Digital Nest apprehends that coaching must be in par with real time examples. Therefore, we at Digital Nest conduct digital marketing training in a step by step manner, enabling our learning people to transform their mental state to that of a professional digital marketer. Case studies driven course has been designed for students to gain in depth knowledge of online marketing techniques.

Theoretical training

Digital Marketing involves a lot of basic formal training which is an important framework and thus, we at Digital Nest provide expert guidance to our students while providing running notes and study materials at all stages of incubation. Theory is depicted with examples to prepare our learning people for Google Certifications Exam. E-book is innovated by our expert panel which will also be shared with our learning people.

Practical Training

Access to Lab for module based practical’s which will help our students to excel in understanding the digital marketing strategy setup. Practical training is imparted for every technique that will give hands on knowledge at finger tips. Further, we recommend our students to practice regularly that will give them an opportunity to look beyond the said notes and query the trainer on the same. Further, we offer a free website individually to every student to practice on their own website and implement 360 degree digital marketing set up cycle.

Continuous Assessment

Assessments are the vital part of our programme. Module wise assessments, practical assessment and Digital Marketing Assessment (DMAT) is conducted for every students to gage the area of improvement individually. DMAT score is shared with potential recruiters for job aspirants. Assessments help the trainer in analysing the strengths and weakness areas of the students and accordingly, separate sessions will be delivered, if required.

Mock Exam

Google Adwords Mock Exam is conducted enabling the student to gain confidence to pass the final level of the exam and gain Google Adwords Certificate.


At the end of the programme, we expect our students to submit 360 degree digital marketing setup strategy of their chosen business and the student is required to present it to the audience in a professional manner. This real-time project orientation will help the student to implement the learnings on a business, thereby giving him an edge over other student.

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