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Most effective and best ways of marketing using YouTube

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Youtube is the second largest search engine after Google. It is the top video sharing application and a good platform for businesses to reach a larger audience. As long as you create visually rich videos related to your business and educate your audience, there are higher chances of converting your potential customers into actual customers.

1. Make Videos Rich in content:

Using expensive equipment for shooting videos and using animations and visually catchy graphics will not suffice if your content quality is low. Try to turn your blog posts into youtube videos. While your blog post can depict the topic or subject in detail, the video can summarize the main points of it.

2. Add subtitles to your video:

Adding subtitles to your video will not only increase your views it will also help boost the SEO video making you rank in the top results. If you include subtitles for multiple languages your SEO will advance at a higher level and your videos will be accessible to a wider audience, you can reach out to non-English speaking audiences as well.

3. Use a good thumbnail:

Visually attractive thumbnails are as important as thumbnails are noticed first by the viewers. If your thumbnail seems interesting enough, many people will click on it. Make sure your thumbnails are high in quality, have close-ups, interesting fonts, and your company logo if you wish to create brand awareness.

youtube marketing, business on youtube, how to promote youtube channel, youtube, youtube marketing

4. Be Active in your Niche Community:

When you upload videos on youtube, people are bound to leave comments and queries on your channel, make sure you reply to them. Find out youtube channels which post content on the same topic or theme as you, subscribe to them, leave comments on their channels and participate in the discussions taking place in the comment section, this will increase your channel’s visibility and presence online.

5. Create a Publishing schedule and Stick to It:

It is important to publish videos regularly as it would help you retain your viewers and subscribers. Posting videos regularly will also increase your chances of getting found on youtube. Post as many videos as possible, minimum once in a week without compromising on their quality. Create a publishing schedule and stick to it to avoid delays.

6. Promote Your Videos on other Social Media sites:

Post the URL of your latest videos across various social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Snapchat. Use hashtags when writing a caption for the different sites. In this way, you can get create awareness about your videos and youtube channel and generate traffic from your already existing social media followers. These are the best ways of promoting your business or brand through YouTube, visual content captures the attention of your audience way more easily. Through YouTube, you can achieve many social media marketing goals such as increasing website traffic, search engine optimization, promotions, and lead generation.

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