Data Science Course Training In Hyderabad, India

Keeping in mind the huge demand and supply gap in data science, Digital Nest commenced Data Science Training Institute in Hyderabad, India. Moreover, data science is the most enthusiastic career of the century. The Data Science certification course at Digital Nest is tailored and curated to suit both non-technical/technical background students and put them at ease while learning.

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Data Science Course Training In Hyderabad, India

Keeping in mind the huge demand and supply gap in data science, Digital Nest commenced Data Science Training Institute in Hyderabad, India. Moreover, data science is the most enthusiastic career of the century. The Data Science certification course at Digital Nest is tailored and curated to suit both non-technical/technical background students and put them at ease while learning.

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   120+ Learning Hours

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  100% Placements Assistance

  Trainers with 12 + Experience
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 Data Science Program

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Data Science Course Curriculum

1. Introduction to Data Science
  • What is Data Science?
  • Data Science Life Cycle
  • What is Machine Learning?
  • What is Business Analytics?
  • What is Artificial Intelligence?
  • Data Science vs Machine Learning vs AI
  • Types of Data
  • What is Big Data?
  • Software vs Data vs Cloud
  • Real time applications on Machine Learning
2. Statistics
  • Data Types
  • Statistical parameters, variance, standard deviation, range
  • Categorical and Quantitative Data
  • Descriptive Statistics
  • Statistical Inference
  • Sampling and Sampling Distributions
  • Correlation, Covariance and Causation
  • Central Limit Theorem
  • Confidence Interval
  • Hypothesis Testing and Error Types
  • t-test and types of t-test
  • Analysis of Variance (ANOVA)
  • Introduction to Probability
  • Probability Distributions
  • Bernoulli, Uniform, Binomial, Normal Distribution
  • Poisson and Exponential Distribution
  • Skew Normal Distribution
  • Z-Score
3. Exploratory Data Analysis(EDA) and Data Visualization
  • What is EDA and its Importance
  • Statistical approach (Data Collection, Descriptive statistics, Data Mining)
  • Importing the Data
  • Data Frames
  • Variables, Transformation
  • Standardization and Normalization
  • Validation and Interpretation
  • Distributions
  • Histograms, Outliers
  • Summarizing Distributions
  • Graphs
  • Bar Charts
  • Box-whisker plot
  • Scatter plot
  • Pie Charts
  • Bubble Charts
4. Introduction to R Programming
  • Why R and importance of R in Analytics
  • Installation of R and R-studio
  • Working Directories
  • Data Types
  • Operators
  • Loops-For and While
  • If-else statements, Nested statements
  • Objects, and Vectors
  • Strings
  • Arrays
  • Lists
  • Factors
  • Data Frames
  • Pipe Operator
  • Functions (Predefined and User defined) apply, l-apply, s-apply, m-apply, t-apply, v-apply Subset/filter, which, sample, match, sort, mutate, grep, summary,gsub, select, groupby, gather, separate, Posixct
  • Joins (Inner, Outer, Left, Right, Semi, Anti) in Data Frames.
  • Univariate Analysis
  • Dplyr, Lubridate, Tibble
5. Data manipulation using SQL
  • Introduction to SQL and Data bases
  • SQL developer installation
  • Data types
  • Data types and Operators
  • Create and Drop data base
  • DDL,DML, DCL ,TCL, Sorting commands and other keywords
  • Advanced SQL-Wild cards, Constraints, Joins, Unions, NULL, Alias, Truncate, Views, Sub queries
  • Exam


6. Introduction to Python Programming
  • What is Python?
  • Importance of Python in Data Science
  • Python Installation Guidelines (Anaconda Navigator)

Python Fundamentals

  • Keywords
  • Built-in functions
  • String Formatting
  • Indexing
  • Slicing
  • Sequences
  • Error handling in Python (try, catch, finally)
  • Ignoring Warnings
  • User-defined functions
  • Nested functions
  • Lambda, zip and map

Local and global variables

  • If-else statements, Nested statements
  • Loops, Nested Loops, For, While loop
  • Performance measurement of loops
  • Loop control statements
  • Continue, Break, Pass
  • Class, Constructor and methods

