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Data Science and its scope in IT industry

Over the years, the term “Data Science” has been overheard extensively in the IT industry and Data Scientists are evolving each year by 50%. Despite being a booming sector, there is still the adequate resource and the actual knowledge of data science in India isn’t enough for securing and segregating the raw data which is streaming between devices globally. In this article, you will know what actually data science, tools is and techniques are used to segregate the raw data and used!

What is Data Science?

So in the layman terms, it’s nothing but using the blend of tools for finding the raw data which is actually called Mining,  making changes to that through the algorithms, and accessing the refined data in the organization for going business which is called Machine Learning. This, in turn, reduces costs, increase effectiveness, identify current market possibilities and further develop the organization’s competitive advantage.

It might sound similar to Big Data, but it’s actually different.

What is the difference between Big Data and Data Science?

Big Data is something that is used to interpret the data, be it structured, unstructured or semi-structured and dealing with the insights induced from the data which can lead to a better and strategic business moves. Big data challenges include retrieving data, storing, analysis, search, sharing, transfer, visualization, querying, updating and data privacy. Technologies like Hadoop and Spark are used to analyze and segregate the data in a better way.

Data Science is basically the blend of programming, algorithms, tools and inquisitive to discover patterns, cleanse the data, preparing and aligning it. This statistical Programming to predict data is done with the help of R for Data Science or Python Programming.

Where this Big Data and Data Science are used?

Big Data is used in the industries ranging from Retail, Communication and Financial Services whereas Data Science is used in Internet Searches, Search Recommendations and Digital Advertisements.

Who are Data Scientists and what do they do?

With the increasing amounts of data in each organization and finding data is a quite biggest challenge in the modern business, companies hire people who are generally referred as “Data Scientists”.  They help in turning the raw data into volume business information which can be used further for the growth of the business. They process a combination of analytic, machine learning, data mining and statistical skill, as well as coding along with managing and interpreting large amounts of data, many data scientists are also tasked with creating data visualization models that help illustrate the business value of digital information

What are the benefits of Data Science to business?

The actual benefits that Data Science can do for a business are marvelous. It depends on the company’s goal and the strategies. It affects the benefits and works in Sales and Marketing departments.

  • Through this one can mine the data and enhance the illegal activities
  • Can know the customer’s pace and create the personalized recommendations
  • Best mode and time of delivery
  • Empowering management to take better decisions
  • Identifying the current market opportunities and testing them
  • Identifying and refining the Target Audience

What is the educational qualification or languages required to become a Data Scientist?

Data Scientists is someone who has the collective knowledge of ethical hacking, mathematics and Business/Strategy Acumen. 80% of the Data Scientists have a Master’s Degree, and 46% have PhDs.

Some of the skills that a Data Scientist has

  • Expertise at SAS and/or R For Data Science
  • Python coding is used in data science along with Java.
  • SQL database/coding
  • Working on unstructured data: The most prominent thing for the Data Scientist is that they should able to work with unstructured data in all the forms.

Data Science is beneficial for the organizations as the data is emerging so quickly in the modern business and they are looking for the data Scientists. The average annual salary for a Data Scientists is around $123,000. With the skills of learning R, Python or Data Science and Machine Learning Training an average data Analyst can earn the average amount of this.

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