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Facebook takes preventive measures to stay away from breaches

Well, the incident that took place last month with Google + proved to be alarming for other social media platforms. Even Facebook was recently suspected for about fifty million user accounts that may have been affected. So considering these issues, Facebook has finally looked up at some rock solid solution to brace the security of this social media platform. According to the ‘The Information‘, Facebook is purchasing a major cybersecurity firm that can obstruct any security breaches that may happen in future.

Supposedly, Facebook is laying its steps forward in this direction and is in the advanced stage of buying this firm which has apparently offered a proposal to many other companies too. The name of the firm and its identity is yet not revealed but according to sources, the software which Facebook would be buying will be a top-notch solution, which could be implemented easily into the existing picture like tools that signal any hacking attempts or providing security to individual accounts.

However, reviewing the breach which happened last month, it was found that the personal information of about twenty-nine million users was leaked which included their phone numbers, email ids and information about recent searches. This was all because of the threat which lied in the “View as” feature giving the users, the option to see how their profiles look like to others. The hackers apparently utilized the code associated with the feature, and let them steal all the access tokens which were used to take over twenty-nine million user’s accounts.



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