Python Data Structures

  • Lists, Lists Comprehensions
  • Sets
  • Tuple
  • Dictionary
  • Importance of each type

Data Handling with Python

  • Introduction to NumPy, Pandas
  • Arrays and Matrix
  • Importing and exporting datasets in Python
  • Creating Data Frames
  • Data Manipulations
  • Scikit-Learn libraries
  • Data Visualizations in Python
  • Matplotlib, Seaborn, and GGplot
  • Feature Engineering: Feature Selection and Extraction
  • Model Selection
  • Training, Testing and K-Fold cross validation
7. Introduction to Machine Learning
  • Machine Learning
    • Types of Machine Learning
    • What is Supervised, Un-Supervised and Reinforcement
    • What are the types of each learning technique
    • Algorithms used in Machine Learning techniques
    • Difference between Data Science, Machine Learning and AI

    Generalized Linear Models (GLM)

    • Introduction to generalized linear models
    • Understanding of Linear and Logistic Regression
    • Underfitting and Overfitting
    • Trade-off between Bias and Variance
    • Regularization techniques (Ridge, Lasso, Elastic-Net Regression)
    • Ordinary Least squares
    • Maximum Likelihood
    • Sigmoid Function
    • Cost Function
    • Gradient Descent
    • One-hot Encoding
    • Label Encoding
    • Model Evaluation metrics
    • Feature Engineering (Features Selection, Extraction)
    • R-Square, Adjusted R-Square, RSME
    • Confusion Matrix
    • Evaluation metrics (Precision, Recall, F-Score, Accuracy)
    • Sensitivity and Specificity
    • ROC-AUC curves
    • Assumptions of Linear Regression
    • Imbalanced Data
    • Sampling issues- Over sampling and Under sampling
    • SMOTE, ADASYN and Near Miss

    Decision trees and Random Forests

    • Introduction of Decision Tree and its applications
    • Types of Decision Tree
    • Terminologies in Decision Tree
    • Pros and Cons of Decision Tree
    • CHAID analysis
    • Root nodes Identification
    • Gini Index, Entropy, Chi-Square, Reduction in Variance
    • Solution for overfitting in Decision Tree
    • Tree pruning
    • Hyperparameter tuning
    • Random Search and Grid Search for auto selection of parameters
    • What is Bagging?
    • Introduction to Random Forest and its applications
    • Importance of Random Forest
    • Significant feature selection using Random Forest classifier

    Boosting Machines

    • Ensembling Techniques
    • Bagging vs Boosting
    • Gradient Boosting Algorithms
    • Gradient Descent in Boosting Algorithms
    • Gradient Boosting Machines, XGBoost, and AdaBoost
    • Regression and Classification boosting techniques
    • Stacking
    • Pros and Cons of boosting Machines
8. Clustering
  • Introduction to clustering
  • K-Means clustering
  • Elbow Method
  • Hierarchical clustering
  • Real time applications

Text Mining

  • Introduction to Text Analytics and Text Mining
  • Introduction to NLP
  • Real time applications
  • Extractingtext from files
  • Data cleaning
  • Introduction to NLTK library
  • Count Vectorizer
  • Understanding of Stopwords and regular expressions
  • Stemming and Lemmatization
  • Word Cloud
  • N-grams
  • Fuzzy String Matching
  • Levenshtein Algorithm
  • Jaro-Winkler Algorithm
  • Cosine Similarity
  • Named Entity Recognition (NER)
    9. K-Nearest Neighbors (KNN)
    • What is KNN and why do we use it?
    • KNN-algorithm and regression
    • Curse of dimensionality and brief introduction to dimension reduction
    • Pros and cons of KNN
    • KNN-outlier treatment and anomaly detection

    Naïve Bayes and SVM

    • What is Naïve Bayes
    • Bayes theorem, Conditional Probability
    • Real time applications
    • Pros and cons of Naïve Bayes
    • What is Support Vector Machines (SVM)
    • Training time complexity
    • SVM Classifier
    • Hyperplane, margin and Kernel
    • Hyperparameter tuning
    • Linear and Non-Linear SVM

