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Best Digital Marketing Course in Hyderabad

Digital Nest offers  the best Digital Marketing course in Hyderabad, India since 2011. Since 13 years we are offering various courses in Digital Marketing in  line with the industry requirements.  6000+ students have been passed out from our institute with permanent placements. We have a placement assistance team who work round the clock for building the student portfolio, resume and also train them for placement interviews by organising JAM sessions, group discussions, personality development programs to build their confidence and crack the interview .

We offer these programmes in hybrid mode. The students can choose either online or can attend the classes physically according to their convince. We offer classroom training in Madhapur and Ameerpet branches in Hyderabad, India.

If you are looking for the best Digital Marketing learning platform Digital Nest can be one of your top 3 options. We offer best certified courses which are recognised globally. We have a track record of 100% placements.

We offer specialised courses in Digital Marketing:

  • Advanced Digital Marketing course 
  • PG Program in Digital Marketing 
  • SEO Course 
  • Google ads training 

We have subject experts in various disciplines who have more than 12years+ of experience.  Today marketing has been looked at through the lens of technology. Therefore digital marketing has created a revolution in the technology world.  The trainers adopt various cutting edge issues in the technology front while training the students in the marketing domain.

We are one of the top institutions in Hyderabad providing best Digital Marketing course both online and offline with 100% placements and career opportunities.

We have a career counselling team helping students to choose right path in their career by organising career counselling sessions.


We offer 100+ learning hours with flexible timings on our E-learning platform. Our trainers not only give lectures but also mentor our students. We assign 1 mentor to 3 students, students can take help from their mentors for better understanding or course or better career opportunities. 2 month internship will be offered to our students for better on field experience. In our course outline we give 65+ assignments for better understanding of the subject. 6 Google and 1 Facebook certifications will be given to our students by end of the course. We offer 100% placements to all our students who join our courses.

We provide  Guest Lecturers on the emerging issues that the industry is looking for in the Digital Marketing.


Hyderabad has created many opportunities for people who have mastered in Digital Marketing. As Hyderabad is considered to be a blooming industry for IT sector many top institutes have included Digital Marketing courses in their curriculum to meet the need of the IT industry and various entrepreneurial organisations. Many institutes have come up with specialisations in their Digital Marketing courses. Hyderabad has hundred’s of job opportunities in the Digital Marketing domain for both freshers and experienced professionals. One of the best institute offering Digital Marketing course in Hyderabad which assures 100% placements along with 2 months internship, portfolio building is Digital Nest.


The term Digital Marketing refers to the use of website, apps, social media. Digital Marketing involves promoting or selling  products on social media platforms which helps to connect with customers and satisfy their needs. This is one of the most cost effective marketing campaign and also very effective for revenue generation. It has many forms like display ad’s, online video, SEM, paid social media ad’s and social media posts. Previously organisations used to follow traditional marketing methods like magazine ads, billboards, and direct mail. After Digital Marketing coming into lime light most of the organisations started learning Digital Marketing and utilising it in their marketing strategies.

Companies use Digital Marketing weather if it is a B2B or a B2C company. In B2B companies they require a strategic approach towards the sales or targeting the customers. where as in B2C companies sell their products directs to the customer this process requires shorter sales cycle and larger audience. In B2B one business has to satisfy another business needs there is hierarchy to approve or take a particular decision in B2B customer is the only decision maker.



Content marketing is a type of marketing where companies directs don’t promote or sell their products or services where as they try to educate their customers about their services or product which they offer to their customers. Businesses use content marketing to attract customers for leads and convert them into loyal customers. Types of content marketing involves blogs, news articles, guides


This involves promoting promoting our product or service on any social media platform by posting pictures or conducting polls on our social media handles like facebook, twitter, instagram etc. As social media is one of the most used application by most of the users promoting our product or service through this will help in reaching more number of customers.


It is a type of Digital Marketing where you pay for every click by the customer on our advertisement. PPC can be done on both search engines and social media. It is considered to be a paid Digital Marketing strategy.


It is one of the quickest form of direct marketing where companies can directly interact with their regular customers who register their information through website. companies send instant updates and many other information through mails.


It is a Digital Marketing strategy where brands use social media influencers to promote their products or services on a social media platform. As these influencers have number of followers who put an eye on their day to day activities and get influenced by their lifestyle or the products they use. This one of the major advantage for the companies to bring their product or service into lime light.


Mobile marketing or SMS marketing companies use this type of marketing just like e-mail marketing to get connected with the target customers. As most of us individuals spend majority of our time on our smart phones businesses success in this type of marketing by send SMS.



Though Digital Marketing individuals can see the advertisements globally in any corner of the world. Where as organisations can also customise their target audience locally.


Customers can stay connected to the organisations through e-mail campaigns, social media platforms. Through this organisations can stay connected with the customers and understand their needs and offer them a better experience.


Digital Marking is cheaper than compared to traditional marketing. It costs very less to give an advertisement on TV and nothing to spread e-mail campaigns and advertising on social media platforms


Digital Marketing methods can be modified according to the platforms the marketing team is using for running campaigns. Marketing strategies can be modified according the revenue being generated to the organisation.


