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Let’s Say Goodbye to Google’s Old Search Console Which is No Longer Accessible

Search Console

Google has officially confirmed that it will be shutting down the older version of the webmaster’s tool aka search console which has been the heart for many SEO’s in using tools and reports for improving their website performances.

Users who try to access the old search console will be redirected to any of the pages in the new search console.

Google also stated that it will be working on bringing back some old tools and reports which are currently temporary in the new search console.

Below are some tools and reports which Google will be working on to make them permanent in the new search console but not all the tools will be ported over to the new version.

  • International Targeting
  • URL Removal Tool
  • URL Crawl Tool
  • Messages
  • URL Parameters Tool
  • Data Highlighter Tool
  • Email Preferences
  • Web Tools
  • Robots.txt Testing Tool
  • Structured Data Testing Tool
  • Structured Data Markup Helper
  • Page Speed Insights

Later in the day Google search console team has paid tribute with its team members in front of the old search console interface which is a good way to send off.

Use #SCmemories on Twitter to pay your own tribute to old search console.

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