    Dimensionality Reduction

    • Introduction to Dimensionality Reduction and its importance
    • Principal Component Analysis (PCA)
    • Kernel PCA
    • Singular Value Decomposition (SVD)
    • Linear Discriminate Analysis (LDA)
    • T-Distributed Stochastic Neighbor Embedding (t-SNE)
    • Applications of Dimensionality Reduction
    10. Time Series Forecasting
    • Introduction to forecasting
    • Data processing and indexing time
    • Time Series & Time Series forecasting
    • Understanding of Stats Models
    • Auto Regressive Integrated Moving Average (ARIMA) model
    • Components: Seasonality, Trend and Noise
    • Autocorrelation
    • Parameter Selection for ARIMA Time series
    • Forecasting and Smoothing methods
    • Forecasts Validation
    • Simple moving average
    • Exponentially weighted moving average
    11. Deep Learning & Neural Networks
    • Introduction to Neural Networks
    • Understanding of ANN
    • Understanding of CNN
    • Understanding of RNN
    • Basic understanding of Feed Forward and Backward propagation
    • Gradient Descent in Neural Networks
    • Stochastic Gradient Descent in Neural Networks
    • Use case of ANN in Python
    12. Data Visualization Using Tableau



    • Installation of Trial Version of Tableau Public
    • Design Flow
    • Data Visualization
    • Connecting Tableau to Various Data Sources
    • Measures and Dimensions
    • Colors, Labeling and formatting Exporting Worksheet

    Advanced Concepts of Tableau

    • Trend Line Analysis
    • Dash Board Creation
    • Formatting in tableau
    • Forecasting using Exponential Smoothing
    • Granularity and Trimming
    • Seasonality
    • Animations
    • Assignment

    Basics of Tableau

    • A-B Ad-hic Testing
    • Aliases
    • Reference Line
    • Anomaly Detection
    • Sorts and Filters
    • Time Series
    • Chart Plotting
    • Heat Maps
    • Data Joining
    • Data Blending


    13. AWS For Data Science
    • Why AWS For Machine Learning?
    • Understanding several AWS services
    • Setting up an S3 bucket to store data
    • Practical Data Science with AWS Sagemaker
    • Sagemaker Studio Notebooks
    • Training and Evaluating an ML Model
    • Deploying the Model
    14. Capstone Project

    Choose from wide range of projects.

    • Capstone project in Retail Industry
    • Capstone project in Healthcare Industry
    • Capstone project in Finance Industry
    • Capstone project in Insurance Industry
    • Capstone project in Education Industry
    • Capstone project in Ecommerce Industry
    15. Chatbot Architecture
    • NLP for Chatbot
    • Understanding Rasa Framework
    • Rasa NLU
    • Named Entity Recognition (NER) using Spacy
    • Intent Classification
    • Rasa Core – Dialog Management 
    • Case Study : Application of Chatbots in Banking Industry

    Data Science Course Description

    Accelerate your career by pursuing cutting edge Data Science Training at Digital Nest, Hyderabad, India. Data Science is the linchpin in the emerging Internet era. With the improvements in the field of Automation and Technology, a high influx of techie aspirants are moving towards Data Science. 

    We at Digital Nest, Hyderabad, the best Institute for Data Science Certification in India introduced a well articulated Data Science curriculum to offer the best of best Data Science Training not just to Hyderabad techie aspirants but anyone from any corner can access our Data Science Training via E-learning as well.

    We also have a dedicated placement team and placement assistance with a job portal for the students who are seeking jobs in Data science and various connections in Hyderabad and digital hubs. Our Placement coordinator will guide you with placement assistance in the field of Data Science

    Data Science is a field which involves a combination of Mathematics, Algorithms and Scientific methods used to extract  insights and information from structured and unstructured data. There is a strong growth in the Data Science field not just in Hyderabad, but all around India and worldwide. The number of jobs in the Data Science area will increase by about 28% through 2026. To give that 28% a number, that is roughly 11.5 million new jobs in the field.

