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How Python is used in Data Science?

How Python is used in Data Science

Using Python for Data Science

Python for Data Science can be considered as a mandate today for the professionals who belong to the Data Analytics domain. Seeing the immense growth in the IT sector, there is a lot of boom and demand for skilled & qualified professionals who can perform data science processes with Python.

Today, a lot of programmers are learning Python just to implement in Data Science, especially people who want to make a career in Data Science. The fact is much true seeing the attributes Python possesses. Python has a multi-programming paradigm which supports object-oriented, structured & functional programming skills. It has the capability to cater to all sorts of jobs ranging from data mining to website development, running embedded systems, all as a unified language.

With the gaining popularity (obviously for valid reasons), Python has become the most preferred programming language. You would be really eager to know why Python is considered as a preferred language for Data science learning. Let us discuss the reasons:

  • The libraries and frameworks extended by Python, for example, PyBrain, PyMySQL, SciPy, Pandas, MatPlotlib & NumPy are way beyond in terms of depth they offer as compared to other programming languages.
  • Diversity is another big reason for gaining popularity. Python gives you the liberty to create scripts so as to automate the working, provide web development, machine learning, and a lot more.
  • Python has a very big community where there are millions of people who are users of Python programming language and can happily offer advice, answers or suggestions whenever you are stuck with anything.
  • The versatility that Python offers, makes it capable of being part of all the steps, even the crucial ones, involved in the data science processes.
  • Multi-platform features enable Python to take different formats of data along with an ease in importing SQL tables into the code.
  • The easy-coding helps to create datasets in the code and additionally, you can find any type of possible dataset you need on Google.
  • Python is a free, powerful, flexible and an open-source programming language
  • Saves time & cost with its simple syntax
  • Python also gives the facility to perform data manipulation, analysis & visualization at an ease.

Python has become the most common coding language especially in the field of Data science. Though there are other languages also used like Java, Perl, C/C++, but with the extensive features, Python supersedes all other languages for programmers when data scientist is into concern. In fact, according to the popular surveys, it was found that about 40 per cent of people uses Python as their primary programming language because of its amazing features and ability to cater wide set of work demands. Undoubtedly, its qualities make it capable of being so.

Incorporating Python in data sciences has not only created an excitement in the working culture of the programmers but also given them a chance to avail a respectable and a high salaried job. Python training institutes in Hyderabad are working next level to impart the knowledge in the best possible manner.

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