AWS Training in Hyderabad

Digital Nest offers AWS training in Hyderabad, India which is one of the most promising technologies of the recent times, started in the year 2006 with a vision to service the clients in the best possible way by offering the best IT infrastructure. All the services of AWS are provided in the form of web services which is also called cloud computing. This technology has been able to enhance the performance of business activities at comparably very low costs and also delivers the results as fast as possible.

Amazon Web Services

Digital Nest provides Amazon Web Services Training in Hyderabad in the most comprehensive manner to ensure that the students deploy highly-scalable applications through AWS.

Course Structure

The course at the AWS training institute in Hyderabad is designed in a way that the students get the maximum knowledge with the support of our highly-skilled training team. Below are our course modules:

  • AWS platform introduction
  • AWS architectural principles
  • AWS services optimization
  • Transferring apps to the cloud
  • Learning database and security needs
  • Positioning the framework for the best AWS solution

Advantages of Learning Amazon Web Services Course in Hyderabad

AWS course helps to increase knowledge in the following key areas and concepts:

  • AWS and cloud computing
  • AMI creation and EBS persistent storage
  • Using Amazon Storage services - S3, Route 53, AWS EC2, AWS S3
  • Visualization of Amazon Scaling Services and auto-scaling
  • Specializing in identifying and attaining management techniques
  • Understanding the use of multiple AWS
  • Managing resource lifecycle
  • AWS architecture and best design practices
  • Working capability on real-time projects

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AWS Course Highlights

We go beyond Training !!

  • Course is curated by real time industry experts
  • Trainers with 15+ years of experience
  • 100% assured placement Assistance
  • State of the art training center
  • Dedicated placement team
  • Case study Approach
  • Real time examples
  • Exercises and handouts after every session
  • Certificate after completion of the course
  • Lab facility
  • Trainer support after completion of the course

AWS Course Structure

Curriculum designed by subject matter experts in AWS!

1Introduction to Cloud Computing
  • Introduction cloud computing world History
  • Cloud business models
  • Public, Private and Hybrid cloud models
  • Advantages of cloud computing?
  • 2AWS Overview
  • AWS Regions and Availability zones
  • Tools to access services
  • Overview of the console
  • 3Linux Essentials
  • Introduction to BASH
  • Basic Commands (is,cd,cat,touch,mkdir)
  • Text Editor(vi)
  • Package Management(yum)
  • Installing and Removing Software
  • Configuring a Apache Web server
  • Creating File System and mounting
  • Volume Management
  • 4AWS EC2(Elastic Compute Cloud)
  • Introduction to EC2
  • Pricing models On-demand vs Reserved vs Spot instances.
  • Using Amazon Machine Images (AMIs) to create instances.
  • Public vs Private Images.
  • Sharing Images to other accounts.
  • Logging into instances using key pairs.
  • Converting PEM files to ppk.
  • Volumes and types.
  • Using snapshots for backup.
  • Increasing the size of the volumes.
  • Backup and restore process of the EC2 instances.
  • Adding network interfaces.
  • Assigning static IPs using Elastic IPs.
  • Control access to instances using Security Groups.
  • 5Elastic Load Balancer
  • Introduction to Elastic Load Balancing.
  • Creating ELB from Console.
  • Attaching instances to ELB.
  • Configuring Ports, Protocols and health checks.
  • Enabling sticky session.
  • Connection draining.
  • Enabling SSL Certificates for https transactions.
  • 6Cloud Watch
  • Introduction to CloudWatch Monitoring Service.
  • Setting thresholds.
  • Configuring Actions.
  • Monitoring CPU, Memory and network utilization of different resources.
  • Creating Notifications.
  • Integrating with Auto-scaling.
  • 7Simple Notification Services
  • Introduction to notifications.
  • Creating Topics.
  • Subscribing to Topic.
  • Publishing to SNS Topic.
  • Testing Email and SMS Functionality.
  • 8Relational Database Service
  • Introduction to Managed Database.
  • Creating RDS instances using AWS console.
  • Choosing an RDS engine and version.
  • Public vs Private database instances.
  • Multi-AZ setup.
  • Backup using snapshots and point in restore.
  • Parameter Group.
  • Options Group.
  • Control access to instances using Security Groups.
  • 9Auto-Scaling
  • Overview.
  • Creating launch configuration.
  • Creating auto-scaling group.
  • Auto-scaling policies.
  • 1AWS S3 (Simple Storage Service)
  • Introduction to Simple Storage Server (S3).
  • Storage options (default vs reduced redundancy vs Glacier).
  • Creating buckets using Console.
  • Uploading and downloading data tS3.
  • Building static websites using S3.
  • Enable version control on S3.
  • Creating buckets using Console.
  • S3 access policies.
  • 2Storage (Glacier)
  • Introduction to Glacier. (S3).
  • Moving data from S3 to Glacier.
  • Setting archiving policies on S3.
  • 3Cloud Front (Content Delivery Network)
  • Introduction to Content Delivery Networks.
  • Overview of Amazon CDN
  • Origins and Edge locations
  • Configure S3 backend for CloudFront.
  • Configure ELB backend from CloudFront.
  • 4Elastic BeanStlak
  • Introduction to Elastic BeanStlak.
  • Creating Environment.
  • Deploying a Sample APP.
  • 5Identity Access Management (IAM)
  • Introduction to IAM.
  • Access controls using IAM.
  • Creating users, groups and roles.
  • Assigning policies.
  • Inline vs Managed policies.
  • 6Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)
  • Introduction.
  • Choosing a network design and CIDR.
  • Design a simple network.
  • Creating Subnets and setup routing as per the design.
  • Using IGW tenable internet access.
  • Access controls using Network ACLs.
  • Network ACLs vs Security Groups.
  • Creating Private connections data center to AWS.
  • Enabling VPC peering between VPCs.
  • 7Cloud Formation
  • Introduction.
  • Understanding the template format.
  • CloudFormation designer.
  • Create a simple CloudFormation template.
  • Managing dependencies.
  • Updating the existing stacks.
  • Intrinsic functions.
  • Pseudo parameters.
  • Updating CloudFormation stacks.
  • Understanding event.
  • Cloudformer.
  • 8Using CLI
  • Introduction AWSCli.
  • Installing CLI tools using rpm or pip.
  • Configuring credentials.
  • AWS CLI syntax.
  • Creating and managing resource using CLI.
  • Examples.
  • 9Route 53(DNS Service)
  • Creating Hosted Zones.
  • Hosting a Website.
  • Understanding Routing Policies.
  • Weighted, Simple and Failover Policies.
  • 10Best Practices
  • Cost Optimization.
  • Cloud migration Strategy.
  • Using 3rd party tools for health and billing monitoring.
  • AWS Training Schedule

