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A Brief History of Python Programming Language

Python Programming

Python is an object-oriented, multi-paradigm and a structured programming language. It has an uncomplicated syntax and its uncluttered visuals make it highly readable.

Python programming language was instigated by Guido Van Rossum in the year 1989. The ABC programming language was the biggest role-playing instrument in the design and development of Python programming language.

The introduction of Python so happened that Van Rossum used to work with CWI in the early 1980s for implementing the ABC programming language. In the late 1980s, while working on AMOEBA, a new distributed operating system, he started searching for a scripting language with a similar syntax as of ABC along with the Amoeba system calls access. This idea made Van Rossum himself start with the design of a new & simple scripting language to overcome the imperfections of ABC programming language. The whole project of coming up with a new script started in the late 1980s and soon in the year 1991, the first version was of the new programming language was released. Initially it was Modula-3 with a module system, but later on, it was named as Python.

How was the term ‘Python’ coined?

Well, it will not be incorrect if people connect this with the snake python. In fact, the logo shows a picture of two snakes (blue & yellow), but the actual naming story is rather different. Let us know the short story behind this.

Van Rossum was a big fan of a popular BBC comedy tv show which used to air in the 1970s called as Monty Python’s Fly Circus. So inspired by the name who he was a big fan of, Rossum named his programming project as ‘Python’.

Well isn’t that interesting!


Python came up with its first ever version in the year 1991 and was named ‘Python 1.0’. Henceforth, the versions have been upgraded and by 2017, it had reached Version 3.x.

Let us have a look at a brief timeline chart of the release of various versions of Python programming language.

There are several advantages of learning Python course in Hyderabad. Today, Python is one of the most popular, dynamic and widely used programming languages. However, it is commonly considered as a scripting language, but it serves a great purpose in programming. The developers are using Python very efficiently whether it is for throw-away scripts or large scale web servers that can provide a flow of uninterrupted services 24×7. Python is used for the Graphics User Interface and database programming, client side and server side web programming and also for application testing. Scientists use this language for writing applications about the world’s fastest supercomputers. Even the children make it as their first learning to programming.

Python has a very good scope for developers and gives an opportunity to outshine with their talent. Python training institute in Hyderabad puts forth the best training material and guidance to ensure to impart a piece of in-depth knowledge to its students.

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