    Considering the huge demand for the course not only in Hyderabad but also in every corner, Digital Nest initiated an extensive program in Data Science at Digital Nest, Madhapur. We at Digital Nest, Hyderabad ensure to cater your needs and bridge the gap between academia and industry globally by providing quality education which is why we are the best Data Science Institute in India.

    Careers and placement assistance at Digital Nest makes it unique. We provide multiple opportunities and live projects for our  students which makes our Data Science hub the best training institute in Hyderabad.  Our Data Science Certification involves specific deliverables and goals which help in addressing the goals and also problem solving at ease. 

    In the process of Data Science Training, we equip our students with practical and analytical skills. Data Science plays a significant role in Social Media Recommendations which are used for portals like Netflix/Youtube, Sales Forecasting, Optimization for Risk Management, Revenue Forecasting, Prediction Analysis based on given inputs.

    Do you want to upskill and be industry- ready? You have landed in the right place, The Data Science Certification Course at Digital Nest located in Hyderabad ensures persistent learning and cake-walk comprehension followed by guarantee placements in Hyderabad and elsewhere. Our curriculum is curated and tailored to suit any student irrespective of the background. 

    Data Science Training at Digital Nest, Hyderabad includes profound knowledge of Data. We teach all about Data Science, right from the scratch.  We offer classroom training and our office has a blend of positivity and inspires you to learn. Not just that, our infrastructure and office located at Madhapur, Hyderabad is the best, it will boost you up and in order to provide global learning, we initiated E-learning as well.

    Data Science reached its zenith in every corner. Speaking of Data, which is considered as a valuable asset of technology, we understand how important it is to have a career path driven towards enthusiastic and current most popular courses on the globe. If you’re planning a career in Data Science, Digital Nest is undoubtedly the right place. Hurry up! Join our Data Science Training and get certified from the best of the best Data Science Institute and master your skills.

    Digital Nest, Hyderabad is the right place for Data Science because  Data Science is a rapidly growing field and it has to be no surprise why people are going bonkers over Data Science Course. According to the renowned Harvard Institute, Data Scientist is the most sorted professional job. We at Digital Nest, an Ed-tech Institute located in Hyderabad are bringing the robust curriculum which has no match compared to the training from other coaching institutes. Here at our tech hub, we ensure practical learning and real-time application.

    Our curriculum for Data Science Certification is designed meticulously by the faculty of Data Science. Our Data Science Course is bifurcated into 6 modules: R programming, SQL, Machine Learning, Python and Power BI. Our Data Science Training is a perfect blend of case studies, capstone projects and theory.

    We hunted down and found the best Instructors who are associated with real-time industry experts in Data Science.  Our faculty hail from IIT Madras, Academicians from top notch MNC’S like Amazon, Franklin Templeton, Bank of America. You will not only get noticed by recruiters from Hyderabad but you’ll get an overall exposure from every recruiter across India to every corner across the globe.

    There is a rapid development in the field of Data Science and the requirement of Data Scientists is at peak, especially at MNC’s. The implementation in Data Science happened in spurt. Metro Cities like Hyderabad, Mumbai, Bangalore and Pune in India happened to be global IT Hubs and houses of big MNCs.  They need Data Scientists for operating business insights, to run applications, to obtain sky rocking avenues and much more. 

    Various applications like I phone Siri, Amazon Alexa, Google Search,  Mobile Games, Uber and Facebook are utilizing applications of data science and hence the demand. The complexity between high demand and supply gap is contributing to relentless hunting for Data Scientists because the supply is at bare minimum.

    Digital Nest offers Data Science courses at two primary locations in Hyderabad, a Data science course in Panjagutta, near Ameerpet, and the data science course in Madhapur, Near Hitech City, the silicon valley of Hyderabad. Not only from Hyderabad, but we also have students enrolling from Bangalore, Nagpur, Bhubaneshwar, Delhi, Mumbai, Pune & various other cities, India. We also conduct corporate training sessions across the globe and webinars on a regular basis. Digital Nest specializes in teaching Digital Marketing Course and has been awarded as the best institute for Digital marketing for 2017 and 2018. But we are definitely going to excel in Data Science as well

    Along With Advanced Data Science Certification, we also commenced PGP Courses- PGP in Digital Marketing, PGP in Cloud Computing and other courses like Microsoft Azure, AWS, Full Stack Python, Big Data Analytics and Business Analytics, RPA Training & Salesforce in Madhapur Branch at Hyderabad, India.