    2PM to 4PM, 2 Batches, 1 Center at your Flexible Timings with E-learning & Online options

    7AM to 9am (IST) (Mon-Fri)
    11AM to 1PM (IST) (Mon-Fri)
    7PM to 9PM (IST) (Mon-Fri)

    *IST:: Indian Standard Time

    Location: Madhapur & Panjagutta
    10AM to 2PM (IST)
    Saturday & Sunday
    8am to 12pm (IST)
    12pm to 3pm (IST)
    3pm to 6pm (IST)
    6pm to 9pm (IST)
    10pm to 1pm (IST)
    Saturday & Sunday
    7am to 9am (IST) (Mon-Fri)
    5am to 7am(IST) (Mon-Fri)
    2pm to 4pm(IST)
    7pm to 9pm (IST) (Mon-Fri)
    *IST = Indian Standard Time

    How E-Learning Works?

    We have recorded videos of the trainer. This videos were recorded while taking the class. We kept in mind that student should feel the classroom environment while training. We request you to take a trail session. If you are satisfied you can take up the course.

    For trail session and more information you can contact digital nest sales team on +91-8088998664or write us at

    We offer special Training for Companies we first understand the company, its services and we will diagnose the present marketing practices and then we prepare a customized curriculum that suits to the needs of that particular company.

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    AWS Course Training

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    We go beyond Training !!

    What are the pre-requisites for AWS Course?

    AWS training in Hyderabad just requires basic knowledge of any programming language. If additionally, you know the concepts of distributed systems, cloud computing, multi-tier architecture and other general programming based concepts, it will be faster for you to grasp the course.

    Who can learn AWS Course?

    AWS Training in Hyderabad is very well-suited for programmers aspiring to build IAAS, SAAS & PAAS applications, system & network administrators, solution architects, those who want to be experts in migrating data from existing data centers to AWS, software developers and even graduates or postgraduates who want to acquire knowledge about the cloud computing.

    How can AWS course elevate my career graph?

    Learning AWS training in Hyderabad from Digital Nest will definitely help you get a job in the prestigious companies of Hyderabad as this course teaches the candidates about one of the most trending technologies of present time.

    Why Should I learn AWS course in Hyderabad?

    Digital nest offers the Best Amazon Web Services training course in Madhapur Hyderabad with teaching faculties from reputed institutions of the country. Since every company is taking a step towards a cloud future, our goal is to ensure a great career graph for the students and enrich their knowledge skills through our Best AWS Training in Hyderabad.

    Who are eligible for AWS Course?

    Any Graduate with Degree B-Tech, B.SC Computers qualifications and who wants to build their career in AWS can take this Course. Digital Nest is offering AWS Course Training for Students who are interested in cloud computing services can learn this course.

    What is the course duration for AWS?

    It will take 30 days for you to complete the AWS Course and to get a job in various roles like Cloud Software Engineer, Cloud Developer, DevOps Engineer, AWS Solutions Architect, and AWS SysOps Administrator.

    Who Can Do AWS Certification?

    AWS Certified Developer, AWS Certified SysOps Administrator, AWS Certified Solutions Architect, AWS Certified DevOps Engineer, AWS Certified Solutions Architect, AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner, DevOps Engineer, Senior AWS Cloud Architect.

    What is the salary package for an AWS Certified Solutions Architect?

    For a fresher the average salary will be 3-3.5 Lakh P.A. and for Experience candidate the average salary will be 4-5 Lakh P.A.

    Our Trainees Hail From !!

    Students ,Working Professionals & business Owners From Various Start ups and MNC's

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