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Digital Nest a reputed educational institution offers Selenium Training in Hyderabad which is a web-based application which performs automatic testing of software & web applications. It is an open source tool and is the most widely used in big companies. The advantage of using this tool is it is very easy to use and also saves a lot of time. That is why most of the companies are opting for Selenium with Java to cut down cost as well as helps to maintain the project regularly.

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Selenium Course Curriculum

Course Structure


  • What is Automation Testing?
  • When to start automation?
  • When not to go for automation?
  • What are the advantages of automation testing?
  • What is Selenium
  • What are the advantages of selenium?
  • Difference between Selenium and QTP?

Java for Selenium

  • Introduction to Java
  • Installing JDK
  • Configuring Eclipse IDE
  • Creating Java Project
  • Sample Java Program
  • Classes and Objects
  • Downloading Selenium server jar
  • Configuring Selenium into the Java Project
  • Conditional Statements in Java
  • Loops in Java
  • Arrays in Java
  • Array List in Java
  • Methods in Java
  • Utility Functions in Java
  • Local and Global variables in Java
  • Static and Instance Variables in Java
  • Hash Set in Java
  • Method Overloading in Java
  • Constructors in Java.
  • Inheritance in Java
  • Interfaces in Java.
  • Packages in Java.

Selenium IDE Introduction

  • Installation and Introduction to IDE
  • Creating first script using record and playback
  • Installation of Inspector Tools and its Uses.
  • Installation and Introduction to IDE
  • Creating first script using record and playback
  • Installation of Inspector Tools and its Uses.
  • Generating Scripts using different Web Elements
  • Handling Wait Commands
  • Handling Validations Commands
  • Handling Store Commands
  • Limitations of IDE

 WebDriver Introduction

  • Architecture of Selenium WebDriver
  • WebDriver Interface
  • Writing single script to work on different browsers
  • Firefox Browser
  • Chrome Browser
  • IE Browser
  • Edge Browser


How to do Browser settings by using Option Classes

  • ChromeOptions, FirefoxOptions, EdgeOptions and InternetExplorerOptions Classes
  • Browser Logs – Disabling/Writing to File
  • Disabling notifications
  • maximizing
  • Disabling info-bars
  • Page Load Strategy
  • Managing https Certificate Errors


  • Concept of Browser profiles
  • Why we need Profiles
  • Types of Browser Profile Classes
  • Firefox, Chrome, IE, Edge Profiles
  • Making WebDriver launch with customized instance of Firefox, Chrome, IE, Edge Profiles

 Add on and Methods

  • Firebug and FirePath
  • Login functionality test
  • Locators in WebDriver
  • Methods in WebDriver


  • Introduction to Synchronization
  • sleep()
  • Implicit waits
  • WebDriverWait Class
  • Waiting strategies
  • PageLoadTimeout and ScriptTimeout Property


  • Types of Xpaths
  • Relative and Absolute
  • Creation of relative Xpaths
  • Creation of Absolute Xpaths
  • Customizing Xpaths
  • Handling Dynamic Xpaths
  • Xpath Axes

 Using CSS Selectors

  • CSS Selectors
  • Creation of CSS Selectors
  • Comparison between Xpath and CSS Selectors
  • Relative and Absolute CSS
  • Handling Dynamic CSS Selectors

 Maven Project

  • What is Maven and Why Maven?
  • Installing/Configuring Maven
  • Archetypes in Maven
  • Creating maven project
  • Eclipse plugin for maven
  • Using the maven plugin to execute phases – compile, clean, package etc
  • xml
  • Maven Repositories
  • Building POM.xml to configure Selenium and TestNG
  • Building a selenium project and running it through Maven


  • What is TestNG
  • Installing TestNg in Eclipse
  • TestNg annotations
  • Understanding usage of annotations
  • Setting priority of execution for test cases
  • Skipping Tests
  • Grouping test cases
  • How to set Test Dependencies
  • Running a Test in TestNg
  • Batch Running of tests in TestNg
  • parameterizing Tests – DataProvider
  • Putting Dataproviders for multiple tests in a single file
  • Parameterizing/Sharing single dataprovider for multiple test cases
  • Listeners for logging in case of FAILED, SKIPPED or PASSED test cases
  • TestListener Adaptor
  • Reporting multiple failures in single test case
  • TestNg Maven Configuration
  • Maven-surefire-report-plugin with testng
  • Executing testng from maven
  • Generating Maven Surefire Reports
  • Generating XSLT Reports with Maven


  • Introduction to Grid 2
  • Creating Nodes and Hubs
  • Deciding number of browsers on a Node
  • Deciding type of browsers on Node
  • Limiting number of concurrent browsers on node
  • Difference between maxSession and maxInstance
  • Configuring chromedriver and IEdriver exe files on grid
  • Testng configurations
  • RemoteWebDriver and DesiredCapabilities
  • Configuring JSON file format to initialize/configure hub and nodes
  • Running single test on single node – serially in multiple browsers
  • Running single test on single node – parallelly on multiple browsers
  • Running single test on multiple nodes – each node having different browser
  • Can we decide node to run test?
  • Running multiple tests spread across 3 nodes – one for ie, one for firefox and one for chrome
  • Prioritizing the test cases

