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10 Reasons Why Python is Above ‘C’ Level

It is always a tough call for the programmers to decide between two languages of choice. A similar case arises when a selection has to be made between C and Python. Python and C are two such languages that form the popular choices for developers when programming is concerned. These languages are similar and used to develop applications yet there are some key differences that can help you draw a conclusion whenever you have to choose one. The major difference between these two languages is that Python is a multi-paradigm language whereas C is a structured programming language. Python is a general-purpose language that is used for machine learning, data science, natural language processing, web development and a lot more. C is mainly used for hardware-related application development like operating systems and network drivers. Also, Python language has very few keywords and has a free English language syntax whereas C language has a particular syntax which is not easy to write, remember and maintain. This makes the development process much easy with Python.

Though C language is the foundation of Python and both can be used in multithreading, yet there are 10 major differences in the approach which make Python more unique and desirable.

Below listed is the comparison table between C and Python programming languages.

S.No. C Python
1 User has to take care of the memory management as it follows an imperative programming model Being object-oriented, It has its own garbage collector for memory management
2 It is a compiler language where the entire source code is converted into machine language code so that the computer can understand It is interpreted wherein the interpreter reads each statement line-by-line, through which makes it slow
3 It has the traditional system of for loop The use of For loop is completely different. Here variables are not required to increment manually
4 It is mainly used for hardware related applications It is a general-purpose programming language
5 Pointer play a vital role No pointers are available
6 There is a limited set of built-in functions There is a huge library for built-in functions
7 To implement data structures, functions need to be explicitly implemented The built-in insert & append functions make implementing data structures easy
8 It is compulsory to declare the variable type There is no such requirement to declare the variable type
9 Hard Syntax Simple syntax which is easy to learn, read and write
10 In-line value assignment is allowed In-line value assignment gives an error

Python has become one of the most popular languages in the world. Keeping in mind its vast acceptability in the biggest companies, it has become quite evident for the developers to learn Python programming language to expand their skillsets. Today, because of this reason, Python course in Hyderabad is very much in demand and with the style of imparting the Python concepts and in-depth observations, it takes very little time to achieve the professional level expertise.

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