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Top 10 LinkedIn Groups for Data Science Professionals

Compared to other social networking platforms LinkedIn is the most professional network to gather, connect with each other and share ideas. It is one of the most efficient platforms for every person especially for those who want to make a career in any field it may be. People from the topmost designations CEO to an Executive all are available on LinkedIn where you can connect with them easily. LinkedIn is a platform where you can present your skills or certifications you have achieved in your career. Based, on your profile designation, and education qualifications you will be getting job opportunities. LinkedIn also acts as a content promotion platform or rather you can say for sharing ideas in groups or communities without making it spam.

According to Business Insider, LinkedIn has more than 500 million members, with 260 million users logging in each month. A whopping 40 percent of monthly active users use LinkedIn on a daily basis. The reason behind millions of users are active on LinkedIn is because it’s not subjected to one particular industry, LinkedIn has its own database of users from various industries or sectors where you can connect and share ideas. But, if you are a data science professional then LinkedIn groups are a great place to pick up insights from experts and influencers who are data scientists around the world whom you can get connect with.

To make your job easier we have created a list of directories of the top data science LinkedIn groups to consider joining if you’re a professional.

  1. Advanced Analytics and Data Science

Advanced Analytics and Data Science provide a resource for those who want to learn about and use advanced analytics and data science capabilities. You can also meet other people involved with predictive analytics, statistics, machine learning, and big data to have discussions and make connections with each other. Share your ideas with other professionals and learn how to apply the latest tools and methods to solve your most important business challenges.

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  1. Data Science, Big Data, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence Professionals | DataScience.US

This group has the purpose of gathering all the Data Science, Big Data, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and BI professionals in the USA and abroad to share professional experience and consulting advice. Join today to connect with professionals and share experiences.

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  1. RMDS – Research Methods and Data Science

This group is dedicated to serving researchers, data scientists and analysts worldwide. This group is for researchers, analysts and practitioners to discuss research methodology, data science, research flow management, process standardization, research automation, and augmentation, as well as research competency assessment and certification. This network is especially devoted to discussing how working with AI can improve research.

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  1. Big Data|Artificial Intelligence|Machine Learning|Predictive Analytics|Data Mining|Data Science

The purpose of this group is to discuss topics and tips from user-to-user especially for those who are interested in analytics, and who deal with Big Data, Data Mining, Statistics, Business Analytics, Predictive Analytics, Prescriptive Analytics, Hadoop, Cloud Analytics, Web Analytics, and Text Mining.

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  1. Data Scientists

This group of data scientists provide assistance in enabling best practices in scientific research, provide an interface between scientific analysis and technology, increasing performance, and decrease efforts required by researchers in adopting new applications and data services. The main aim of the group is to solve problems and create products that are valued within the scientific research community.

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  1. Data Science and Artificial Intelligence

Data Science and Artificial Intelligence group was started with a vision to educate people who are in the space of analytics and big data. They disseminate their learning’s through announcements, group discussions, and postings. We welcome you into this field of Data Science and hope you will have a wonderful learning experience.

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  1. KDnuggets Machine Learning, Data Science, Data Mining, Big Data, AI

This group is mainly for AI, Analytics, Big Data, Data Mining, Data Science, Machine Learning Professionals and Researchers, interested in solving real-world problems.

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  1. Data Mining, Statistics, Big Data, Data Visualization, AI, Machine Learning, and Data Science

This is a group for data mining and statistical professionals who wish to expand our network of people and share ideas.

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  1. Data Warehouse – Big Data – Hadoop – Cloud – Data Science – ETL

A Group for people to connect with other professionals involved with the following – Data Warehouse, Big Data, Hadoop, Clouding Computing, Data Warehousing, Data Science.

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  1. Advanced Analytics, Predictive Modeling & Statistical Analyses Professionals Group

This group’s members are technology professionals with a common foundation of advanced quantitative education and experience in areas of advanced analytics, statistical modeling, data mining, and quantitative analyses. Group moderators encourage networking, collaboration and sharing career opportunities.

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There you go! Above listed are the Top 10 LinkedIn groups for data science professionals hope they will be helpful for you once you join the groups, All the Best.

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