    Data Science Training Modes

    We have Physical instructor led classes happening at Panjagutta and Hitech City Branches , Hyderabad

    We teach Courses online Using tools like zoom, Microsoft Teams

    How E-Learning Works?

    We have recorded videos of the trainer . This videos were recorded while taking the class. We kept in mind that student should feel the classroom environment while training. we request you to take a trail session. if you are satisfied you can take up the course.

    For trail session and more information you can contact digital nest sales team on +91-8088998664 or write us at

    We offer special Training for Companies we first understand the company, its services and we will diagnose the present marketing practices and then we prepare a customized curriculum that suits to the needs of that particular company.

    For Corporate training you can Reach our Sales Team at +91-8088998664 or you can also write to us at

    FAQ’s Of Data Science Training

    • image/svg+xml image/svg+xml
      Who Can Opt for Data Science training?

      Any graduate or postgraduate who is passionate about making machines as humans using analytical and logical skills would be the right candidate for the Data Science training. Comp/ Stats/Maths/BSC Comp/Maths/PGDM People who are working in software or decision-making environment can also opt for this data science course, like testing engineers, Developers, product managers, sales and branding managers, strategy managers.

    • image/svg+xml image/svg+xml
      Who are the Data Science trainers?

      The trainers of the Data Science course are the industry’s leading experts who have 15+ years of experience. They hail from multinational companies like Microsoft, Google, L&T, Cognizant, etc. The trainers here are the backbone of the Data Science training wing.

    • image/svg+xml image/svg+xml
      Do you provide materials and assignments for Data Science training?

      Yes! We provide module-based material handouts of the data science course that is taught in the class. We also give practical assignments and assessment tests to monitor the student’s progress during the course.

    • image/svg+xml image/svg+xml
      How are we different from other institutes?

      We are identified as the “Best Training Institute in Hyderabad.” by  Times of India in the category of  “times education icons.”  We conduct Mock Interview Sessions and various types of data science training assignments to face real-time challenges in an effortless manner. We always strive hard to make every Data Science trainee Happy, happiness comes when you give first the best industry curriculum, second the best trainers, third the best hands-on training, 4th the best start of art training facility where students can think beyond the box.

    • image/svg+xml image/svg+xml
      What packages does a Data Science training student get?

      As per the research that has been conducted by the Digital Nest team in Hyderabad and various cities across India and also as per our previous students who got placed in the data science department we would say that on average freshers would get between 3.2 L.P.A to 6 L.P.A and experienced data science people can get up to 20 Lakhs per annum.

    • image/svg+xml image/svg+xml
      How is the demand for a Data Science course?

      There is a huge demand for Data science experts as more and more companies turn towards making decisions based on the data. As of the year 2020, every individual produces an average of 2.5 quintillion byte of data, when converted, it sums up to 2.5 billion gigabytes data produced every day by each person. To only think of it, one MNC might produce a million times more data each day. This un-used, raw data does no-one any benefit. This is exactly where data scientists come into the picture. A person, equipped with skills like data mining, data visualization, prediction analysis, artificial intelligence, etc. can turn the raw data into meaningful and useful information. This information is then used by the top-level executives to make informed business decisions.

    • image/svg+xml image/svg+xml
      What are the timings of the Data Science course?

      Weekends : 10 am to 2pm ( Saturday & Sunday ) | Weekdays 7am | 11 am | 7pm ( Mon- Fri )

    • image/svg+xml image/svg+xml
      Do you provide placements for Data Science training?

      Yes! We provide Assured Placement Assistance for our Data Science Certification course. We have a dedicated Placement officer at Digital Nest, who’s job is to make sure that students are getting placements alerts and we also invite companies to our academy to hire our Data Science trainees.