Automating Links

  • Links Testing
  • Clicking on a link and validating
  • Capturing all links in a page
  • Capturing links from a section of the page
  • Capturing links from a section of the page and validating them.
  • Links Testing
  • Visible links and Hidden links
  • Validating all the links based on href property
  • Checking for broken links

Automating Dropdowns

  • Dropdown Testing
  • Selection an option from the dropdown
  • Select class to automate dropdown
  • Capturing all element in a dropdown
  • Checking if all options in dropdown are working correctly
  • Validating multiple dropdowns

 Tab and Popup Automation

  • Automating Tabs
  • Automating multiple windows
  • Handling popup
  • Handling Alerts

Actions Class

  • Advanced user interactions
  • Mouse Hovering
  • Right Clicking
  • Double Clicking
  • Chain Actions
  • Drag and drop and element
  • Automating Slider bar

 JavaScriptExecutor in Selenium WebDriver

  • How to type Text in Selenium WebDriver without using sendKeys() method
  • How To click a Button in Selenium WebDriver using JavaScript
  • HowTo handle Checkbox
  • HowTo generate Alert Pop window in selenium
  • HowTo refresh browser window using Javascript
  • HowTo get innertext of the entire webpage in Selenium
  • HowTo get the Title of our webpage
  • HowTo get the domain
  • HowTo get the URL of a webpage
  • HowTo perform Scroll on application using  Selenium
  • HowTo click on a SubMenu which is only visible on mouse hover on Menu
  • HowTo navigate to different page using Javascript

Selenium Course Description

  • Course Objectives:

     This course is designed to train the beginners, intermediate and professional testers with the basics of testing web applications using Selenium. The focus is on the practical application of selenium to resolve common web automated testing challenges. We introduce WebDriver and advanced topics for experienced delegates to take you to Selenium WebDriver superstar status. We explore Maven Build Tool ,Jenkins CI integration, Page Objects, Excel and WebDriver for data driven examples, Hybrid Framework, BDD Cucumber & Selenium Grid, Source Control SVN integration & GIT hub.


    Reliable: Tests perform precisely the same operations each time they are run, thereby  eliminating Human error.

    Repeatable: You can test how the software reacts under repeated execution of the same operations.

    Programmable: You can program sophisticated tests that bring out hidden information from the application.

    Comprehensive: You can build a suite of tests that covers every feature in your application.

    Reusable: You can reuse tests on different versions of an application, even if the user interfaces changes.

    Better Quality Software: Because you can run more tests in less time with fewer resources.

    Fast: Automated Tools run tests significantly faster than human users.

    Cost Reduction: As the number of resources for regression test are reduced.

    Reporting: Customized reporting of application defects.

     Selenium with Java Objectives:

    1. To understand the importance features of the selenium IDE.
    2. To record and run the test-cases in selenium.
    3. To identifying the object in the selenium by using locators.
    4. To understand the different kind of locators and importance of the locators.
    5. To create and install the selenium core and use for the running the test suites in selenium.
    6. To understand the selenium remote control, how to install and run the remote-control test in the Java IDE like Eclipse or Visual Studio or Intellij.
    7. To understand the Selenium latest feature web-driver, what is the importance of the web-drivers and how to run the web-driver test in eclipse IDE.
    8. To understand how to run test-cases in multiple browsers by using web-drivers.
    9. To create a selenium grid to execute same test-case in multiple operating systems and multiple browsers.
    10. To understand the importance of the test-NG in the selenium and how to run J-Unit test.
    11. To understand selenium frameworks like Data-driven, Keyword driven and so on. 

Selenium Training Modes

We have Physical instructor led classes happening at Panjagutta and Hitech City Branches , Hyderabad

We teach Courses online Using tools like zoom, Microsoft Teams

How E-Learning Works?

We have recorded videos of the trainer . This videos were recorded while taking the class. We kept in mind that student should feel the classroom environment while training. we request you to take a trail session. if you are satisfied you can take up the course.

For trail session and more information you can contact digital nest sales team on +91-8088998664 or write us at

We offer special Training for Companies we first understand the company, its services and we will diagnose the present marketing practices and then we prepare a customized curriculum that suits to the needs of that particular company.

For Corporate training you can Reach our Sales Team at +91-8088998664 or you can also write to us at

FAQ’s Of Selenium Training

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    What are the course pre-requisites?

    Selenium Testing training in Hyderabad is an extensive program to automatically test the online web applications and software. It will be beneficial if the students have knowledge of Core Java or C sharp.

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    Who can attend the Selenium Course?

    Selenium Training in Hyderabad is suitable for all working professionals, freshers, graduates and for those who want to make a career in Software Testing field.

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    How can this course elevate my career graph?

    The Selenium testing course in Hyderabad is one of the most in-demand courses today. This course can really give good job offers in big companies. The curriculum covered at Digital Nest covers all the aspects to deliver a complete knowledge of the subject. Students who study from this institute are prepared to become capable of giving a great competitive edge and good returns in the companies.

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    Why Selenium course training in Hyderabad?

    Digital nest offers the Best Selenium Testing training course in Madhapur Hyderabad with teaching faculties from reputed institutions of the country. The goal of our coaching institute is to ensure a great career graph for the students and enrich their knowledge skills through our Best Selenium testing Training in Hyderabad.



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