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3 Ways to Prepare for PPC to Get Benefited Throughout 2020

If you are a marketer you need to plan your strategies well before the deadline and be prepared for the coming years.

If you’re not sure where to start, here are three strategies to put your efforts in for your PPC.

  1. Audience Targeting Opportunities

Google has recently rolled out two new audience targeting options.

  • Affinity Audiences
  • In-Market Seasonal Event Segments

Affinity audience allows you to reach consumers based on their lifestyle, passion, and habits. For years affinity audience was only to Display and Video campaigns but now Google is bringing them to Search and YouTube Campaigns as well.

In-Market audiences are customers who are actively researching and considering the purchase of services or products similar to yours. This type of audience could well be your target to get more reach and conversions.

If you haven’t tested these targeting options yet, this is the perfect time for you to optimize these targeting options for your campaigns and see how they perform based on the observations you made.

  1. New Lead Form Extensions

This extension has been a hell of a talk between the Advertisers all around since its birth in Google Ads, though Google has been testing this feature which is currently in the beta testing phase, never the less as a PPC marketer it’s better to get hands-on it and get ready for the next year.

New lead form extension allows you to add a lead form to your ads, with a call-to-action in the form of a web-link or direct download and you can add your own brand image to your lead form which is customizable as you wanted.

  • Name
  • Email
  • Phone Number
  • Postal Code

Currently, these are some limited options where you can gather the user information using this lead form extensions.

When a lead form is opened it counts as a click and when the form is submitted it counts as a conversion.

Using this lead form extension, you can also download the lead form data as a CSV file or you can connect your form to your CRM system using a Webhook.

  1. Google Ads Reporting using Data Studio

Data Studio was rolled out in 2016 which is mainly used for reporting purposes making a marketer job easier with a simple drag and drop options.

Data Studio is a must-use tool for marketers. If you’re still reporting to your clients using Excel sheets and Google sheets then this one’s is for you!

Not only Data Studio reports look professional, but they also save a lot of time which you keep on preparing a report using Excel.

This reporting tool is easily customizable as per your preferences and interests of your clients. Any updates in the report can be simply done by changing the date range which you similarly do it in Google Ads and Google Analytics tools.

While preparing a report on Excel you come over errors with formulas and data entries where you get stuck but with Data Studio the risk of data errors is minimal.

Here are some screenshots of Data Studio reports where you can some metrics like leads, costs, conversions, locations, devices, and keywords that have been visualized using charts and graphs.

Google Data Studio Top Locations Report

Google Data Studio Keywords

In order to get this data, you need to connect your data sources to your data studio tool which makes your job easier.

Using Data Studio, you can prepare an ultra-rich report for your clients in seconds with just one click on the date range your reports will be modified as you needed.

Similar to Google Analytics Dashboard you can also create a Data Studio dashboard to keep all your metrics in one place which is a one-time activity without having to drill down into every account to find what we need this is one more advantage using data studio.

Data Studio as you think is not hard to set up it is very easy to use and work so, why late start creating reports with ease.

Start working on the above benefits now and you’ll see the outcome throughout 2020.

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