    • image/svg+xml image/svg+xml
      Do you teach on Real-time Projects for Data Science training?

      Yes! We Do our faculty are experts who are working in MNC’s in data science So they get their Projects showcased in the class and we also give handouts and exercises so that Digital Nest students who got trained in Data Science are capable of solving the interview questions and also who can contribute the innovative concepts of the Data Science industry.

    • image/svg+xml image/svg+xml
      What is the duration of the Data Science Course?

      Typically the duration of Data Science training would last for 4 months. We have designed a curriculum that is very comprehensive in Hyderabad. This data science training plan will offer you the main tools and ideas in the data scientist’s toolbox & Students will be equipped with data science skills to become successful data science analysts and data scientists. Our data science course in Hyderabad aims to contribute insight into the part played by a Data Scientist and interpret Issues using R, Hadoop, and Machine Learning.

    • image/svg+xml image/svg+xml
      How many hours each class consists?

      Weekend batches at Digital Nest in Hyderabad would last 4 hours with a series of breaks in between and weekdays class would last for 2 hrs.

    • image/svg+xml image/svg+xml
      Where are we located?

      Digital Nest has one of the top state of the art training centers in the prime locations in Hyderabad at Panjagutta which is 1 km away from Ameerpet and also one at Hitech City in the Silicon Valley area of Hyderabad.

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    Alumni Testimonials

    Rated Avg 4.5*  Out Of 5 by 2000+ Learners

    I am a 2017 pass out of I took up many courses, but I could not get a job, then one of my friends suggested joining a data science course as there is a huge demand in the field. Then I came across Digital Nest in Hyderabad after a lot of research. This is the best Data Science institute in Hyderabad for learning Data Science Course. They have a power-packed curriculum that enabled them to learn through real-time practical examples and industry challenges. The trainers were extremely knowledgeable and gave insights into their real-time implementing challenges and experiences.  

    Neha | Data Science Trainee

    Student, CBIT

    Though I come from non technical background, I never failed to ask doubts and participate in the assignments. The Digital Nest is a great platform, even for non technical students or slow learners like me. I feel so grateful for Digital Nest and specially their Data Science trainers for instilling so much confidence in me. I owe it all to Digital Nest for what I’m now. The practice, assignments and assessments tests are what really helped me grow. They have built a really good ambience, and house a really good team of counselors that help you through the whole journey. . 

    Vidyutha | Data Science Trainee

    Data Analyst , Deloitte

    Digital Nest is one of the best Data science institutes in Hyderabad. I kept searching many institutes, and then I found Digital Nest, I approached and attended data science training demo, and then I realized that this is one of the best training institutes that I should choose. That’s where I began learning Data Science training at the Hitech city branch of Hyderabad. I must say that I’m very much satisfied with the trainers and curriculum. 

    Ishitha | Data Science Trainee

    Software Analyst, Accenture

    I am a testing engineer. I came across an article in newspaper that data science and Data Science courses are in demand. Then I started searching in Google and I found Digital Nest. I was impressed by the demo session and I came to know various careers options. Then I thought of enrolling for this course and I am really satisfied and I would recommend as its one of the Best Data science training institute in Hyderabad

    Pravalika | Data Science Trainee

    Testing Engineer , Wipro

    Advanced Data Science Program

    Short Term : Rs. 25,000/- | 2 Months

    Long Term :   Rs. 55,000/- | 4 Months

    Digital Nest Learning Advantage

       Options to choose either Classroom, Online Or Self paced Learning

       180+ Learning Hours

       Learning Using World Class Learnig Management System  

       5+ Projects

       Dedicated Placement Manager for Interview Process

       Access to the Instructor for doubts clarification during and after the course

       100% Placement Assistance

       Connect and Network with alumni ,working with different organizations

       Unique Job Portal to Access Jobs and Internships posted by Hr’s From Various Companies

    Our Students Hail From

    Students , Working Professionals & Business Owners From Various Start Ups And MNC's



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