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A new update from Google to speed up Landing Pages

Every business knows how an Ad increases the Lead generation and affect the ROI but there are still confusions about the lower conversions rate in spite of investing highly in Ads?

So wondering what could be the reason?!

According to the Google stats, it is declared that most of the conversions decrease to 20% because of the page load time. The more it is the lesser conversions are seen. Earlier, Google has released the tools like Page Speed Insights and AMP for the tracking and insights.

There is another tool which has released and used by many Marketers. It is also announced that this tool should be implemented by every marketer by 30th October 2018.

So what’s so great about the parallel tracking?

Parallel tracking improves the mobile speed. For an instance when a user clicks on the ad they are immediately redirected to the landing page while their browser processes the URL request in the background. This helps the users with slower networks to reach the landing pages bit faster. That’s how more visitors visit the site and increase conversions for the business.

The perks of improving the parallel tracking are reducing the loading time and bounce rate and the lesser the bounce rate the higher is the rate of conversions from Google shopping campaigns and search campaigns.

So how it works exactly?

Previously it used to be a five-step process which involves

  1. User clicks the ad
  2. AdWords click tracker loads
  3. Open Tracking URL
  4. Possible additional tracking URL loads
  5. The user sees the landing page

And now it is just a three-step process which involves

  1. The user clicks on the ad
  2. They see the landing page
  3. Tracking URL loads at the backend


In addition to this Google also introduces many other tools for the improvement of the Conversion Rate. It also recommends landing pages to be converted from HTTP to https.

In the next few weeks, AdWords will notify advertisers to migrate from HTTP to HTTPS, as HTTP is less secure addresses for landing pages. Advertisers can be able to update landing page URLs from HTTP to HTTPS without resetting performance statistics.

Google also warns the advertisers to be careful while working with the third-party to as they might not be updated.

So how this parallel tracking can be enabled?

  1. Sign up/Sign in to your AdWords account.
  2. Check out the Menu bar>All campaigns.
  3. Click on the settings from the menu located on the left of the page.
  4. Click Account Settings.
  5. Click Tracking.
  6. Click the switch next to “Parallel tracking” to turn it on.

So this new concept parallel tracking is going to be a great thing for the advertisers for improving the conversion rate by allowing landing pages to load faster and also allows the tracking page to load in the background.





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