Digital Marketing helps the organisation to reach out their customers through online platforms. As the internet has evolved so much, Organisations can promote their products or services through internet. Today majority of the individuals spend their time on internet for recreation purpose. This can be one of the best ways to bring in customers, while browsing internet they come across advertisements which will lead them to the website and bring in sales. There are many different online methods not only advertisement but also E-mail campaigning, text messages, social media posts, banner advertisement. This increases website traffic and ultimately lead to increase in sales. Organisations can keep changing their marketing strategies according to the change in sales and revenue generated through Digital Marketing.


  • SEO Specialist

An SEO specialist focuses on optimising the website with organic-trafficking using key words in the website to increase SEO rankings

  • Content Marketing specialist

Is responsible for developing content on all social media platforms. Planning content strategy.

  • Social Media Manager 

Execute social media strategies, understanding the algorithm of social media platforms to post pictures, interact with viewers by conducting polls or question/answer on social media handle.

  • E-mail Marketing Specialist 

Create e-mail marketing campaign by creating e-mail template and sending it to all the target customers

  • Copywriter 

They produce content for websites, advertisements, social media posts, e-mails.

  • Digital Marketing Project Manager 

They oversee the overall marketing campaigns and strategies being used.


  • Design, Host Websites and curate Content for the Website
  • Push the Website up in top Search results of google bing etc using SEO
  • Get an In-depth Knowledge on Implementation of Campaigns Using Google Ads
  • Create Various Campaigns in Google ads – Search, Display, Remarking, Shopping Video and Gmail Ads
  • Create Social Media pages on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Quora, Instagram and YouTube
  • Optimise Social Media Content to Increase Reach and Conversions
  • Learn about various Social Media Automation tools
  • Create Various sponsored Campaigns on Facebook, Instagram Linkedin, Twitter and Snapchat
  • Learn about Content marketing strategies
  • Learn how to design and Send emails using Email Marketing and Extract Reports
  • Learn how to earn Money online using blogging/ Vlogging
  • Learn More about Affiliate Marketing Google AdSense and Amazon Affiliate Network
  • Setup Google Analytics and track visitors and understand the Visitor Behaviour
  • Understand about Various CRM Tools like Zoho, Leadsquared etc
  • Learn about Lead Generation, Lead Nurturing and Drip Campaigns
  • Learn about Various Certifications in Digital Marketing courses


  • Understanding Company And Management

  • Introduction to Digital Marketing Certification Program

  • Understanding the Website

  • Search Engine Optimisation ( SEO )

  • Search Engine Marketing

  • E-Mail Marketing

  • Social Media Marketing

  • Content Marketing

  • Affiliate Marketing

  • Influencer Marketing

  • Inbound Marketing

  • Lead Generation & Lead Nurturing

  • Lead Nurturing

  • Mobile Marketing

  • CRM & Cloud

  • Digital Marketing Tools

  • Web Analytics

  • Social Media Listening

  • Customer Acquisition And Retention Techniques
  • Digital Marketing , Ad Design & Automation Tools

  • Online Reputation Management

  • Master Stroke by Sandeep


Having a certification in Digital Marketing will help you in building your resume and grow in your career. It also opens a lot more opportunities in this corporate world. Many organisations today are looking to hire individuals who are trained in Digital Marketing.  Organisations are ready to pay in huge amount to hire Digital Marketers who can take the organisation to another level with their marketing strategies. The certificate which we give from our institute is recognised globally by all the organisations it will give you a boost in your career.

This is our sample certificate which we give to the students who have completed Digital Marketing course from our institute.


Individuals who are well versed with usage internet and social media platforms can learn Digital Marketing, below are the few categories of individuals who can learn Digital Marketing.

  • Students 

Learning a Digital Marketing course will help students to build knowledge in this particular field and also gives many job opportunities in future which help in having a bright future

  • House makers

House hold women or men can learn Digital Marketing through online portal which will help them in starting a business from home creating an employment to them and many others

  • IT professionals 

IT professionals learning Digital Marketing will build their CV and help them in going forward in their field and it also brings hikes to them


We offer 100% placements to our students who join in our institution. We also offer 2 months internship before the placements. We train our students for interviews and help students to build resume before appearing for interview. Our students got placed in top MNC’s i.e, Accenture, Amazon, IBM and many more. We as Digital Nest are known for our 100% placements since we have started our institute i.e from 2011.


I was very satisfied with the Digital Marketing course in Digital Nest. The course was really practical and useful, especially the teaching practices where you could put what you have learned into practice while being observed by experienced tutors that guide you into the right path of your career
I have joined Aws course for 45 days! it as very good interactive program by Digital Nest in Hitech city branch. srikanth sir explained Aws concepts with real time examples. the most interesting part during the course was dealing with the projects, it was very challenging and thrilling

Nidhi Pandey | Digital Marketing Trainee
Team Lead, Tech Mahindra


I have joined Aws course for 45 days! it as very good interactive program by Digital Nest in Hitech city branch. Srikanth sir explained Aws concepts with real time examples. the most interesting part during the course was dealing with the projects, it was very challenging and thrilling

Nidhi Pandey | Digital Marketing Trainee
Team Lead, Tech Mahindra
Rajvardhan | AWS Trainee
AWS Arhitect, Accenture


Digital Nest is one of the best institute for Digital Marketing training. Trainer has an in depth-knowledge about all the Digital Marketing modules, the subject i gained I am sure i might have not gotten from any other institute, trainer gave us more than 20+ assignments to understand the subject clearly. I highly recommend Digital Nest for Digital Marketing training in Hyderabad.

Ujwal | Digital Marketing Trainee




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