameerpet, and also at Hitech City in the Silicon Valley area.

    What are the course pre-requisites?

    The good part about this course is there is nothing specific which you should be skilled at. Robotics training in Hyderabad caters to students from different technical backgrounds, and yes, if you are from a Robotics background, you will have an added advantage.

    Who can attend the RPA course?

    The course is best suited for people who aspire for a career in robotics. RPA Training in Hyderabad will help them to learn to automate the business processes using various RPA tools. 

    How can this course elevate my career path?

    We assure you of becoming confident after attending the Robotics Tools training in Hyderabad. This course will help you enhance your subject skills and let you understand business models for Robotics Process Automation. You can drive the company seeing the future prospects to boost revenues. Various RPA solutions can be devised along with an efficient ROI to ensure lasting results.

    RPA Course Reviews

    (4.6/5 based on 288 reviews) | Read reviews


    B.Tech Student

    The classes were very interactive, and i loved the RPA sessions. I would recommend Digital Nest for RPA training in Hyderabad. Even with no technical knowledge, I have been able to grasp the subject and push forward in the field! Thank you, Digital Nest.


    SIBM Pune

    I completed MBA in 2016 and was searching for a few courses after my college came across Digital Nest's RPA Course. Finally, I made the right choice and completed the course. The best thing about RPA training is anyone can learn; no coding knowledge is required. I came from BBA and MBA background and had no clue of coding or anything technical. Although I was weak on the technological front, the trainers rooted for me and created a great learning environment. Along with my efforts, I completed the RPA course and got through my UI Path Certification exam too.

    Sai Kiran

    Data Analyst
    Thanks to the trainers at the digital nest, I loved the RPA training sessions. They dont only teach theoretically, but many assignments were also given, which helped the entire batch learn practically. Thank you, Digital Nest. One of the best RPA Training in Hyderabad, I will recommend Digital Nest for sure.


    Automation Specialist

    I was clueless about my career after my graduation in engineering. Due to the lack of interest in coding or programming, I opted out of any technical courses, but I got to know RPA is one such field; with less programming, you can still work for a corporate or IT company. So, I enrolled in Digital Nest's RPA training in Madhapur branch. I was already aware of Digital Nest, as they are market leaders in Digital Marketing. So, I knew a private organization without external funds always works hard to maintain excellent quality across all its offerings. Hence I immediately enrolled, although the RPA course trainer was also very impressive at the demo. I am glad to choose to learn with Digital Nest. Thank you for such a great learning experience.


    Software Analyst

    I've worked in the testing field for a couple of years and wanted to shift to another domain. I did a bit of research, and the RPA certification course caught my interest. I kept searching for many institutes, attended many demos, and then came across Digital Nest. The demo was excellent, and I instantly decided to enroll with Digital Nest without further delay. I made a few inquiries before registering with the existing students on how the quality of training and service was. I was impressed, so I just went for it. The staff was very prompt with the service, and the trainers were highly qualified and able to clarify all our doubts. Not only theoretically, but then the training was hands-on and practical too. We also used to get job alerts from the team every day. But by the end of my RPA course, I opted for an IJP in RPA. I am now enjoying my work in this field, and thank Digital Nest for the constant support, and thank the trainers for the support post the course.


    IIT - Kharagpur

    I am happy to join Digital Nest institute. I had opted for the RPA Course. to be honest, I loved the training sessions. very informative, the office ambiance was also superb. If you are looking for an RPA Certification course, then Digital Nest will be the right institute.
    Our Trainees Hail From !!

    Students from ceading Collges in India & Working Professionals from MNC's

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